ATF bringing in explosives dogs to site of huge Texas blast — Crime scene investigation at plant — Determining if fire was intentionally set (VIDEO)


Source: CNN

Date: April 18, 2013 at 5:35a ET

At 2:45 in

ATF, who has been called in […] I will tell you at the beginning that this is a crime scene. We are not indicating that his is a crime, we don’t know. Until we know it’s an industrial accident, we’ll work it as a crime scene. ATF is conducting the main investigation at that crime scene at the fertilizer plant.

At 8:00 in

Investigators in this case have not been able to get inside and see, determine what the source of the fire was, where it came from, whether it was intentionally sent […]

At 16:15 in

ATF is going to bring explosives dogs in […]

Watch the full press conference here


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