76 Yr Old Man Slashes Wrists Outside of “Today” Show Studios and Blames IRS (Video)

A 76 year old man has been hospitalized after slashing his wrists on the street out front of the “Today” show studios. He was heard yelling “the IRS ruined my life”.

Photo: @SirAnduck via Twitter

This week after a man was evicted from his Brooklyn apartment he attempted suicide in front of a crowd of people outside of the “Today” show studio. He claims to have been robbed by the IRS and a group of stock brokers, a likely story.

According to NY Daily News:

A tortured soul who slashed his wrists in front of a horrified crowd watching the “Today” show outside Rockefeller Center Thursday said he committed this “desperate act” to get back at the IRS and others who robbed him.

Pak, 76, said he emigrated from China to New York in 1948 and made a million dollars buying stocks with money made from running a grocery store and working as a waiter. He claimed TD Ameritrade and Scottrade helped the IRS plunder his funds and he had proof back at his apartment.

“I had to do something desperate to fight the corruption, fight the IRS,” Pak Chong Mar told a Daily News reporter as he lay on a hospital gurney at Bellevue Hospital. “They are so powerful.”

“I need people to help me fight for justice,” Pak said. “If I don’t do something drastic, sooner or later these guys are going to kill me anyway. I couldn’t even pay rent this month.”

“I should be living well,” he said. “I had over a million dollars before. They’re making my life miserable.”

“I saw him take slice after slice. I saw the blood gushing,” witness Kellie Ostransky told The New York Post. Ostransky, who lives near Phoenix, was in town to celebrate her birthday with her twin sister, the newspaper reported.

The Today show did recognize that a person had harmed themselves outside, but they did not say anything about his struggle or the IRS:


Cellphone footage of the unfortunate situation is shown below:









Read more: http://intellihub.com/2013/06/07/76-yr-old-man-slashes-wrists-outside-of-today-show-studios-and-blames-irs-video/


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