Edward Snowden: U.S. government a ‘bully’ to Hong Kong in quest for extradition

Edward Snowden has resurfaced and accused the U.S. government of trying to “bully” Hong Kong into extraditing him before he leaks more top-secret information.
But Snowden, 29, says he has a card up his sleeve that will complicate any extradition request: Information regarding the National Security Agency’s surveillance of people in Hong Kong.

“I heard today from a reliable source that the United States government is trying to bully the Hong Kong government into extraditing me before the local government can learn of this,” Snowden told the South China Morning Post, referring to the NSA’s monitoring of people in Hong Kong.

“The U.S. government will do anything to prevent me from getting this into the public eye, which is why they are pushing so hard for extradition.”
Snowden showed the newspaper the documents, which it couldn’t verify, that indicated the NSA had hacked computers in Hong Kong and mainland China since 2009. Among the targets was the Chinese University of Hong Kong and “public officials, businesses and students in the city,” according to the paper.


The accusation, if true, undermines the White House’s criticism of China’s ongoing hacking of both government and corporate computers in the U.S.
The documents show “the hypocrisy of the U.S. government when it claims that it does not target civilian infrastructure, unlike its adversaries,” Snowden said.



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