Planet X? Seen From The ISS, Feb 9th and 10th 2016


This is looking from the rear camera so looking west. More west of the sun is seen in the morning where the objects rise first. On the second day, planets are seen with the Nibiru. 

February 9th 2016

Back in 1952 it was predicted to turn blue.

“It will first be seen as a reddish light, later turning to blue. After reaching the area of the large planetary bodies, it will encounter the repulsive force of the Sun, but in its rear it will then have the weight of large bodies, also imparting a force of repulsion to it in the opposite direction. The force of repulsion of the planets behind it, the light it gives off and its great mass will cause the present Sun to move further away from the magnetic center of our system. Then the two Suns will settle down in their new orbits, the one of greater mass and lesser light being nearer the center”

Source: LockLip

Click below to hear our interview with Planet X researcher Bob Fletcher

Planet X LIT

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