Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants: Another Reason to Shun Vaccines


Why are autoimmune disorders on the rise in a big way? For several years, researchers have been sifting through evidence that might answer that question, and recently the pieces started coming together with the discovery of a condition known as autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA). Adjuvants are substances added to vaccines to increase the body’s immune response to them, but they may end up tipping the scale in favor of autoimmunity.

The search for answers began in way back in 1964, when vaccinated patients began reporting diverse symptoms following treatment with silicone. As reports of other autoimmune disorders in the vaccinated started cropping up, adjuvants became the prime suspects. When research documented the truth of these suspicions, the term autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants was born.

Gulf War syndrome, macrophagic myofasciitis syndrome, sick building syndrome, and post-vaccination syndrome are other disorders included under the ASIA diagnosis. Biomaterials other than silicone were also considered as triggering factors for the diagnosis when linked with previous exposure to a vaccine adjuvant.

The documenting of this diagnosis has been a sleeper, with virtually no mention of it in mainstream media.

One of the problems with vaccines is that adjuvants are challenging to develop because compounds that artificially stimulate strong immunity often induce significant neurotoxicity. Though questions about the safety of vaccines have persisted, it appears that more attention is paid to making them appear affective than is paid to making them safe.

Since the middle of the last century, the most widely used adjuvant in vaccines has been a form of aluminum salts known as alum. This was the only adjuvant used in the US until monophosphoryl lipid A was added in 2009. Aluminum has been linked to several disease states including Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. 


Adjuvants may be behind chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Late last year a study was published with the name of “Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia following immunization with the hepatitis B vaccine: another angle of the autoimmune (auto-inflammatory) syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA)”. The objective was to gather demographic and clinical characteristics of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and apply the criteria for ASIA to them with the goal of identifying common characteristics that may suggest an association between the diseases and the vaccine.

Each patient had received the hepatitis B vaccine between 1990 and 2008. None of the patients had CFS or fibromyalgia before receiving the vaccine. Most were female and the mean age was 28. Forty-two percent of patients completed the full series of hepatitis B vaccine even though they were experiencing negative effects at the time.

Not surprisingly, each of the 19 participants met the criteria to be diagnosed with ASIA. “This means that all individuals experienced inflammation that triggered immune injury from the vaccination and aluminum salts, and they developed CFS or FM after the Hep B shots”, said wellness expert Byron Richards.

Participants experienced multiple symptoms, including neurological, musculoskeletal, cognitive, memory, gastrointestinal and skin.

The study authors concluded that cases of CFS and fibromyalgia can be related to immunization as part of the ASIA syndrome. They cited three primary risk factors:

  • The appearance of adverse events during immunization

  • Autoimmune susceptibility (personal and family history)

  • Elevated levels of auto-antibodies

According to the CDC, all children should get their first dose of hepatitis B vaccine at birth and should have completed the vaccine series by 6 through 18 months of age. Yet according to Richards, even healthy young adults became diseased after receiving it. For him the study “demonstrated that the adjuvants and vaccine exposure took young healthy adults, most of whom did not have known autoimmune disorders, and tipped the scales into the chronic debilitating autoimmune disorders of CFS and fibromyalgia.”

Preventing vaccine injury

Not accepting vaccination is the best way to prevent vaccine injury. Remember that the participants in the study mentioned in this article were generally healthy before receiving the vaccinations and the adjuvant they contained. Following vaccinations their good health was gone, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

Normalize your own innate immunity and that of your children, and prevent the fire of autoimmunity from ever getting started by frequently eating such foods as garlic, homemade chicken soup, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and Brazil nuts.

Avoid antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals. Get plenty of exercise, fresh air and a good night’s sleep every night. Stay away from GMOs, foods containing artificial ingredients, foods grown with pesticides, and foods to which you are intolerant. Throw out antibacterial products such as hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. Clean your house with nothing but vinegar, lemon and baking soda, and clean your body without products containing ingredients you can’t pronounce. Get plenty of sunshine without the use of sunscreen. Drink kefir frequently and give it to your children. Kefir, a yogurt-like fermented beverage, promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut which are the sentinels of the immune system.

Richards recommends restoring antioxidant status with glutathione precursors, curcumin, lipoic acid, silymarin, coenzyme Q10, and omega 3 oils. These compounds help balance inflammation and immune activity. According to him, animal studies have shown that curcumin and coenzyme Q10 are beneficial in reducing adjuvant induced arthritis.

The media can make you think you’re some kind of troll if you don’t relish vaccines. But don’t let it lull you into complacency. Your entire future may be at stake.


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