Family Evicted Because Son Put Confederate Flag in Window

Are the overzealous PC Police at it again?

A Naples, Florida woman who has a 15 year old mentally disabled son came home one day to find out she was being evicted from her home. When she called the property management group that runs her complex, she was told it was because she had a Confederate Flag in her window.

From The Blaze:
Horta signed a new lease just two weeks ago, she told WBBH. Now she has less than 30 days to find her family a new place to live.
On the letter from Moore Property Management, the company said Horta has been “notified numerous times regarding the breaking of the rules” during the two years she’s lived in the development. But Horta told WBBH the incidents in question were minor and occurred during the first month she lived there.
“I haven’t received a letter since then,” she told the station.
WBBH contacted Moore Property Management, but the company had no comment.
“It’s not like every day somebody gets thrown out because you put up a flag,” Horta told WBBH. “I believe I’m owed an explanation.”
Watch the video here:


This is simply going too far. According to this woman, she hasn’t gotten any complaints from her Home Owners Association in almost 2 years (NOTE: Stay the hell away from HOAs – they are tyrants).

Even if these people aren’t allowed to have flags up (how un-American), the fact it was only up for a short time and removed shouldn’t be cause for eviction.
The PC Police are taking this Confederate Flag thing way too far. It’s not just symbolism anymore, they are actually hurting people because of their hateful ignorance.
Source: Orazz

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