12 People Who Prove If You Smoke Pot You’ll Never Amount to Anything

The only way to be successful in life is to play it straight and narrow. Just hard work. No funny business. And certainly no marijuana.

Everyone knows you should never smoke weed if you want to be successful in life. Do you want to run a hit TV show? Or become a billionaire? Become the leader of the free world? Don’t smoke the reefer sticks.

Take it from these cautionary examples of what goes terribly wrong when you make the decision to smoke weed.

1. It’s impossible to become a king of late-night TV.

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Source: Cannabis Culture

2. Or to become a world-famous comedian.

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Source: Daily Show

3. You’ll never become a famous actor and activist.

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Source: Goodreads

4. No one will ever know your name.

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Source: Daily Mail


5. You can forget about becoming a celebrated rapper or successful entrepreneur.

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Source: Nah Right

6. You’ll ruin your voice forever.

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Source: Guardian

7. You have no hope of running the cooking world.

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Source: Laist

8. Or becoming a governor and world-champion athlete.

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Source: Independent

9. You’ll be poor the rest of your life.

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Source: New York Times

10. You’ll never become a celebrity politician.

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Source: CBS News

11. And certainly not a secretary of state.

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Source: On the Issues

12. Kiss your dream of becoming president goodbye.

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Source: YouTube

Let these 12 incredible failures serve as a valuable lesson.

Source: Mic