Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounced Him Dead


(Collective Evolution) – Perhaps in a last attempt to say goodbye, or simply by instinct, she unwrapped her baby and held him against her skin. Her lifeless son – born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb – was lovingly held and cuddled as she expressed her love to him while not wanting to let him go. Then something amazing happened.

Throughout the next 2 hours, baby Jamie began showing signs of life as something was keeping or bringing him back to life. Although they had summoned the doctors on occasion to have another look, he insisted the actions they were seeing were normal reflexes and that the baby was still in fact dead. As time continued to pass, Kate decided to put some breast milk on her finger and feed it to her child. The child took the breast milk and continued to show more signs of life. The family was witnessing a miracle. They called the doctor back into the room once more and this time the doctor was in complete shock as he realized he was witnessing something he could not understand either.

‘I thought, “Oh my God, what’s going on”,’ said Mrs Ogg. ‘A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger. ‘He opened his eyes and moved his head from side to side. The doctor kept shaking his head saying, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it”.’

The power of skin-to-skin contact, also known as ‘kangaroo care,’ seems to be very evident in this case. Generally when a child has complications at birth, they are rushed off to intensive care right away. This doesn’t allow the mother and her love the opportunity to assist the child in its early minutes. While this might seem like magical wishful thinking, we are discovering more and more through science, the true power of the heart and love.

The ‘kangaroo care’ technique, named after the way kangaroos hold their young in a pouch next to their bodies, allows the mother to act as a human incubator to keep babies warm, stimulated and fed. Studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact with a mother vs. standard contact, allows low-weight infants to maintain a higher oxygen saturation after birth.[1] Pre-term and low birth-weight babies treated with the skin-to-skin method have also been shown to have lower infection rates, less severe illness, improved sleep patterns and are at reduced risk of hypothermia.

It is my opinion that as time goes on we are going to continue to observe, understand and implement, on a large scale, procedures and therapies that better reflect what would happen naturally within the human body and it’s environment.

This is not to say there isn’t value in standard medical techniques, simply that getting rigid with the techniques can often leave out very important human related, love related and energy related factors that can be instrumental in any given situation. In my opinion the scientific and medical field can often be too consumed by their methods at times, not allowing the not-yet-understood factors to have a role in certain decisions.

Too often we can generate a narrow minded view and arrogance about what we know through science and this can close our minds to what else might be possible. This of course is not seen throughout the entire field as there are a number of brilliant scientific minds who are also very open to the power of consciousness.

While this story is absolutely amazing, I like to not think of it as a miracle but instead a lesson. Experiences like this allow us to see and observe the power of things we don’t yet understand completely so that we can embrace the possibility and begin exploring it further.

This idea that if we cannot touch or see something, then it must not work effectively has to be let go of if we are going to embrace various methods of not just healing but dealing with many things in life.


4 thoughts on “Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounced Him Dead

  1. Wonderfully happy news. Nothing can stop from happening when Alah (God) Wills. May the baby live a happy and beautiful life and become peace for the hearts of parents. Ameen.
    Every thing has an explanation through physical laws but whenever the laws Maker Wills, they can be executed in some other complex ways and what is complex or exception to normal laws is Miracle.

  2. i have my experience to share in regard to this post. i also delievered pre-term baby , he was all healthy and was taken to NICU for initial care. i didnt got a chance to hold my baby either…i was feeling so empty, everytime i use to visit him in NICU…he was trying to tell me something, i just wanted to take him off from the hospital. day by day his health condition started becoming worse, his platelet count started going down. doc didnt allow me to feed him reason being he had some infections. on 8th day ,( the day i can never forget in my life 😦 he was moved to multispecialty hosp for better treatment) he turned blue in color n it was an emergency. i thank all my stars and almighty for always gave me strength n gave my prince back to me healthy. he showed great improvement and started taking feed, underwent kangaroo care and by gods grace he is all fine. i dont want to blame doctors or hospitals or my fate for all that happened but a piece of suggestion that goes to all is please choose multispeciality hospitals where u save time n that might save many lives. many questions still remain unanswered in my case what actually went wrong, was it during my pregnancy? or doctor’s mistake of not allowing me to feed my baby? or hospital didnt had good neonatal department? i dont want to do a post mortem on this but need to know why this happened with me…..

    • post mortem means that he died. just to clear this up just in case whether it seems to be implying whether he is alive or dead.

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