McDonald’s Is Facing Its Final Days, According To Franchise Bosses


McDonald’s lovers could be facing their worst case scenario if one report is to be believed, after claims that the franchise could well be dying out.

Several of the franchise owners have made their concerns over CEO Steve Easterbrook’s turnaround plan known, claiming it will do more harm to the fast food company than good.

Their problem is that the core issues, such as food quality and the level of customer service is being overlooked, while things like the all-day breakfast are brought into stores.

UNILADs McDonalds Is Facing Its Final Days, According To Franchise Bosses image

The all-day breakfast seems to be causing most of the issues, with franchise owners claiming it goes against promises to simplify the menu, and takes too much time to cook.

One even went as far as to say they had been involved with the company since the 1970s and had never seen such useless leadership in all that time.

UNILADs McDonalds Is Facing Its Final Days, According To Franchise Bosses image

Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski said:

We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing.

Probably 30% of operators are insolvent.

That’s in addition to another franchise owner saying they are ‘jumping from one failed initiative to another’ and that they fear for the future of the business.

Clearly people are no longer loving it.

Source: Unilad

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6 thoughts on “McDonald’s Is Facing Its Final Days, According To Franchise Bosses

  1. I hate McDonalds and would love to see them close in my city Thunder Bay,Ontario Canada. It’s a drug hangout here. The washrooms are filthy. The food makes you sick. The fries are always cold. The customer service stinks! The only good thing is there milkshakes. Bring in more Arby’s and Wendy’s or a Harvey’s!

  2. Their customer service sucks, they have dirty bathrooms, they have nothing but teenagers working behind the counter, looking at you like what the hell do you want. They never give you hot food. The frys, you pay for large and they give you a medium. They still take your money and tell you to come back! Really?

  3. cant happen soon enough, I am sick of seeing the long line of stupid people waiting to by their chemically laden poisoned crap they call food.
    its the children who suffer the most from this crap, and for the damn convience of not having to bother to cook, they poison their own children.
    Good Riddance McDonald’s and I hope all the others follow their lead out the back door with a big foot up their asses.

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