Document Proves U.S. Government Plans MURDERS & Starts Wars


A conspiracy theory, is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

Conspiracy theorist is often used as a term of derision and, on a practical level, usually seeks to paint the one espousing conspiracy theories as a wack job that is NEVER to be taken seriously.

Many conspiracy theories center around pointing the finger at government officials who appear to be promoters of war, destroyers of economies and cancerous agents who strip individual liberties.

But this video won’t deal with a conspiracy theory at all. It simply presents to you one fully documented and undeniable Conspiracy FACT: Proof that the American Government has planned to deceived the people and lead us into war.

This is the declassified 15 page, 1962 document entitled the “Cuba Project,” also known as Operation Northwoods.

This video will not be an exhaustive look at the document, but will present the highlights of this criminal plan to severely harm the citizens of two countries.

Operation Northwoods exposes John F Kennedy’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, under General Lemnitzer, as they outlined a plan that would devise “Pretexts which would provide justification for US military intervention in Cuba.” In other words, they are going to bring about tragic events that will cause the American people to become sympathetic toward and even beg the government to enter into war with Cuba.

First, I’ll outline the plan found in the document and I’ll end the video quoting only from that document. The first part of the plan is to create a bad guy: Cuba

Being careful not to involve the Soviet Union, time is of the essence. The US must strike before an alliance is made between those two countries. Smear the international image of Cuba through false flag military operations that implicate Cuba as a culprit.

Paint a false picture, in the eyes of the international community, to make the US and other countries look like the suffering parties who are justified in striking back.
Initiate a propaganda campaign that will deceive the masses into believing that our lives and liberties are being attacked, and wait for the outcry from the people begging the government to punish the bad guy.

It’s a simple, effective, time-tested equation. PROBLEM REACTON SOLUTION
The Real bad guy creates the problem
The people beg the creator of the problem to save them (not knowing that their savior is the problem maker)

The initiator of the problem sells the confused people a solution that benefits the ones who created the problem in the first place and the profits of war are covertly sifted from the pockets of the commoners into the coffers of the elite.

Source: Investment Watch