22,000 Nurses Across America Refuse To Submit To Risky, Mandatory Vaccines


“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” These are the wise words of Ayn Rand, who at a young age witnessed the confiscation of her father’s business by Russia’s communist Bolshevik party. Rand was forced to flee with her family to Crimea, as their individual property rights were trampled upon by the collectivist vision of Russia’s Vladimir Lenin. 

Honoring the rights of the individual is the foundation of a free, moral and prosperous society. Today we hear a lot about granting minority rights to specific groups of people. While this makes for a great political campaign, it is completely unnecessary when we understand the value of honoring individual property rights from the start.

This means that a person owns their own body. Nobody else – no government, no corporation, not even a democratic majority shall violate the individual’s body. No entity shall harm, take from, or impede upon individual liberties. True law protects individual property rights, upholding the tenets of liberty.

Many laws signed today work in the opposite manner, restricting individual liberties, violating a person’s body. California’s SB-277 mandates that individual families be violated through forced “medication” of their children. Under the draconian law, in order to attend public schools, children are sentenced to being forcibly vaccinated against the parents’ will.

Children are not the property of pharmaceutical companies. They are not the property of the state. What goes into their bodies is the decision of their parents or guardians. Thus, restricting a family’s movement and interaction in public because they will not submit to mandatory “medicine,” is a direct violation of a person’s individual property rights. All mandatory vaccine laws should rightfully be challenged and struck down, because they infringe on an individual’s decision as to what goes into their body.

An individual’s decision to forego vaccines is a smart one

While many still believe that vaccines are a great way to pre-expose themselves to viruses to increase immunity, there are some that see how this retraining of the immune system can actually suppress their body’s long-term efficiency at fighting all viruses and harmful bacteria.

Viruses and bacteria are all around us, interacting. We may never be able to accurately measure how many times our bodies have been exposed to viruses and bacteria and built up natural immunity to certain strains. Stimulating immune response to specific vaccine virus strains using aluminum adjuvant, causes inflammation in the body and ultimately brain damage.

Every vaccine injection is a burden to the body because it contains aluminum and trace amounts of formaldehyde, which is cancer causing. They also contain antibiotics. Medical science is beginning to admit that antibiotics deplete the microbiome in the human intestines, wiping out beneficial bacteria species that protect the body long-term. And some flu shots still contain mercury, which is very dangerous.

This entire retraining of the immune system, especially in developing bodies, can apparently cause allergies, autoimmune problems and toxic metal overload at a young age. The influx of aluminum compounds from 49 vaccine doses before a child reaches age 6, may be the reason many have a hard time learning and behaving, as they fall into the autism spectrum.

Individual rights trump forced vaccine policies

What it all boils down to is this: If an individual determines they don’t want to vaccinate, then they should be free to make that decision. The individual does not need permission from a hospital, a doctor or the state, to decide what they do not want to put into their body. The same principle applies to the family. Children are not the property of the state or a doctor. They belong to their parents.

It doesn’t matter if the state wanted to forcibly give all people a beneficial nutritional supplement (like vitamin D) to boost their immunity. If the individual objected, that is their choice, and their choice should always be respected, not infringed upon.

It doesn’t matter if just one person refused to submit to toxic mandatory vaccines. Their body is their own, and they should not be forcibly injected against their will.

Thankfully, a grand awakening is beginning to occur. As hospital policies all across America try to force healthcare workers to submit to toxic injections, record numbers of nurses are rejecting the forceful policies.Over 22,000 nurses are risking losing their jobs as they refuse mandatory vaccines. Their courageous stand proves once and for all, that individual rights are the bedrock of a free, healthy, moral and prosperous society.

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The Authentic Enlightenment team welcomed Kory Muniz to the show. Kory is a high-profile Los Angeles activist, leading GMO free lecturer and eminent holistic health care provider in Southern California. The last name may be familiar to you, as she is the stepmother of Hollywood star Frankie Muniz. It’s a very informative interview, please listen and share 🙂 Kory Muniz GMO YT

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