The Oregon Militia Drops A New Wishlist After Rejecting Sheriff’s ‘Peaceful Resolution’ Offer


One of the results of the media ignoring the Oregon occupation (for days) is how the internet sort of took over, which is fitting because these guys were ripe for ribbing. They’re not a terribly organized bunch, so we were greeted with a wave of confusion and the internet’s thoughts on the militia’s plea for snacks. The media tried to take over coverage, but the internet held the reins and made #TarpMan a meme. PETA also smelled blood and delivered vegan jerky to the militiamen, which made the situation more absurd. 

Speaking of bizarre, Ammon Bundy and his pals are reportedly not getting along as a cohesive group. If true, it’s no wonder how #TarpMan would rather go home after Bundy said the militia intended to occupy the refuge for years. However, there’s a piece from Raw Story that reveals how one militant reportedly stole the group’s donations for drinking money.

Perhaps the reports of inner strife are exaggerated, but the group’s latest wishlist doesn’t fret about overstatement:

Morons List

For now, the core group is sticking together. Ammon Bundy and a few others met with Sheriff Dave Ward on Thursday. The sheriff extended an offer for safe passage (and “a peaceful resolution”) out of Oregon. Bundy rejected the offer in this video.

That’s not all. The group reportedly comes and goes at will. Some of the militants leave the refuge for hotels each night and eat at restaurants. Is this a real standoff? Perhaps. Oregon Live reports that reinforcements (the 3% of Idaho) arrived this weekend to seal off the refuge’s perimeter.

Source: Uproxx

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