AVTM Vs The “Crip”

I’ve literally waited months to sit down and actually write some sort of piece on events surrounding the incident on Independence Day brought forth by Adam Kokesh’s action with his shotgun at Freedom Plaza in the middle of the District of Criminals, well folks here it is. I’d like to start of by saying, I support his actions, it’s what followed the event leading up until this very day which has really bothered me. For those who are not familiar with Adam, he’s an activist/podcast host for AdamVsTheMan, a show which at one time was on the channel RT. He’s an Iraq war veteran also, but I’m not going to get into his complete history because that is not why I am writing this(you can easily do a quick search on the internet if you want his history).

In May of 2013, Adam announced an armed march on Washington DC. He said himself, if he reaches the goal of 10,000 people to join him that he would absolutely do it. Well it turns out that he didn’t reach that goal and he was forced to call it off. He received much criticism for this, and where some criticism may have been justifiable to some people depending on their view, he DID make it clear he would only do the march if he reached the number on his goal.

Then comes July 4th. Adam, and his cameraman headed to Freedom Plaza early in the morning to shoot a short clip of him loading a shotgun. Yes, he chose to do it early when not as many people were in the area, which turned out to be a smart decision after it was all said and done. People gave him hell for it, telling him he’s a coward for not doing it later in the day with more people around. Let me ask you a question. Do you have the balls to go at ANY point in the day, and do what he did? Probably not. You may say you do, but I don’t see you doing it. Some will just say it’s completely stupid to do, and that is their choice, their belief, but that is not why I am writing this today. I just wanted to give a quick background on the events, there are plenty of pieces that get into other aspects of it and that explain it better, just go to Adam’s Facebook page and scroll a bit, you will find what you’re looking for.

You see, Adam has done a great deal for the cause, for liberty, for our freedoms, and he’s scorned by many, sometimes due to his approach, or even the people he surrounds himself with. I myself always wondered why he hired a supposed gang member who claims to be in the well-known gang, the Crips. Darrell Young, aka “Crip4RonPaul” (I’m quite certain Ron Paul would appreciate it if Darrell would have distanced himself from using that name, but as we know, Dr. Paul is a firm believer in freedom of speech and likely has no clue who this clown is anyway). From the get go, I never trusted this punk in the liberty movement. He does not belong, no gang member belongs in it. Last I checked we live by the non-aggression principle, and gang members do not.

Now, Darrell took over management after Lucas Jewell was ousted by other members of the crew, mostly because he was younger than them and it’s clear they did not like to take orders from someone who happened to be younger, who does? BUT, we have to remember that it was Adam himself who put Lucas in charge. Adam did not say, call a meeting and threaten Lucas until he resigns. There was a heated confrontation with Lucas and another member of the crew Liz, who goes by Liz Delish, I will not give her full name like George Donnelly did because I have respect for the reasoning behind it and I have personally never had any issues with her as she has always been nice anytime I had briefly talked with her.  I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to give my opinion. I, in no way have any ill will towards anyone in that group aside from Mr. “Gangster”. I watched the video, I did not see Lucas charging Liz, trying to hit her, or anything of the sorts. He did jump up, but he was constantly antagonized and it looks to me like he was trying his best to keep his cool. Also, I am not aware of any prior confrontations with Lucas and Liz, so again I cannot and will not judge, because I simply DO NOT know what has happened in the past, I’m just calling this as I see it. As this confrontation went on, Edd Yealey, who is Liz’s boyfriend, jumped up, which is natural, I would have done the same. But, Edd decided to threaten Lucas with his gun, which happened to be strapped to his side. This probably isn’t the most responsible thing to do, as I feel if anyone feels their girlfriend is being threatened(which the video shows she wasn’t being threatened), telling someone you’re going to shoot them may make matters worse, and it did. The thing about this is, Edd does not claim to be down with the NAP, he doesn’t claim to be a peaceful person. Well, that’s his choice, that’s who he is, you cannot expect one to change the way they are if that is already who they are and who they want to be. You can respect that or not respect that, but that’s the way it works.

Moving along. Lucas was forced to leave and Darrell took over the operation. This always baffled me. Why not Jeffrey Phillips? I have spoken with Jeffrey a few times, he’s been on my radio show twice. He’s always been up front about things, as far as I know. Well, Jeffrey happens to live in California, so it’s clear it would be hard for him to run things in Virginia from across the US.

So, now we have Lucas Jewell out of the picture. In comes Crip to take over operations. Great, just what Adam needs. Who’s going to do the show? Who’s going to keep people in line? I, and others had zero confidence in Darrell Young, but really who else was going to sit in front of a camera in place of Adam? Well, the crew came up with a plan to bring in guest hosts, which I feel was a very good idea. Christopher Cantwell was invited, then later Luke Rudkowski, and of course Derrick Broze. To me, this is quality. You may think Cantwell is an asshole(he is, self-proclaimed) but he’s very smart and he can entertain. Luke, we should all know the things Luke has done, even though I personally am not a big fan anymore due to things I will not get into, but you know how to do a search on the internet, feel free to do so. And last but not least, Derrick Broze, who I admire greatly and feel did an excellent job filling in.

Okay, back to “Crip”. He appeared on some of the shows in the beginning, some I did not even watch because they actually stunk it up(I’d rather watch reruns of Pawn Stars which I’ve likely already seen more than once). When Cantwell came in, Darrell sat beside him, said his “yups”, randomly blurted out the word “statists” as he always does, played on the computer, constantly broke up weed, packed it in his pipe and smoked it on air. Which to me I felt was rude, not only to the viewers, but to Cantwell also. It’s almost like you could read Cantwell’s body language, saying “what is this guy doing? I’m trying to do a show here”. I am pro-marijuana by the way, I am not knocking on anyone who smokes it by ANY means. I do know, Darrell Young aka “Crip” did not belong in front of the camera and absolutely was only making Adam, AVTM, and even Cantwell look bad. But the show must go on, right? It did, but Darrell was finally removed from the show, and it was back to being a worthy show to watch. Whoever made the decision, we all thank you.

Adam has been locked up for over 2 months now, going on 3 soon. Since he’s been in there, there’s been so much drama in the AVTM camp that you could make a reality show out of it, seriously, I would watch it. At times the team did not keep their composure, they let things get to them, overwhelm them, and sometimes to me it was understandable. They’ve never been put in that position, everyone there was in a learning process. And yes, in the video I spoke of earlier, some members did boast about how they have done this kind of work for years and they knew what they were doing. Did they show it in their time with AVTM? Maybe at times, but once Adam was locked up, I’d have to say not consistantly, but it’s stressful. Do I think Edd did a good job? Yes, absolutely, I know he put in the hard work, and I know how hard and time-consuming that type of work is. Kudos to you Edd, really, behind the scenes people don’t get the credit they deserve! Do I think Liz did her job? I think Liz did a wonderful job raising money! I cannot really speak about the rest of the crew aside from “Crip”, Edd, and Liz, oh and Jeffrey, but like I said, he’s across the country and not running the podcast. I do know that I feel for Edd and Liz, and I would like to thank them for the hard work they put in, and they absolutely did not deserve the fact people were jumping the gun on what happened. They had their own jobs to do and it’s obvious that Darrell was hiding everything from Adam and the rest of the crew(Liz recently posted a nice letter from Adam confirming this, Part 1 & Part 2), so DO NOT blame them. Direct your attention toward homie G, the guy who put the screws to Adam Kokesh and the entire AVTM crew.

Back to the story. Just recently Darrell was fired from AVTM, due to missing donations made by supporters that were supposed to go to legal funds and other expenses to keep the show going while Adam was locked up. Allegedly tens of thousands to be more clear, this isn’t petty cash. Recently, George Donnelly did a piece, dropping the ball on some things that I feel shouldn’t have been talked about just yet,  though it was a good piece and told us things we all wanted to know. It also contained some things that may actually hurt Adam in the long run, is this for self gain? Maybe, maybe not. What I do know is, the truth is slowly coming out and we will eventually find out who is telling the truth and who is not.

Speaking of self gain, how many people gained something off Adam’s lock up? More than I can count on both of my hands, and yes I have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs still. Let’s see, did I know of The Panic Hour before Adam’s arrest in Philly? Barely. Did I know who N.a. Poe was before Adam’s lock up? Absolutely not, and likely still wouldn’t if it wasn’t for Adam Kokesh. Quickly, for those of you who do not know, Poe and Kokesh were both detained in federal lockup after one of Poe’s “Smokedown” events in Philly, and event in which I 100% support. In lockup, Adam stayed strong, he helped Poe through the experience, as Poe has mentioned many times. Poe did not stay as strong as Adam, and he finally gave in to the Feds and got released. No need to judge that part, people. It’s another situation where you need to ask yourself, what you’d do if you were in that situation, answer yourself honestly. Remember, I am not stating anything about Mr. Poe doing this for self gain, nor am I saying The Panic Hour did. What I am saying is, they benefitted from Adam, that is not a bad thing. Also, I recently happened to catch a post on Facebook from Poe, “The Liberty Movement is the Titanic and Adam Kokesh is the iceberg”, and even though I’m well aware he’s a comedian, this rubbed me the wrong way. How does one even crack a joke like that about someone who did what he did for Mr. Poe? Self gain in his comedy routine? Sorry Poe, it’s an attention grabber and you know it. But hey, that’s what you’re supposed to do as an entertainer right? Maybe in some eyes, not mine. But then again, Adam probably would have liked that joke knowing him, right? There’s always a line though. You should save your tasteless jokes for someone who deserves them. That’s my opinion, I still like Mr. Poe, I will continue to support him.

And once again, back to “Crip”. As it stands right now, as I mentioned, Adam is allegedly out tens of thousands of dollars and he, along with the remaining members of the crew, along with his father and girlfriend, are trying to straighten it out. Some of us have been able to see the checks that Edd Yealey posted on Facebook, to show that Darrell was the one who cashed them, as he endorsed them on the back. We’ve yet to find out who actually signed the checks, Darrell claims Edd signed the checks, Edd denies it. Now, from my perspective, it looks like Darrell may not have acted alone. Well, who helped him? So far, by actions and words used, it doesn’t look like Edd was that person. Edd has provided us with some information, Darrell has yet to come through, because he is clearly in hiding and hiding something. I have no doubt in my mind, Darrell will eventually be behind bars, the question is when? How about we just trade him in for Adam, get Adam released, lock Darrell up. I know that’s what a lot of us would wish, but it’s not that easy. The only person that can tell us right now how much Darrell took, is Darrell himself. Many numbers are being thrown around, and personally I have no idea, but as Adam’s letter to Liz states, Darrell did not pay the people he was supposed to pay. Darrell either needs to come clean, or an investigation needs to be launched. This is exactly what Adam DID NOT need.

I also want to point out how activism donations are going to be set back because of this entire thing Darrell Young pulled. We now need to gain the trust back from the donors and community, which is clearly understandable. I recommend all activists use full transparency in their donation endeavours from here on out. Then again, some have already proven themselves trustworthy and may not even need to worry about such a travesty.

In closing, I just want to say that I am very disheartened by the events that have taken place since Adam’s last arrest. Even though I do believe the team did a good job, there were key moments in the last couple months that were unacceptable and in the long run will likely hurt Adam. I also know we are all human, and mistakes are made in life. I really do believe everyone on the team(except Darrell) was looking out for Adam and doing what they could. I believe they will all look back at it and learn from the mistakes made and hopefully it will better them in their future endeavours, and I hope people will appreciate all the good behind the scenes things they did. I also hope when Adam finally is released, and continues his business that he surrounds himself with trustworthy people, not posers who claim to be gang affiliated. There is no place in any peaceful movement for gang members. I hope when it’s all said and done, Adam gains better judgement of people, and maybe makes himself a little less trusting of people he barely knows.


2 thoughts on “AVTM Vs The “Crip”

  1. “it’s clear George had his panties in a bunch about Adam not needing his services anymore”

    You should really do your research. Here’s Adam calling from jail earlier this month requesting to renew his Shield Mutual coverage.

    [audio src="http://shieldmutual.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/AdamRenew.mp3" /]

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