Life as a Conspiracy Theorist: Part 1


Andrew Pontbriand

May 25, 2015

“What they call a ‘Conspiracy Theorist,’ I call someone who questions all things, and challenges the status quo.” -Andrew Pontbriand

Most people would agree, if you were walking down the street and you saw a man mug a lady and steal her purse, you wouldn’t just stand there idly and do nothing, you would at the very least try to yell or scream and let people down the street know that this man just robbed her. This is true for anything; standing by and saying nothing while something horrible is taking place makes you just as bad and in some ways almost a party to the crime itself.

As a so-called conspiracy theorist, I am somebody who finds it is unnatural to sit around and do or say nothing when you look around and notice that the world all around you is not the way its supposed to be. It is very importasnt we speak up, as history repeats itself. Here is a famous quote that describes what happens when you don’t speak up for those around you:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

-Martin Niemöller

Do we carry a burden?

It seems almost daily we wake up and we see the news and hear about current events only to dissect what the media is telling us and come to realize that once again they are lying. We tell our friends and family what is really going on and how things are really being played out, and that they are being controlled by a small group of people with unlimited resources, and billions and billions of dollars. This is where they come in and tell us that we are conspiracy theorists. All we can do from there is continue to let them know each and every time something happens, and correct what the media tells them. It is almost a burden to know these truths, and there is something that is actually pretty funny about that very statement. When researching the word conspiracy theory, you find a common theme is repeated over, and over again, as if a talking point was created to tell you that people who are conspiracy theorists feel the way they do, that is – special, one of a kind, and privy to information that nobody else has. This is how they explain what a conspiracy theorist is and how they feel. However, in a sort of poetic backfire, it is actually true. Researching and learning how the world really works means you will have knowledge that most others do not have. By that very definition, this means you ARE privy to information that others do not have, due to tireless and unrelenting research and study. This can though, get you labeled, by friends and family as a “crazy person.” Unfortunately this is all too true and familiar for most of us.wpid-facebook_-714973291

Some of us have used what we have learned over the years and applied it to positive outlets. Some have studied feverishly, and took roads we never expected we would have. Journalists, radio show hosts, news anchors, politicians, and videographers. A whole new world beyond the information has opened up as some of us have taken what we have learned, and the information we have acquired, hoping to release it to the world as fast and as accurate as possible.

Far from the good life, having the responsibility to run a page such as an alternative media blog or news websites, we are often plagued by negative comments, hateful expressions, and even paid government trolls whose job is to try and discredit our news articles or videos. When we tell our friends and family that these things are happening of course, they don’t believe us and think we are even more crazy. Of course our next step is to show them another news article saying that it is true! That, the government DOES pay people to troll websites – to discredit them. These are just everyday occurrences and part of our everyday lives.

It doesn’t matter where we go or what we’re doing the signs are everywhere for us. Once you wake up you can never go back to sleep. It is a lot like the movie The Matrix. However, the biggest difference is this is the real world. All of our life decisions are now effected by what we have learned. We may eat differently, boycott products, vote differently, dress differently, watch less television and movies, and even decide to pull our children out of public school. Of course, I can’t forget not vaccinating our children, which of course will get me in a lot of trouble for mentioning that. Not everyone though, makes these changes in their lives, but on the flip side of that coin, some go to even more extreme lengths and radically change their lives in accordance with measures that may be beyond what you can imagine. Change of religion or lack thereof, not celebrating holidays, no television, movies, driver’s license, social security card, car insurance, license plates, health insurance, or registration of any kind. The law, statutory that is, is ignored in the form of noncompliance and spending much of our time is spent in court. This of course is limited to a small number of people, nonetheless, it is occurring.

When you think back to when you first woke up, you remember how much of an impact it had in your life. You remember how you used to go and tell all your friends about your new found information. Can you remember how bad it hurt and how angry you got when they would make fun of you or refuse to listen? Your friends and family having this reaction towards your beliefs or what you have learned, is actually what helped to ignight the spark to a flame. Your new existence as a so-called conspiracy theorist, expedited.

How so? The simple answer is psychology.

The very reaction itself, being negative, is what drove us and pushed us to continue on our paths. We experienced roadblocks, disappointments, pain, and some of us even experienced (or still do) loss of friendship and/or were/are shunned from our group of friends.

The powerful nature of truth, light, and understanding is so powerful, that we are still unable to lay down, roll over, and ignore it. losing friendships is not enough to pull us away from our activists activities, journalistic endeavors, or broadcast change to thousands of people what we now know to be our purpose in life. Harbingers of information, if you will, we have practice in are fulfilled because we continuously give out positive vibes, and are constantly learning and figuring out how to help others, not just spread information.

A small number of us have been persecuted, jailed, disappeared, and frighteningly enough, even (possibly) killed. As stated before, some people take things a bit further than others, but that does not mean these actions were warranted. The real world IS much more stranger than fiction, and with this being true is what can cause some of these things to occur.

The life of a conspiracy theorist can be defined in several different ways. An activist, journalist, radio show host, writer, videographer, or even a comedian, can be labeled as conspiratorial. What our friends, family, and peers sometimes fail to understand though, is this is the establishments defense mechanism. In fact, it really is there ONLY defense. Giving us a negative label, that carries a negative connotation, is all they have to convince people that we are crazier than they are. If they can accomplish this in large enough numbers, then results may show that we are failing. However as time goes on, technology increases, and becomes more available, people are much more inclined to check what we are saying due to the simple fact that it is much easier to search for that information.

Our everyday lives are interesting and sometimes almost too much. However there is something special about knowing the truth, and being able to share it with hundreds or thousands of people. It really is special to be able to crack the code and understand hidden meanings, and why things happen the way they do. Each day that passes is another day we can grow as individuals, and take in more information. For most of us, that is what it is really all about, isn’t it?

This concludes part 1. If you have made it this far down the article, I thank you. Now, you all are needed for part two!

Part two will be written by YOU, the reader. We want to hear YOUR story. Here is what we are looking for.

Written – If you choose to write, it MUST BE between 500 and 800 words. Please format it like articles on The Resistance Journals. You will be writing about, your life as a “conspiracy theorist,” how it started, and where it got you.

Video – The same applies as far as the material. It must be between 4 and 6 minutes in length. Please, good quality videos. Bad quality videos will not be used.

We will pick 5 written, and 5 videos, given that enough people participate. They will br picked at random.

Thank you for participating and we will post part 2 soon! 

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