“Illegal Immigrants” can now apply for driver’s licenses in Illinois


(CAV News) – The governor of Illinois just signed into law a bill that will allow illegal immigrants to apply for a driver’s license.

The law will go into effect later this year.

The state is hoping roughly 40 percent will comply with the new law out of roughly 250,000 illegals driving now.

What the bill will do:  In October: those applying for it will get a temporary license that will be good for up to three years.

Illinois will join the ranks of three other states, who allow others, who are here illegally, to drive legally. Those states are : Washington, New Mexico and Utah.

Well looks like the politicians in Illinois are finding creative ways to gain new votes by way of driver’s licenses. Welfare benefits aren’t enough.

Last year, End Of The American Dream blog, reported a government site called “Welcome To The USA.” The site encourages those here illegally to apply for welfare benefits: http://theintelhub.com/2012/11/20/government-website-for-immigrants-come-to-america-and-take-advantage-of-our-free-stuff/

The cost of each license card will be $30.

Here’s some requirements according to Channel 14 News:

– Submit to facial recognition software, but no fingerprinting.
– Provide proof of written signature, proof of date of birth and a letter of ineligibility for a Social Security number.
– Show valid passport from a home country or a consular identification card, and two documents that show a minimum one-year residency in the state.
– Receive drivers training and undergo vision screening, written and driving tests.
– Purchase insurance.
The purple-bordered card will be different from regular licenses, and valid only for driving purposes. It cannot be used as a form of identification, meaning licenses can’t be used to buy a firearm, register to vote or board a plane.
By: Derek Wood
Sources: Channel 14, Intel Hub, End of The American Dream, riverbender.com
Thanks to: Rick Liljenberg!

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