How Does Your Silly Flag Outrage Feel Now?


While America was distracted by a the Confederate flag debacle, the U.S. Congress forfeited the entire economic future of the country by quietly passing so-called “fast-track authority” which will allow President Obama to approve the TPP “free trade” agreement.

The TPP, as you may have heard, outright surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations, handing them total global monopolies over labor practices, immigration, Big Pharma drug pricing, GMO food labeling, criminalization of garden seeds and much more. In all, the TPP hands over control of 80% of the U.S. economyto global monopolists, and the TPP is set up to enable those corporations to engage in virtually unlimited toxic chemical pollution, medical monopolization, the gutting of labor safety laws and much more.

Plus, did I mention the TPP will displace millions of American works as corporations outsource jobs to foreign workers? While corporations rake in the profits from new global powers, everyday American workers will lose their livelihoods and their jobs (not to mention their pensions).

Essentially, America just got sold out by people like Marco Rubio.

Great interview with Andrew Pontbriand of The Resistance Journals on the confederate flag, Charlesston shooting and the TPP below. Please listen! 

While was frantically deleting Confederate flag products from its website and everybody was going bat-crap insane over the 1970’s comedy TV series Dukes of Hazzard and its use of the so-called Confederate flag on a hot rod car, Republicans and the President were busy committing outright treason at the highest levels: surrendering American sovereignty and economically enslaving all of America’s future children.

And that’s the tragic irony of all this: While the political left falsely believed it was denouncing slavery by pressuring every online retailer and government entity to ban the Confederate flag, the U.S. Congress was busy enacting a whole new level of total economic enslavement for everyone, regardless of their skin color.

While ignorant “activists” ran around in mass hysteria, thinking they were banishing a symbol of enslavement to the history books, they were actually providing the necessary public distraction for quiet passage of the TPP’s fast-track authority.

In other words, they played right into the hands of the real slave masters: the globalist, monopolist corporations and their fascist government puppets who betray the People at every opportunity.

Believe me: These corporations don’t care about the skin color of their slave workers. They gladly enslave everyone, including you and me, if we’re stupid enough to allow our own elected representatives to forfeit America’s future (which they just did).

Screw the Confederate flag issue, folks: All Americans are now the “property” of multinational monopolist corporations that have turned national governments against their own people. The Confederate flag flap was merely a useful distraction to trick the population using political sleight of hand to fool everyone about the real agenda being pursued in Washington.

America is now officially a nation of slave workers beholden to multinational corporate interests. How does your silly flag outrage feel now?


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Check out our latest interview with Host of Redacted Tonight on RT, Lee Camp below

Source: AG News


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23 thoughts on “How Does Your Silly Flag Outrage Feel Now?

  1. This article, and comment thread are literally just fiction. You barely even use anything that is real. This entire page is nothing but hyperbole to get people scared….You are some of the worst among us, and your children will celebrate the day you are gone.

    We are a young country, but our far right, some of the most closed-minded, science-bashing, ignorant people that have ever walked this earth. I mean, your still flying a flag that was flown during battles against this nation. You want a cookie because your forefathers were on the wrong side of history, that’s fine, but don’t think you can rewrite history just because its easier. FYI, i literally didn’t mention racism, your flying a flag of a faction of states that broke off and attempted to bring down our country, and you want me to “respect” your “veteran” forefathers.

    Lastly, seriously, the whole conspiracy theory thing, I don’t think you understand our government even a little. Also the fact that this president has been hit more for his “knowledge” of the Constitution is hilarious. He fucking taught constitutional law at Harvard, But please, tell me how dumb he is, and how he is an “academic elite” as though that’s a fucking bad thing, Your all a fucking disgrace to all of us, not just Americans but literally all of us.

  2. Liberal (i.e., middle-of-the-road, or “conservative”) Dems joined with the majority of liberal (i.e., corporatist) Republicans to sell-out American sovereignty and democracy. What we need more of are economic conservatives like the chief TPP opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders.

  3. That’s the most rediculous article I’ve read in a long time. I admit, I quit reading part way through since it was so absurd. It mentions Congress passed something to allow Obama to approve the TPP. Does the author not realize Congress is now primarily Republican?? The last thing they are going to do is pass something that helps Obama or gives him power unless they agree with it. Also it’s the republicans that want to ship jobs overseas, they have always worked to benefit the large corporations as opposed to American workers. Republicans support large corporations and their profits, not American workers…that’s a fact.

  4. i’d rather be owned by corporations than the US government. It improves the chances of success of the revolution that’s going to eventually happen anyway.

    • So let me get this straight, you would rather be “owned” by a profit seeking institution which has zero budget for anything other than themselves, rather than a government institution which is setup to actually take care of a populace.

      Seriously, comments like this need to be lifted to the rafters and shouted from the rooftops. This is the type of actual insanity taking over middle America and ripping the Republican party to shreds. More people need to know that there are people that essentially would rather be slaves than citizens. This is the product of a plutocratic system.

  5. It is time for patriotic Americans to get together and establish a feasible plan to take back our country from the crooked politicians who have taken control of our nation. This cannot be allowed to continue much longer. Please…. someone act now!

    • Your not patriotic, your unhappy because you live in a democracy, perhaps you should try another form of government that allows less freedoms and forces people to live to your way of life.

      Also, your statement is hilarious when viewed with historical context of the last 16 years of American foreign policy.

  6. Some here think we’re dillusional? Just look at our governments track record. That is all I need to consider! We were sold out and will continue to be until WE do something about it. In order to do that, we need to NOT focus on smaller issues like the confederate flag and come together on the big issues, such as the TPP, and make our concerns heard! Our representatives get their pockets lined and have no fear of the American people because we haven’t been giving them something to fear. The media is NOT here to help us, it is a tool for fascism! Pull your head out please and quit making excuses for these horrible horrible people!

    • It’s not that I think your personally delusional, think of it more in terms of scale.

      Yes the TPP is a larger issue than the confederate flag, however, the fact that people are still fighting for their right to fly a battle flag of an enemy group that broke off and started a war with our nation is a larger issue.

      That being said, your hyperbole does tend to make an educated person lean towards delusional. perhaps more facts, less fluff and fear.

      Also learn what fascism means, words are there for a reason, they have meanings.

      • I do know what fascism is, it’s a government run by corporations. That IS what’s going on here. If you can’t see it, then that’s unfortunate!

  7. This article is absolute trash.

    First, the thing about the TPP is that we do not know what is in it. It was created in secret, and only Congresspeople and individuals with special permission may see it, and no one may take any notes while looking at it. Your claims that the TPP “outright surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations, handing them total global monopolies over labor practices, immigration, Big Pharma drug pricing, GMO food labeling, criminalization of garden seeds and much more”, “hands over control of 80% of the U.S. economy to global monopolists”, and “set[s] up to enable those corporations to engage in virtually unlimited toxic chemical pollution, medical monopolization, the gutting of labor safety laws and much more”, you are straight-up guessing what you believe/fear is in the trade arrangement. Plus, there have been a handful of reporters that have seen it and claimed the majority of the TPP is about internet regulation- not a mention?

    Second, the TPP was largely ignored by the public, before and after Charleston and the SCOTUS ruling. It was always going to be an issue out of the national public discourse because it is a complex international trade agreement- not a catalyzing, easily identifiable symbol like a flag representing a domestic issue. Assigning causality to its passage to these issues, or implying the government coordinated that shooting or the SCOTUS decisions to distract- absurd.

    Third, fast track will not allow Obama to “approve the TPP”. That is simply not what fast track is. Fast track allows the President to negotiate trade agreements, which are then sent to Congress to be voted on in a simple yes/no format with no opportunity for amendment.

    Fourth, your claim that “Essentially, America just got sold out by people like Marco Rubio.” is ridiculous. If you want to blame, blame the corporatist Dems who will vote for passage of the TAA and then against passage of the TPP, so they can tell their constituents they opposed it, but still get it passed like the party center wants. You just pick your least favorite politician and say, it’s guys “like him”? Weak.

    Fifth, you claim the ultimate result of the TPP will be “surrendering American sovereignty and economically enslaving all of America’s future children.” This is the most ridiculous claim of all. Do you think the most authoritative people in US economic and policy formulators and negotiators, the mo-fo’s responsible for designing and orchestrating this current neoliberal variation of colonialism, secretly created an agreement that must be passed without even being read, publicly released, or amended so that they could forfeit future US power? Nooooo. The people the TPP will contribute to economically enslaving are outside the US.

  8. I’ve been saying this all along, these mindless issues that keep our attention away from what really matters has been going on for a long time, and aided by the best possible group, the liberal media! Another culprit in this, clearly, are the liberal colleges and and school systems that have spent more time teaching our kids to kiss mexico’s ass than learn about our Constitution. My niece tells me that they barely touch on Paul Revere, the Revolutionary War and the true American patriots from our history. I wonder why. They shove all that political correctness down their throats, telling them this will make you a better person and the world a better place. Anybody seeing that, because I sure as hell am not. Oh, and let us not forget al sharpton, et al, that have made a living from chasing people down that may have dropped the “N” word, making millions while doing so and drawing your attention away. This has been coming a long time at a glacier’s pace, so slow that we never saw it coming as a whole. I don’t believe that this whole scam was obama’s idea, it’s too complicated for one man or even his cabinet to devise. Instead, I think this is a product of large group of men with as much or more power than most governments in the world and have been pulling the strings for a long, long time. I love this country and what it used to stand for, not what it’s become.
    PS~ non-capitalization was no mistake.

  9. That was a cheap shot at Rubio while it was a liberal democrat president administration that wanted this.

  10. No one ignored the TPP steamrolling. Blaming it’s passage on the Confederate Flag issue does nothing but belittle those of us who knew the TPP was a bad idea from the get go. Stick with the issue.

  11. Lol, this was in the news for the last half year, I love how people refuse to watch “main stream media” through distrust, then get all conspiracy focused when things (that have been matter of public debate for literally months now on all major channels) happen and because they have cut themselves off, it’s somehow a plot to hide shit from them.

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