How the fuck does my neighbor survive?


(CAV News) –  I don’t get it, every day I watch in amazement to see how dumb their kids are, and how horrible they swear, and how careless they litter the yard up. How hard it must be to stay at home blaring your video games until 2 a.m. How hard of a life it is to wake up at noon, grab a few Hungry Man dinners and scarf them down at ease. How hard it is to walk out of a store knowing that everything you have bought in years was never earned and you never said thank you.

That’s because our “give a hand, not a hand out ” system really never took place. It was all about allocating money to special groups and to people who don’t deserve it. It created tons of jobs and careers and therefore created no incentive to cut back these social welfare programs. Why would there be a remedy when bureaucratic positions rely on that money and more of it?  And it was this, since really the 60’s that created the entitlement society and the indolent mindset.

What I mentioned above isn’t a rare example. After all, I’m from Central Maine, where Welfare is work.

The neighbor I mentioned and his dizzy minded wife are both collecting disability, TANF, medical care and Food Stamps. They make more if you factor all of them in than I do. Even though I can get two jobs in one day and he hasn’t looked for two jobs in years. The problem here is… the incentive. There is none. You see my neighbor, the scum bucket will simply say, “fuck that, Derek’s struggling like a bastard to make ends meet, why would I want to do that?”

And my situation isn’t new to you. You are reading this and already thinking about someone you either know or wish you didn’t know.

The situation above gives people who could really use help look bad. Yet how do we determine the difference anymore?

The man mentioned above is a large man possibly 400 lbs. His wife is probably 135 lbs but has a few brain cells and teeth left in her head. Is that my fault? And should I feel guilty for not supporting them? Ab so fucking lutely not. You see, this man still eats terrible, his back was his problem now its mine. He isn’t doing anything to make it better such as exercise. She still smokes and eats tons of sweets daily and those teeth aren’t coming back soon unless we all chip in and buy her a set.

There’s a thing called “compassion” and another thing called ” fucking stupid.” What we do weekly, bi weekly or monthly by supporting millions who should be stripped of these handouts  is absurd. We should demand better. You see, having no work for me is scary. Knowing there’s no income coming in is horrifying. That’s why I go out and take any job that comes my way. I want to control my own destiny.

With those like the people mentioned above there is none. Why? Because the media, their talking heads, the interest and lobby groups continue to get grants, and for decades spread their agenda through taxpaying dollars, and when they get them disperse that money in  an  irresponsibly toxic manner that only hurts those getting it and those who have to pay for it. Not the bureaucrats and politicians of course, since they have a career thanks to it and the politicians are the heroes and gain a voting base!

What I just did was vent but it’s a demand for a change. I don’t want to hear this liberal talk of these people aren’t the problem, it’s corporate welfare. No shit Sherlock Holmes but they are a problem and thanks to our shit for brains scamming government they are all our problem. What do we do about it? Cut out welfare altogether.  Charles Murray introduced that idea in his book back in 80’s called “Losing Ground.” It was never implemented of course but it’s still a great idea. Read that book, it may be dated but it applies to today. His message was simple, when the money is federally allocated it gets lost. If a local or state government chooses  to run a social welfare program the incentive  to produce is greater and more likely although not ideal.


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