What You Probably Don’t Know About The Evil 14th Amendment


The history of the Fourteenth Amendment stands relatively unclear to most people.

The US government knows about it, but it’s not very common for the ordinary person to understand it’s true meaning without actually reading and studying it. There was a point where even I was subject to this ignorance, but eventually a few years ago I had studied what it actually meant. I had a pretty good idea of it’s true meaning (or at least I thought I did), but ultimately it wasn’t until last year when I started getting deeper into it by intertwining myself into  The Red Amendment, a very well written book by LB Bork, and the PAC Alliance website. Andrew Pontbriand and Jared Dalen  from The Fourteenth Amendment Center explain how the evil 14th amendment instantly makes us slaves to the de facto government and how they’ve been doing this from the start of it’s creation in the year of 1868.

For more information on the 14th amendment’s Communist agenda, check out this two part interview done by ITBH Podcast on cavradio.com which can found below. It contains an abundance of priceless information which I believe everyone needs to at the very least listen to and become familiar with. I reached Mr. Pontbriand today for a short comment. He said, “Status correction is the only peaceful remedy. If we want to beat the Feds, we need to reclaim our birthright that is stolen by deceit and coercion from the moment we’re born.”

You can read Andrew’s free eBook “Escape From Tyranny” HERE.



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