A more logical view on the Boston Marathon “suspect” photos going around

The corporate media and FBI are waving yet more blurring photos and videos before us as suspects in the Boston Bombing.

Certainly, by announcing they have an ID in the media before they have arrested the suspect, the suspect(s) will be alerted and likely be headed for the border!

This reads more like a scripted TV show than real life.

No doubt, following their arrests, they will confess their membership in a grand nation-wide underground terror plot amongst white, gun-loving, gay-hating, Constitution-kissing, Federal Reserve hating, christian conservative patriots, supplied with bomb-making materials by Iran via North Korea!

The following clip was shown on TV news and websites (like Alex Jones’) claiming that the highlighted man was a suspect, seen fleeing the scene of the bombing. I don’t know about you, but if I planted a bomb, I would leave before it detonated. 

UPDATE: DOJ is now saying there has been no arrest and there is no suspect.

UPDATE 2: The person identified as a potential suspect in the photo above, wearing black jacket, tan slacks and boots, is part of a larger group all dressed the same.


In the wider view, it is clear this is after the bombing. But they are not helping the victims, nor searching for clues. Although dressed in uniform, they show no insignia at all, not even for police or fire department. And they seem to be wearing the same backpacks used to conceal the bombs.

Who are these guys? Did they have more bombs inside those backpacks? The Boston PD radio reported additional unexploded devices, since officially denied. (but after that “arrest” gaffe yesterday, the official story on anything is automatically suspect).

UPDATE 2: Here is another picture of the men in black and tan (lower left) leavong the scene.
Click for larger
These men are not first responders or they would be helping the victims. They are not law enforcement, or they would be helping with crowd control. They are not bomb disposal squad or they would be looking for more bombs.

So who the hell are they?



Mike Rivero  WRH


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