Taiwan’s new army uniforms are downright scary!

 Forget Halloween, these might be the scariest costumes you see this fall. The Taiwanese government recently unveiled their new Special Forces armor, and it’s pretty terrifying. The new uniforms feature bulletproof armor and a ballistic face mask that make soldiers look like a villain in a horror movie.

The armor is supposed to protect against close range shots. When the soldiers line up and march, it’s hard not to think they look like a Star Wars clone army.

This guy could scare a lot of kids on Halloween. Don’t ask for candy from this man!

Not Taiwan’s army, but close.

Source: Rocket News 24 


2 thoughts on “Taiwan’s new army uniforms are downright scary!

  1. Pretty sure they have horrible vision in those masks, and it has to be hard to breath. They probably aren’t kevlar and if so the back is still open. Looks like the Army is trying to push fear on people.. If it came to them guy wouldn’t be able to go to battle with minimal vision and I still don’t know how they’re supposed to breath.. anyway.. just my thoughts (shoot em in the back of the head) They have poor vision so it probably wouldn’t be difficult to sneak up on them.

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