Police Search Door to Door After Mother’s Day Shooting in New Orleans

Victim of shooting at Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans

19 people were wounded in New Orleans over the weekend when an alleged gang shootout broke out in the middle of a mother’s day parade.  three suspects are still at large, and the hunt for them so far has involved similar tactics as those used in Boston.  At this point there is no indication that this was a planned terrorist attack, but regardless, police are still using the full on storm trooper approach that has now become commonplace in the western world.

Blackbluedog.com reported that:

“There were over 300 people participating in the event, north of the city.   Police say that the number of victims stands at 12 and there are three suspects who were responsible.   The individuals who did the shooting were seen running toward Claiborne Avenue and a door-to-door search is being conducted to find those who are responsible.”

While a number of mainstream media sources are reporting that door to door searchers are being conducted, there is no outrage or even concern for the innocent human beings who are having their rights and privacy violated by jackboot thugs.  It is definitely true that this is tragic circumstance, but tragic circumstances are no excuse to violate the rights and privacy of others.  It is definitely upsetting when these kinds of things happen, but we should not let our good-natured emotions be used against us.

With that being said this investigation is also being crowd sourced, and it is likely that people nearby with cell phone camera evidence will make a lot more progress than police breaking down doors.

RT reported that:

“An initial $2,500 cash reward was initially offered, which was later raised to $10,000 amid the massive manhunt for parade shooting suspects. The money is offered to anyone who can provide information that will help track down and arrest the suspects.  In the same way investigators of the Boston Marathon Bombings appealed for crowdsourced photographs, police have urged anyone with any images from the ‘second line’ of the parade to step forward.”

As of now there has been no indication as to whether the police even know who they are looking for or not.  We will bring more details on this story as they become available, and if you have any information about this situation please feel free to comment below.





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