30 thoughts on “New Facebook Policy Arrives January 2015

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  4. Funny how people are all saying this is stupid, but it comes down to the fact of helping and keeping others safe while not being in the eye of the public. Thousands of people that clam to be terrorists (or don’t claim) sit on FB privately messaging their friends or sending them images etc that not everyone else can see! If they planned something and you were there and it happened, you would moan asking why know one done anything about it. WELL HERE IT IS! THEY ARE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It doesn’t matter about them snooping if you don’t do anything wrong then there is no problem.

    • Do you trust a bunch of people you don’t know, and whose intention you have no proof that they won’t use your information in some way and twist it against you?

    • Don’t be naive. This isn’t for our own safety. Almost everything the government does is to further an agenda to only serve them and the corporations that own them. Congratulations though, like most people you have fallen for their ‘terror scares’ hook, line and sinker.

      ‘Terrorists’ would be stupid to communicate through facebook anyway.

  5. I would bet that everyone paid to oversee FB is related to polititions and salaries at least triple a bus drivers plus pensions also triple and I doubt 40hrs would be mandatory or even expected.

  6. Curiouser and curiouser!
    I saw this article a few days ago, it originally dated it as the 1st of January now it reads the 30th. I smell shite.

  7. Your article says: “According to reports, they want to allow third parties such as CIA, NSA, FBI, and others to access all of your information.” According to WHAT REPORTS!! You cite absolutely NO SOURCE!!!

  8. There are people saying that they haven’t seen this pop up on FB yet. I’m no genius but the first sentence says that this is happening on January 30th. If this does happen I wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. If you don’t do nothing wrong then you should not bet posting it FYI ANYONE CAN FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE IT’S THE 2000’S

    • Actually its unconstitutional for the government to directly spy on an entire population. But if that information is bought from a company who you agreed to share it with then the constitution doesn’t even come into it because you always have a choice not to agree to the terms.

  10. I’ll be deleting all my social media profiles, I’ve had enough of my Governments paranoia, privacy is my right by constitution. So screw these three letter agencies, besides if I were incline to do something, “illegal”, I wouldn’t post it on social media.

  11. I will b deleting my fb because we r untitled to our privacy.. we as citizens as people deserve what little bit of privacy we do get… Y’all already watching everything we do listen in on every convo we have on our phones… Gud bye Facebook

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