Former Black Gang Member Tells Racist Al Sharpton And Others How It Is.



3 thoughts on “Former Black Gang Member Tells Racist Al Sharpton And Others How It Is.

  1. Research Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson before you criticize. Too many factually, verifiably incorrect statements in this video too be taken seriously. They’ve done more than you think, especially in the arena of black crime. Do your research.

    • A person who grew up in and with a criminal environment, who has seen things from the inside doesn’t know a thing or to about how things are done? Doesn’t he know just a little bit about it? When he asks how Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are making themselves visible in the neighborhoods: Yes they have done a lot, but have they made them selves visible to those that are STUCK in crime? Aren’t they still racist/prejudice against white people?

    • This gentlemen is speaking in the current atmosphere of our country today!!! Sharpton and Jackson might have started out with good intentions when they were younger but I feel they have been caught up with delusions of their own grandeur as celebs and how they can now fill their pockets with cash $$$ They have lost sight of the realities of what the issues are for the people that don’t have jobs, education and are struggling to keep their families together. Once agin I would like to state that this gentleman is putting his words into deeds that are uplifting his community and is living proof, to the young black youth especially, that you can lift yourself from the depths of being the victim without encouraging the RACE BAITING that is DIVIDING OUR COUNTRY!!! My memory goes back to the 1960’s and there were just too many people that worked and lost their lives trying to bring RACIAL HARMONY and HEAL INJUSTICES and it makes me very angry that these CHARLATANS ARE TEARING US APART WITH THEIR HATEFUL HEARTS!!

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