Society, ha, mom tries to sell her own kids on Facebook.

(CAV News) –  If you have a Facebook account you are probably used to annoying “Farmville” requests, people using inspirational meme’s, younger folks sharing their favorite annoying rap lyrics, couples fighting… but have you ever ran across someone trying to peddle their own children?

SALISAW, Okla. (KTHV) — An Oklahoma mother tried to sell her children to an Arkansas woman.

According to KFSM, Salisaw Police said Misty Vanhorn wanted money to bail her boyfriend out of jail, and after unsuccessfully going door-to-door to raise the money, she turned to Facebook and tried to sell her children.

You know Misty some people get jobs, maybe pick better men, and most people don’t sell their children to bail out their losers. Most people don’t want to be a headline as embarrassing as this one. Here’s proof of a dwindling society as we know it.


Some people may say, “jesus Derek, who are you to judge?” Those are the same people probably posing like the person above  for trying to sell their kids online. If I had to guess, my logic would say she doesn’t go to Oklahoma University.

Sallisaw police say VanHorn tried to sell her 2-year-old and 10-month-old children for $4,000. Investigators believe she was trying to get money to bail her boyfriend out of jail.

A neighbor says VanHorn asked him for money. “She was going door to door, here to all the way across town asking everybody for money to get him out,” said Tony Mosby, a neighbor.

Detectives confirm the state took custody of the children.

VanHorn is being held at the Sequoyah County Detention Center on a $40,000 bond.




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