Will Jesse Ventura Make a Libertarian Run for President in 2016?


The list of possible 2016 Presidential Candidates continues to grow. Now former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is thinking about running for President as a Libertarian Party candidate. There has been some speculation that Governor Ventura would run for President in 2016 as a Libertarian, but it has never been substantiated. This is the first time that Ventura has openly considered running as a Libertarian.

Jesse Ventura was on Buzzsaw talking about a variety of issues. When Ventura was asked if he would run for President, he didn’t say no, as he has in the past. Instead he opened up the speculation by saying that if he did run, he would want to do it as an independent. Jesse Ventura does not want to be a member of a political party, even a third party like the Libertarian Party. He made that abundantly clear in this interview.

It makes sense for him, since that’s the way he ran for Governor of Minnesota. True, he did carry the Reform Party’s nomination, but there was no real binding platform. He basically ran as an independent candidate who happened to have a minor party’s nomination.

That’s how Jesse Ventura described his ideal run in 2016. The number one thing he would need for a run of course is ballot access. That’s the reason he would go to the Libertarian Party. He would still run as an independent, just with the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

Many of Ventura’s positions fit within the libertarian ideology, and he could get their nomination. It’s not that he isn’t libertarian, Jesse Ventura is rather libertarian on many issues. He just doesn’t want to be bound to any party’s rules. The Governor would like to remain as independent as possible.

Jesse Ventura’s positions would likely gain a lot of libertarian support during the nomination process. He’s fiscally conservative and for a government that’s pro-business, low-tax, and low-spending. The Governor also wants to End the Fed, and end crony capitalism. For personal issues, he’s socially liberal. He’s pro-choice, pro-privacy, pro-marijuana legalization, and for ending the war on drugs. Ventura is also for a more realistic foreign policy without needless U.S. interventionism.

There are a few areas, however, where Jesse Ventura’s positions aren’t very libertarian. The first being his support for a government mandated minimum wage. That’s traditionally a Democrat talking point, though sometimes moderate Republicans jump on the bandwagon as well; see Mitt Romney. Ventura is also for public schools, significant regulation of the banking sector, and worst of all Obamacare, among other things.

There’s also the fact that Jesse Ventura is known for being a conspiracy theorist. He even hosted a show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura which did three seasons on the truTV network. So there are a few reasons why libertarians might be hesitant to support him, even though his popularity and celebrity bring a lot to the table.

If he gets in the race for the Libertarian Party’s nomination it would certainly help bring more attention to libertarian issues. But, Jesse Ventura might bring the wrong type of attention by associating those rational ideas with conspiracy theories. Of course, there are costs and benefits to any Presidential Candidate, and it will be up to libertarians to decide.

Source: A Libertarian Future