Maine Counties to Ban all Indoor and Outdoor Smoking, Including e-Cigarettes

smoking ban

Starting September 1st, Sagadahoc County, Maine will be smoke free and this includes e-cigarettes. Smoking will be banned on all outdoor property, parking lots and vehicles. This comes after Cumberland County banned all tobacco products including e-cigarettes.

They are saying this new law is being put into place to help people quit and to lessen the littering througout the counties. They are also saying it’s to cut down on 2nd hand smoke.

There are many people opposed to this new ban, rightfully so. Some of those opposed are saying you don’t have to share air with a smoker and the air is free. They are correct. This is nothing but another way for the state of Maine to generate revenue. It also brings another form of control.

Instead of taking on the real problem, which would be the cigarette companies who add toxic chemicals to their tobacco products, a small few have decided to take away more freedoms. What are they going to do now, use taxpayer dollars to create a new Cigarette Gestapo to patrol the streets of two counties in Maine?

Good luck enforcing this, Maine. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

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2 thoughts on “Maine Counties to Ban all Indoor and Outdoor Smoking, Including e-Cigarettes

  1. Corrupt government denying its criminal and treasonous actions revealing its loyal not to the people who bear their burden, but those allying itself with entities who promise to lift them up from the fate which lies in story for the majority under false claim of greater good and pitting one against another. If any reader should live in a state of “self-extinguishing” cigarette law, this adulteration adds to the toxicity of the tobacco combustion mandated by law or regulation allowed the force of law and contracted to business entities. Adulteration which should fall under the jurisdiction of FDA but is loop holed and as far as ATF is concerned, taxes are all that matter. The clean air fallacy of Maine as well as many other hypocritical liars, a question, how many millions of vehicles are taxed and accommodated for in those states do government tolerate toxic engine combustion in the name of commerce?

  2. I am a smoker and agreed that air is free. If I choose to smoke how is it your right to choose if I can or not? And where I am an adult and a free citizen of this country. I am not polluting anything more than people pollute this earth every day. I live in Cumberland County. And smoke outside daily.

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