Toddler defies odds after having a pencil lodged in her head



(CAV News) –  The parents of Olivia Smith are feeling lucky after their toddler, Olivia Smith, fell from a recliner, that resulted in a colored pencil she was using to be lodged into her head.

Doctors say that the pencil travelled into her eye cavity, and moved several inches into both hemispheres of her brain.

Dr. Darren Orbach, divisional chief of interventional radiology in Boston said this:

“If you can consider someone lucky who has a pencil go through her brain, you have to consider this girl remarkably lucky.”

He also plans to publish a report on what occurred that day.

“If you asked me to sit down with a patient’s scan and draw a line that would go from one end of the brain to the other, avoiding every major blood vessel and even avoiding critical areas of the brain. I would be hard-pressed to find a pathway that would cause so little injury.”

Doctors have confirmed that there were no brain blood vessel injuries.

Orbach called the confirmations remarkable

“because the pencil crossed from essentially the right eye through the entirety of both hemispheres of the brain, and ended up just in front of the left ear. So it literally crossed the whole head and missed just vessel after vessel.”

Source: Union Leader

Written By: Derek Wood


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