Facebook Scam WARNING: Have YOU Been Targeted By This Shocking Con?


Facebook users are being targeted in a shocking new scam, where payday loans are taken out in their name – thanks to stolen details.

British social network users have had their accounts hacked, with crafty cyber-criminals then posting on the Facebook users’ timelines to trick their friends into revealing personal details. 

These details – including mobile phone numbers volunteered by friends – have been used to take-out payday loans.

These incidents date back to June 2014. The most recent scam was reported last month.

(UK) Northumbria Police highlighted the scam on their website, noting “never pass any personal details online to strangers.”

A number of other scams on Facebook have also been reported.Hacked Facebook accounts have been used to post adverts on their timeline about opportunities to earn money.The victim’s friends have seen the adverts and believing they have been posted from their friend they ‘like’ the post and message them about the advert.

They then get a message back, believing it is from their friend, but from the fraudsters and get their phone number from them.


Northumbria Police highlighted the scam to Facebook users


A man then makes contact and offers two ‘opportunities’.

The first is that he has a business that can obtain Government funding and he can claim money on their behalf and split the fund.

In the second he states that he has a mobile phone business and requires new phones to sell on.

In both schemes he asks the victim to obtain as many contract mobile phones as possible claiming his company will take over the contracts and asks for bank details so he can transfer funds to them, however, the funds are not transferred.

Police are warning people to be vigilant, if they receive similar requests check with the friend in person and not over Facebook.

Source: Conspiracy Club

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