Here’s the 400 pages of the new “Net Neutrality” bill

A couple of weeks ago, the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) voted to pass a new “Net Neutrality” bill. Don’t be fooled by “Net Neutrality”, because there really isn’t anything neutral about it.

Now, while everyone was distracted by trying to guess the color of a dress posted on social media, the federal government was again, overstepping its boundaries to enforce more rules and regulations. Nothing new, right? For something so important, and yes internet IS in fact important to have this day of age, most would think this would be a bill that would have to go through house and senate, then make its way on to the POTUS to sign into effect. Well you thought wrong. One has to think at this point, does it really matter? To me, no, it does not matter. Why? Because for a long time this administration has overstepped its boundaries. But it’s not just the Obama Administration, it’s a large number of congress and of course in my opinion, all of congress. The only difference that I could see at this point, is the fact it would have taken somewhat of a longer process to put this to a vote through. But, would it have? One does have to wonder why it was put through the FCC and not through congress and yes I have my suspicions, but that doesn’t matter at this point.


Now I realize there’s a lot of people worried about censorship of the internet. That is also one of my biggest issues with the bill as it will eventually effect alternative/new media. Understand that as far as censorship goes, I don’t believe that something such as that will go into effect right off, but the FCC has basically left this bill open so in the future they can enforce more rules and regulations. To me, that’s very telling. The FCC is going to be facing a lot of litigation over this, that is a fact.

Something that really ticked me off aside from the FCC taking control of everything, was the 4 million people who wrote to the FCC to get this bill passed. A lot of them claiming they are activists. Well, that could be true, you could be an activist as the definition for the word may just fit what you’re trying to do. But my question for you is, do you really even know what the FCC was voting on? Do catch phrases like “Net Neutrality” and “free healthcare” really sell you that easy? Do you really think when the Federal Government steps in and sets up more rules and regulations that it’s actually benefitting you?


Somehow, without this new bill, I was able to do whatever I wanted on the internet and so were you. Giving the government control of your internet will eventually change that. Maybe not right off, but this is only a large building block to what they are trying to accomplish and over 40 million of you wanted it to happen without even knowing what was in the bill. To me, that’s not just scary, it’s dangerous.

Here you will find the entire 400 page “Net Neutrality” bill, which was released AFTER it was voted on and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you.


Chris Perkins is chief editor and writer for Authentic Enlightenment and host/producer of Authentic Enlightenment Radio on the CAV Radio Network

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