TSA confiscates a so-called live grenade, and stun gun, then allows same passengers to board?


(CAV News) – Seriously, just read the excerpt here, and then when you’re finished apply your own clever headline. The TSA never ceases to amaze me when it comes to standards and practices and here’s one for you:

A Great Falls, Va. man tried to take a live smoke grenade on board an  airplane Sunday, police say.

Transportation Security Administration officers found the  grenade hidden under the inner lining of the man’s bag at Washington Dulles  International Airport.

The grenade was confiscated and the man was allowed to continue his flight to  Denver. He was not charged.

Two days earlier, police say a passenger tried to take a stun gun on board an  airplane at Dulles. The TSA confiscated the stun gun and the man continued on  his flight to Charlotte. He was not charged. (Source:

It almost seems as if the TSA is finding new and creative (fun and appalling) ways  to make headlines.

If they aren’t harassing your toddlers:



detaining a 12-year-old disabled girl for supposedly testing positive for explosives:




stealing your electronics:


even feeling up our politicians (Rand Paul detained, Claire McCaskill tweeted about her lovely groping)



or reinstating small knives (made headlines in the past week)… they top it off with the aforementioned.

Just when you thought you might give them credit for I don’t know doing something other than cause poor little three-year old Lucy to cry, they allow the alleged  back on the plane and not charge them with anything? Sounds like a little funny business.  But according to a yahoo search, TSA finding grenades is nothing new.

So was it a safety check? Most people disagree that a live grenade would be used for security testing. Was it serious enough to take the grenade but let the two passengers go along their way? With the TSA nobody knows.

But what’s wrong with a grenade if you are going to allow small knives (but you can’t bring toothpaste on board)? Even the helpless Airliners are questioning the policy of small knives

US Airways CEO Doug Parker has asked  TSA Administrator John Pistole to “reconsider” the decision to allow certain knives back into the cabins of commercial aircraft.

In a letter dated March 11, Parker writes, “US Airways fully supports the continuous  review and amendment of TSA policies. We also understand and support the risk-based assessment employed by the TSA. However, this review and policy amendment process is most effective when it is conducted in a collaborative way with airlines and their flight crews.

I say it’s time to do away with the TSA. Not only have they gone from intrusive pain in the asses, but now they are becoming a laughing-stock. Allow the airliners to provide their own security.

There’s a meme and a cute saying out there: 1aa

(By D.S Wood)










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