The Losers Who Want C.I.S.P.A Are Cheaters Who Can’t Win Playing by the Rules.

The House of representatives passing C.I.S.P.A when the Boston Marathon Bombing took place shows if this incident has not happened. It would lose big time from opposition. The needed a distraction to pass this bill with Democrats and RINO republicans.

I do not trust government to handle cyber security. It is more of securing their power because the Internet is cleaning the government clock. The internet has been the stumbling block for the authoritarians. The internet has exposed the real tyrannical agenda of the establishment.

I figured out the establishment cannot play fair in the arena of ideas. The have to find a way to cheat because they are losing because  their idea are rejected. When they censor people because of their content harms the other side with the truth. It shows their hand and what they really are about.

I say congress hands off the internet. I do not trust you to keep the web safe. I will take my chances to do my own security. I know you want to spy on my emails and my online activity. I know you all want to take down websites that are a menace to your agenda under the guise of copyright infringement.

Let just face it. Those who want C.I.S.P.A are cowards with an agenda the people reject. You cannot win in a fair fight in the arena of ideas. You have to resort to suppressing your opposition. You all want to give the US government personal information bypassing the Fourth Amendment and not be liable for violating a person’s personal privacy. You are scum who can’t win fair playing by the rules.

So be like me and hammer the US Senate with phone calls saying hands off the internet. It does not belong to government. it belongs to the people. Our privacy is none of the Government’s business. The only people who think we have no privacy are people who have something to hide with secrecy to carry out draconian measure to silence their opposition.

The corporation and politicians who own stock and who receive lobbying money. These corporation depend on government contract and do not want earn business the old-fashioned way by building a clientele. Like Eisenhower said beware of the Military industrial complex. Well now beware of the Security Industrial Complex pushing doe C.I.S.P.A.

The people who want C.I.S.P.A are cheaters and cowards with no honor or respect for other people’s privacy. They cannot win in a fair debate nor win playing by the rules. They need to legalize cheating by an act of congress. We must not let this happen.


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