MMA Fighter Paralyzed By Police, Will Never Fight Again


Tragic news is coming through on a young MMA Fighter who doctors say may never walk again following a run-in with local police.

According to reports, Donovan Duran, a promising Martial Artist was handcuffed than abused until paralyzed by the La Junta Police, in Colorado.

Officers responded to a call from Duran’s family stating that he was a drunk MMA Fighter, and the officers moved in under a drunk and disorderly violation. 

Duran is 24-years old.

As things like this go, Duran may never see the inside of a cage again, he had just made his professional debut in 2015, and now, according to the report, will likely never walk again.

In an official statement to local news the victim stated, “They tackled me to the floor.”

“They put all their pressure on top of me with their knees. They put their knee in my back. I can’t feel anything below my 
waist, I can’t stand on my own.”

“I finally started feeling weaker and weaker and my neck started hurting,”
said Duran.

“I knew something was wrong and I told them I couldn’t move. They didn’t believe me. The doctor lifted me up and I fell to the floor and my legs went in different directions.”

The report, via Copblock, also stated that there is no public record of any charges being filed against Duran.

Additionally, the The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has launched a probe into the matter, putting two of the three officers on desk duty while they investigate.

If there was any type of police brutality involved the officers will like be charged criminally for their actions.

Doctors have diagnosed the 24-year-old former fighter with a spinal injury, they’ve informed Duran that walking again is unlikely, and he’s even lost movement in his hands and fingers.

Let’s hope for the best in this situation for all parties involved.


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