Disgraced John Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter getting noise complaints from neighbors due to their ‘loud, wild sex romps’

(Daily Mail) -Moving mistress Rielle Hunter and their love  child Quinn closer to his North Carolina home may have made John Edwards happy –  but the same cannot be said about his neighbors.

It was reported today the disgraced  politician and Hunter get so frisky and  loud during their bedtime trysts, they have received complaints about the  noise.

The former presidential candidate, 59, is  said to spend most nights at the Chapel Hill home he recently bought for Rielle  and a source told The National Enquirer: ‘It has pretty much turned into his  booze and sex romp hideaway.’

The source added: ‘When they get a little  tipsy, they get so frisky that their lovemaking becomes embarrassingly  loud.

Rielle Hunter and daughter Quinn at JFK Airport in New York 

‘One day an elderly neighbor walked  right up  to Rielle and said, “Try to keep it down next time”. John was  mortified when  Rielle told him but she clearly gets a kick out of it.’

Edwards moved the 48-year-old and  their  four-year-old daughter to Carolina just three months after they  announced they  had split up.

He was said to have grown tired of  making  the three-hour drive to Charlotte and wanted his two families to  be close to  each other.

 His youngest children with his late  wife  Elizabeth – who lost her brave battle with breast cancer in 2010  amid the sex  scandal – Emma Claire, 14, and Jack, 12, spent Thanksgiving with their  half-sister Quinn though refused to spend the night at the  home.

His oldest daughter Cate, 30, still refuses  to acknowledge Rielle’s existence.

Not guilty:John Edwards addresses the media alongside his daughter Cate Edwards and his parents Wallace and Bobbie Edwards after being cleared in court in Greensboro, North Carolina. on May 31 

The way we were: John Edwards seen with his late wife Elizabeth and their children in Washington in 2004The couple announced their break-up  after  Edwards escaped jail on campaign fraud charges, with Rielle saying they would  continue to care for their daughter together.

However, the National Enquirer reported in  October the pair were back together again with a source saying that Rielle hoped  to eventually move into the palatial home he once shared with Elizabeth.

The pair broke up this summer upon the  release of Rielle’s book, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and  Me, in which she shockingly referred to Edwards’ late wife Elizabeth as a ‘witch  on wheels’.

Elizabeth lost her fight against cancer on  December 7, 2010, aged 61, leaving behind her three children with Edwards, Cate,  30, Emma Claire, 14, and Jack,12.

Despite announcing their split, Rielle and  Edwards were later seen frolicking on the beach with their little  girl.

Family man: John Edwards and family in 2004A source told the Enquirer: ‘Elizabeth was  so well-loved in Chapel Hill that Rielle may as well wear a scarlet letter A on  her chest. She’s going to have a tough time fitting in.’

For her part, Rielle continues to back  Edwards, insisting she would have fallen for him even if he had not been a  powerful senator.

She said: ‘If John Edwards were working in a  gas station and I met him, that would be my guy.’



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