Japanese Government Scheduled To Start Dumping Radioactive Water Into The Ocean


No one has ever dumped radioactive water into the ocean after decontamination.  The vaguely “decontaminated” water is planned to be released into the ocean beginning in September, 2015.

The green light was given by Fukushima fishing cooperative and overturns their original decision of “no.”  Things are drastic.  Scientists are frantically searching for a way to enter the reactor.  Reactor 1 core has, most likely, completely melted within its containment vessel.

The first drone that was sent in shut down after three hours of intense radiation; it was expected to last 10 hours.  The drone measured temperature as high as 26 Sieverts per hour, or Sv/h.  It was 26x greater than the level of 1 Sv/h they had predicted.  It is far more than toxic doses received by Loius Slotten and Harry K. Dollinger, both scientists killed by acute radiation accidents at Los Alamos in the 1940’s.

Here is some of the drone’s footage, including real-time statistics.


Radiation consist of a neutron bombardment that can disrupt or destroy DNA, causing other molecules to become isotopes which are, themselves, radioactive.  This chain reaction can cause cells to stop reproducing.

The Japanese government has not made readily available their methodology of water decontamination and has no idea if it’s safe to dump the water.  The world needs to focus on on Fukushima right now, because there is a solution and we can figure it out.







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