Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers To Rig Elections


It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. -Joseph Stalin

One thing in US history is consistent throughout every single election cycle — allegations of voter fraud. These allegations, however, are not the ramblings of a kook with tinfoil wrapped around his head, they are substantiated and reach as high as the Supreme Court. Don’t believe it? Ask Al Gore and George W. Bush. If you think that the ruling class would leave it up to the voters to decide who gets elected, you should think again. Every single candidate who actually challenges the status-quo becomes a target.  Continue reading

Your Vote And Why It Doesn’t Matter


Well the voting season is upon us. Of course right now it is only the primaries, but after hearing radio commentary and being a witness to the countless illogical and naive social media posts, along with countless articles by the lamestream media, I have decided I would do my own commentary. I do not have all day and night to be on Facebook or Twitter, and frankly I cannot understand how people have THAT much time on their hands. With that being said, I don’t even know where to start since there’s so much to all of this but I’m going to share my account with you in the shortest way possible.  Continue reading

Legendary Radio Host John B. Wells Talks JFK Conspiracy, Jade Helm, UFO’s, Flat Earth Theory & More

 Click the YouTube link below to listenJohn B Wells August

Host of Caravan to Midnight, actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster, John B. Wells finds the ancient sage advice of “concentrating on just one thing” to be true. His one thing: The Arts.

John is also an internationally renowned voice-over artist with credits ranging from serving as the announcer for CBS’ The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, to voicing promos for hit television shows like Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush to lending his voice to films like Oliver Stone’s JFK and Talk Radio, as well as the popular series Unsealed: Alien Files.

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A nun, a senior citizen, and a poll worker- busted

(CAV News) - If the headline sounds like a bad bar joke, that’s because it nearly is one. Instead, all three are being charged with voter/voting fraud.

Prosecutors in Ohio’s Hamiliton County allege that a poll worker of at least fourteen years is being charged for voting twice for herself, and several other times for relatives in various elections.

Poll worker, Melowese Richardson, could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted of illegal voting.

Russell Glossop, 75, is being charged with filing an absentee ballot on behalf of his deceased wife. I guess that would be considered an absentee ballot, literally. If he is convicted he faces up to 18 months in prison.

And finally our beloved Sister Marguerite Kloos, could face 18 months in prison for casting a ballot on behalf of a dead nun. She pleaded guilty and will cooperate.


Educating the President

(anti-war)It is interesting to note that while Americans elect a president based on their perception of what he will do to create jobs and lower taxes, the issues that seem to rise to the surface and demand attention are frequently related to foreign affairs. Witness how in the aftermath of the election there has been considerable focus on what happened in Benghazi nearly three months ago, most recently leading to demands for multiple congressional investigations. The Petraeus/Broadwell scandal also resonates because the general was the proponent of the spectacularly unsuccessful COIN policies in Iraq and Afghanistan who then parlayed his resume into being named Director of the CIA, the principal U.S. instrument for collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence.

And if that weren’t enough, the U.S. appears prepared to provide heavy weapons to the Syrian opposition while the question of whether or not to negotiate with Iran continues to hang in the air, though it will probably be rejected due to the usual domestic political considerations, which means AIPAC. U.S. client Israel is, as always, creating fresh crises obliging Washington to twist like a pretzel to demonstrate its love for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all his works. Tel Aviv’s latest surprises include initiating a new wave of targeted assassinations and air attacks on Gaza while threatening harsh reprisals including possible “regime change” against the Palestinians if they go ahead to seek observer status at the United Nations at the end of this month. The White House has already put the Palestinians on notice for the U.N. bid while immediately giving a pass to Israel’s bombing of Gaza, describing it as “self-defense.”

So the rest of the world is regularly in your face and it does matter even to those who try to tune it out. For those of us who try to understand the pickle that we are in, the defeat of Mitt Romney has been a victory of sorts as it is always possible for things to get worse. Romney was truly an empty suit on foreign policy and it should be assumed that he would have continued the worst parts of the Obama program while adding some particular enhancements of his own including more money for the Pentagon. His victory would have meant a return of the neocons to the front stage coupled with a more generally aggressive military-based posture overseas which could easily have led to a war with Iran and heightened tension with Russia and China. It would also have resulted in major donors like Sheldon Adelson having a voice in policy formulation relating to the Middle East.

Most of us who seek appropriate foreign and defense policies based on the traditional principles that the government should always serve clearly defined U.S. national interests while avoiding unnecessary interventionism overseas were disappointed at the Obama re-election but can plausibly today, on Thanksgiving day, lift a glass and toast the downfall of Mitt. But we should understand that now the task is to turn up the heat and try to reform Mr. Obama. I would suggest that a seeking-to-be-sane majority attempt to convince the president to alter course in the following ten areas to repair the horrible damage that has been done to the United States through its psychopathic foreign policy over the past eleven years:

  • The war on terror (also known as “overseas contingency operations”) is a pious fiction designed to justify intervention and regime change in Muslim majority countries. It has little to do with actual terror, which is a tactic. The White House should instead understand that not all Islamists are radicals and even radical Islamists are not necessarily terrorists who actually threaten the United States. The United States has a duty to respond effectively to those who wish to harm the American people but it also has to learn to live with political Islam, which will unite in hostility against the U.S. unless the basic perception of who the enemy is can be changed.
  • A transparent, all source loss vs. gain assessment must be made on drone attacks. It is not enough that the Pentagon and CIA assert that they are necessary while the Justice Department says that they are legal. In Pakistan the independent evidence suggests that drones make more new enemies than they succeed in killing and it is also clear that they destabilize the governments where they take place. Their use has been universally condemned by many governments, NGOs, human rights organizations and even by the U.N. but they have nevertheless increased in number under the current administration. Their efficacy as a counter-terrorism tool should be challenged and the government must make a clear case and establish firm guidelines to limit their use if they are to continue. Even better, the U.S. should unilaterally suspend the use of killer drones.
  • Asserting a right to kill people in foreign countries with only limited due process should be examined as part of the assessment of drone attacks, which are the weapons of choice. The constitutionality of killing American citizens overseas without a trial and without a chance to offer a defense should be challenged as a primary issue, but the killing of anyone without transparent judicial process and the justification of imminent threat should be determined to be unacceptable.
  • A realistic assessment of the situation in Afghanistan should be made, but not by going to the generals who will offer a predictable response. Independent observers and non-government sources should be free to describe the situation based on their own on-the-ground experience. Such a study would likely conclude that the attempted nation building is beyond repair and that a settlement that includes the Taliban as a party of government is inevitable, so serious negotiations to that end should become a sine qua non. Continued pledges of support for the corrupt Karzai government should be conditional on genuine reform and efforts to establish good governance.
  • The United States should finally embrace reality regarding Iran. It should openly state that Iran does not currently pose any serious threat to U.S. interests. It should accept that Iran is interested in getting out from under sanctions and Washington should agree to negotiate in good faith to reduce the punishment that is being inflicted commensurate with agreements by Iran to modify some worrisome aspects of its nuclear program, creating a step-by-step process. The threat to intervene military should be taken off the table and Israel should be informed that attacking an Iran that does not have nuclear weapons is not in the U.S. interest and will not be supported or in any way encouraged.
  • Israel should also be informed that its relationship with the United States will henceforth be the same as that maintained with any friendly nation. Annual subsidies for Israeli defense will cease and Washington will no longer damage its own interests by protecting Israel in international venues including the United Nations.
  • The government should admit that humanitarian interventionism under President Obama has not worked any better than preemptive attacks under President George W. Bush. The necessary lesson in that respect has been learned in Libya, which has become ungovernable and a source of weapons for genuine terrorists. Obama should also be encouraged to maintain his reticence over getting more heavily involved in Syria. He should tell Hillary Clinton to stop sermonizing.
  • Obama should recognize that Russia and China will only become actual enemies again if the United States continues to criticize and even intervene in their internal politics by supporting dissidents and democracy-promoting NGOs. The internal politics of any nation, unless there is negative impact on actual U.S. interests, have nothing to do with Washington and should be off limits.
  • End the war on drugs. Forty years is enough for an expensive and lethal program that has not stopped drug trafficking or use and has only destabilized America’s neighbor Mexico to such an extent that it has nearly become a failed state. Work out rational ways to deal with drug use as a medical condition and addiction without criminalizing tens of thousands of small scale offenders.
  • There should be a broad understanding within the government foreign policy team that preemption based on the potential or actual use of force has essentially failed to make Americans safer, has generated new enemies unnecessarily, and has nearly bankrupted the United States. A new foreign policy should be shaped that is commensurate with and responsive to actual U.S. interests worldwide. Large overseas presence in the form of military bases should be eschewed and scaled back in exchange for a less muscular policy that would be cheaper, more welcomed by potential friends overseas, and ultimately capable of making the United States itself more secure.

Breaking the Set: Cyber Pearl Harbor, Money & Politics, Kill Gays Bill, Term Limits

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks to RT Web producer Andrew Blake, and Founder of SSP Blue, Hemanshu Nigam, about Cybersecurity, and the continued push for new cyber-legislation. Abby then Highlights Luke Russert as the hero of the day for bring up the question of younger representation in congress, and calls out Rebecca Kadaga, for demanding new, outrageous penalties to the “crime” of being a homosexual in Uganda. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Director of Represent Us, Josh Silver, about the American Anti-Corruption Act, and the need for campaign finance reform and taking money out of politics.

Romney Doomed Himself by the Corrupt Tactics Used Against Ron Paul

(TargetFreedom)By cheating against Ron Paul, Mitt Romney won the nomination, but lost the election.

We have recorded videos of vote fraud, delegate intimidation, hidden and stolen votes. Even police power was being used to control our political process.

The duly elected delegates from Massachusetts, who would not vote for Romney, were SIMPLY UNSEATED AND REMOVED, and then replaced by other delegates, The duly elected Maine delegates were unseated, and replaced, after they had already traveled to Tampa. View:

Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Walked Out of Sham Republican Convention After Being Cheated

In several states, Romney hacks posed as Ron Paul supporters, and distributed fraudulent slates of delegates, who were misrepresented as Ron Paul supporters.

At the Louisiana GOP State Convention a properly elected 70 yr old handicapped delegate was attacked by police. His hip was broken, and he was taken away on a stretcher.

State and county conventions were shut down, without a motion to adjourn, when Ron Paul supporters were in the majority.

A bus circled the Tampa Convention Center THREE TIMES before finally letting the Ron Paul delegates off: too late to vote on a crucial issue! See Ben Swann’s Reality Check on the subject, which has actual tweets from delegates, who were held captive on the bus and prevented from voting!

Actual crimes have been committed in front of scores of witnesses with cameras. Yet no one has been prosecuted, because it was the power elite who were behind it.  Did you see any of these on TV?Perhaps you did see ONE this:

Video of RNC Teleprompter Showing Scripted Voting Results Before Voting Finished

This video was made on August 28, 2012 during the vote on the new controversial RNC rules. It shows the PREDETERMINED SCRIPT of the proceedings of the Republican National Convention, INCLUDING THE OUTCOME OF THE VOTING.  They refused to actually counts votes, but simply ruled that “the ayes have it” as the teleprompter instructed them to do.  This video leaves no doubt that the results of the voting were decided in advance on the convention.






Congratulations Romney supporters, you just DESTROYED the Republican Party and facilitated the end of America. This is the day when the banksters quit hiding the fact that they choose our presidents, and that the American people have no say in it. The GOP lost the election by demonstrating utter corruption. They have no one to blame but themselves. Unless the people forget what they have seen the GOP lost EVERY FUTURE election with this reprehensible corruption.




So what do you do when you find out that you are in a game that is rigged?

Do you keep playing and throw your support behind the one who cheated you?

Cheat me once, shame on you.

Cheat me twice, shame on ME.



Watch this: Romney Obama the Same? TWEEDLEDEE OR TWEEDLEDUM?

10 min. video comparing side by side the words and political stances of Republican and Democratic presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.


Includes topics like universal health care, gun rights, energy, NDAA, the Patriot Act, Iran, sanctions, economic stimulus. bank and auto bailouts, civil rights, TARP, the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, campaign donations, and more.



Yes, they are identical on every issue, sometimes word for word, like they are both reading from the same teleprompter. We will never know if Ron could have beaten Obama, but he would have been far closer to than Mitt. The numbers speak for themselves. The republicans treated Ron with utter contempt and they have paid the price. I did not vote for either Obama or Romney so can sleep well. Romney doomed himself by excluding Ron.


The article below looks to Rand as a future hope. This is not clear. His support of Mitt Romney and his distance from Ron Paul has lost him his support in the Ron Paul movement. We need a new Republican with Ron Paul’s ideas to take the lead. The Party as we knew it is dead or, at least on life support.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano and Jessie Ventura Candidacy in 2016 looks much better. The RNC can reap what they have sown.

They thought that we would fall for the old scam about “the lesser of two evils”. After all of the criminal treachery that we saw, we were not able to decide EXACTLY WHO WAS “the lesser of two evils”.

You Decide


The Ron Paul Effect made Mitt Romney Lose the Election

After studying the election results, there is one glaring fact the Republican Party failed to understand: The Ron Paul Effect.

The article below explains exactly what I mean. Long story short, Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment lost on Election Day because they lost libertarian and conservative voters. More importantly, this illustrates why Sen. Rand Paul makes for a very formidable presidential candidate in 2016.



Should Sen. Rand Paul decide to run, he can win. But to win, you and I must build an enormously strong infrastructure — YAL is laying that foundation now.

The Ron Paul Effect: How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters

By disenfranchising Ron Paul supporters, Mitt Romney won the primary but lost the election.
New analysis reveals that in no less than five states, Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in the general election was less than the number of votes received by Ron Paul in that state’s primary.

State Obama Votes Romney Votes Romney Loss Margin Paul Primary Votes Electoral Votes
128,251 120,637 7,614 8,032 7
4,141,618 4,094,952 46,666 117,461 29
New Hampshire
366,089 325,668 40,421 56,872 4
2,691,861 2,584,620 107,241 113,256 18
1,868,191 1,767,692 100,499 107,451 13

In Florida, for example, Obama defeated Romney by 46,000 votes; meanwhile, Ron Paul received over 117,000 votes in the primary. If only 40% of these Ron Paul Republicans stayed home on Election Day, it would have been enough to cost Romney the state and its 29 electoral votes.
A similar case can be made for Connecticut, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia. Along with Florida, these five states account for a whopping 71 Electoral College votes. Remember that Obama earned 332 electoral votes compared to Romney’s 206. Had Romney won these five states, they would have been sufficient to give him a narrow 277-261 victory over the President.
Admittedly, the number of Paul votes and Romney’s loss margin are closer in the other four states than they are in Florida. In New Hampshire, 71% of Paul votes are needed to make up the margin, while in Ohio and Virginia, that number is closer to 95%.
The picture becomes clearer, however, when we remember that the number of Paul primary votes is almost certainly an underestimate of the number of Paul supporters in a given state. Given the reluctance of many socially liberal, fiscally conservative Ron Paul supporters to participate in a Republican primary, analysts have estimated a multiplier of at least threefold in closed primary states.
What does this mean? Given two conservative assumptions – that the number of Paul supporters in these five states is at least double the number of Paul primary votes, and that 40% of these Paul voters stayed home on Election Day – we have a strong case for stating that Mitt Romney would have won the election had he earned the votes of these Ron Paul supporters.
When Ron Paul went to the Republican National Convention in August, he brought with him the youngest delegation in the history of the Republican Party.
How were they welcomed? When they arrived, their signs were confiscated and torn up before their eyes. The Maine delegation was summarily unseated and sent home because they contained too many Paul supporters. At the last minute, the Rules Committee changed the ballot access requirement from five states to eight states to prevent Ron Paul’s name from being entered into nomination. They even prevented his name from being mentioned from the podium!
The establishment’s abominable treatment of Ron Paul supporters at the RNC was only the culmination of a corrupt and shameful primary season. In 
Louisiana, Ron Paul delegates were arrested when it became clear that they were in the majority at the state convention. In Arizona, desperate party bosses turned off the lights at the state convention to prevent Ron Paul supporters from being elected to a party position. In both Maine and Nevada, Romney campaign officials were caught distributing fake delegate slates. In Missouri, police were called to shut down the St. Charles caucus when a Ron Paul victory appeared imminent.
“It’s a shame the party hasn’t been more welcoming of these young people,” confessed a Romney delegate to me at the RNC.
In Mitt Romney’s crushing defeat at the hands of President Obama, it appears the Republican Party’s chickens may finally have come home to roost. Instead of welcoming the passion and dedication of the Ron Paul movement, the party chose to alienate an entire generation of young Republicans, scorning the sensible message of limited government and non-interventionist foreign policy.
As Republicans nationwide prepare themselves for four more years of President Obama, they would do well to ask themselves what they might have done differently. One can only wonder whether the party will learn the lessons of 2012 in time for the election of 2016.


To see all of the videos on channel johnperna2 click here:

You can watch in three different formats: 1. In the “playlist” which gives the smallest screen, but provides a scrolling selection. 2. Individually, which gives a larger screen, but does not provide a scrolling selection. 3. TO WATCH IN FULL SCREEN, CLICK ON ICON IN LOWER RIGHT CORNER


Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines




Video of RNC Teleprompter Showing Results of Scripted Voting Before Voting Finished



Dudley Brown on 2012 RNC Change to Rules


RNC Sham 2012 Corruption Beyond Belief


Outrages While Polling the State Delegates at the RNC Convention 8-28-12


Ron Paul Delegate Assaulted by Shreveport Police at LAGOP State Convention – Broken Hip


Ron Paul Supporters Show evidence of Election fraud to Ben Swann


Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates Walked Out of Sham Republican Convention After Being Cheated


LA GOP Ousted Rules Committee Chairman calls Security to Remove Opponents


RNC: Assembly of Fraudulently Selected Delegates


Romney Should be Disqualified for Election Fraud


Paul Ryan Has Constituents Arrested for Dissent


RNC Delegates and Plaintiffs with Lawyers for Ron Paul – National Conference Call Part 2


RNC Delegates and Plaintiffs with Lawyers for Ron Paul –

National Conference Call Part 1



Lawyers For Ron Paul Civil Rights (Voting Rights) Lawsuit FAQ


Assaulted Ron Paul Chair Responds After Release From Hospital



Freedom or Slavery? Understand your choice and your duty.



Walking Out of SC Republican convention 5-16-2009


Railroading at SC Republican convention 5-16-2009

Do not jump to the conclusion that Republicans are behind the election fraud, and then ask why is Obama still president? Vote fraud is not just in one party. It is a function of the New World Order elites who CONTROL BOTH PARTIES. The New World Order banksters choose the candidates in BOTH PARTIES. Then they choose which one will win. Goal is to protect the puppets of the banksters in both parties. What they DO NOT want is anyone who will stand up to the industrial military bankster complex. So what can we do about this?

View the Consciousness Message from V for Vendetta:

I TOOK The Pledge The Message of V  — Non-Participation

I did not support any Republican who did not support Ron Paul. I did not participate in any campaign for, contribute money to, support anyone who did not publicly support Ron Paul for President of the United States.











Gary Johnson’s Speech at THE RON PAUL Fest Tampa 08-25-12

Please Vote- And Vote For What You Really Believe.
An election is not a horse race, where you can gain
by predicting the winner.
An election is your chance to tell the government
what you really want.
The lessor of two evils, is still evil.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph,
is for good people to do nothing.
When good people support evil,
then evil triumphs much more quickly.
You do not become a winner,
because you supported the winner.
You become a winner,
because the winner supports what you believe.
Support what you really believe.
Do not support what you disagree with;
because you fear something else.
Voting for evil is throwing your vote away.
Politicians take polls, and; at election time,
they always say, that they will do,
what the people want them to do.
The people keep telling the politicians the same message:
Every poll and word that the people speak says:
“We want lower taxes and less government.” and
“We want the government off of our backs,
and out of our pocket books.”
Most people understand that
“lower taxes and less government”,
must both come together.
We know that the Politicians are hearing what we say,
because they do such a good job of repeating it back to us…
Power goes back and forth
between Republicans and Democrats,
but government just keeps getting larger and more expensive,
and more oppressive.
It is better to vote for what you want and not get it
than it is to vote for what you don’t want and get it.
Send a “wake up call”
to the liars;
who think that their “tax and spend” program has no REAL
Let’s send them a message.
Visualize world freedom.   Thomas Jefferson said:
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”   I add to this:
“The battle for freedom is never won, and is never lost.
The battle for freedom always continues.
It is never too late, and it is never soon enough, to defend freedom.
No matter how enslaved we are, we always have hope.
No matter how free we are we are never safe.
Any generation that fails to defend freedom will lose it.
The next generation will have to shed blood to gain it back”
John Perna   When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes slavery at certainty.
John Perna
Watch the rest of the videos on this channel to make this a clear.
johnperna2’s channel:


The Shadows of Power by James Perloff

Hugo Chavez to Obama: Stop Invading Countries, Focus on Your Country’s Social Woes

Chavez slams “superelite” that exploits US

(CommonDreams)Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez on Thursday urged newly re-elected President Obama to “stop invading” other countries and “think about his own country” which suffers from social and economic problems.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaking about Obama’s reelection.Chavez made the comments during a cabinet council meeting broadcast on the state channel, VTV.

“President Obama has been reelected.  Hopefully he and his government reflect, first about their country, which, unfortunately, has plenty of economic and social problems,” said Chavez.

“It is a divided country… [It has] poverty that grows every day, misery and an elite, a superelite, that exploits the country and society, and even poisons it, tricks it and manipulates it through a media war,” he added.

Because of this, Chavez urged Obama to “dedicate himself to governing his own country and stop invading and destabilizing countries.”

In October Chavez won his third re-election and vowed to pursue more socialism.

Ron Paul Would Not Have Won

ron paul time(DailyPaul) #1 — He lost (that’s why he wouldn’t have won)

#2 — Most people voted Obama or Romney owing to which one they found most charming, manly, virile, articulate or attractive. There has not been a president who won the office for any other reason (then one or all of those) in a very long time (pre-Kennedy).

#3 — Ron Paul would not have won because his talking points are way-way-way over people’s heads. All living Great Grandparents learned “big gov’t” economics and politics growing up (let alone their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren). There has not been a national “small gov’t” president (beyond rhetoric) since Taft and Coolidge.

Reagan was a “rhetoric small-gov’t” politician — always big gov’t.

#4 — Less than 10% of the people who vote could articulate (beyond one or two talking points) “why” they’d vote RP over Obama — Don’t worry because they can’t remember a lick of what Obama says beyond the 30 sec sound bites.

Just watch interviews when the “average American” talks about why they voted Obama or Romney — “he’s for hope” — “he’s for small businesses (I’m a small business owner)” — “he helps immigrants”

The savviest of them might say “the economy is better (can’t explain why)” and if they are pro-Romney might say “the economy is worse (can’t articulate why beyond saying “jobless rate is up”).

Voting and Lobbying (AS I’VE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS NOW) is: An Abdication of Consumer-Sovereignty (a circumvention of consumer-rule) and An attempt at Bribing the future voting trend of said elected one.

Abdication — Bribery

How can you get liberty from that — You can’t answer it (beyond a sound bite) whether you agree with it or not.

We live in an era that is driven by fear (fear of the unknown) and we want assurances that our progeny will carry on (right-seeking / guarantees).

Now you could have a Transition Gov’t I’ve articulated and enumerated all the points and conventions of such a system.

But it must have two absolutes:

1) A 1,000 person voting class (a rotating class of highly qualified voters whose reputations would be tarnished if they picked the wrong team).

2) The Federal and State elected “teams” could only serve one-term and were paid solely based on innovation and savings (better services at lower costs).

Since most DPers wont agree to that type of gov’t I have little hope of having anything other than what we have now going forward.

The World Gov’t is pushing toward world-hegemony — all men created equal and thus have an equal share of the pie (less the elitist rulers at the top).

America enters “Post-Democracy”

(GlobalResearch)In many states, November 6 was a good day for blue and identity politics, but said nothing about big national issues of war vs. peace; Wall Street vs. Main Street; Constitutional rights vs. restrictions; Democracy vs. Oligarchy. It said nothing because nothing was said about these issues by either candidate for President or by the media. The debate was over degrees of pain to inflict through austerity, to inflict on other nations through expanding wars, on how to insure future funding of the military machine unleashed abroad and soon, no doubt, to be used at home. Your Street, Your Constitution, Your Civil Liberties, Your Democracy are not subjects for debate any longer – or for mentioning.

We are entering post-Democracy.

obama3wAmerican University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate put 2012 voter turnout at 57.5% of all eligible voters, compared to 62.3% who voted in 2008 and 60.4% who cast ballots in 2004. In 2000, the turnout rate was 54.2%. Some analysts claimed 2012 turnout numbers were lower. Viewed another way, approximately 90 million eligible voters did not vote. “This is one of those rare elections in which turnout in every state in the nation went down,” said Center Director, Curtis Gans. On the other side of the geopolitical chessboard, PressTV presented slightly lower numbers, “Latest figures show that 117 million Americans, less than 50 percent of the eligible voters, have taken part in the presidential polls,” claimed the wire service. Whatever the final figure, when voter absenteeism reaches 50%, Democracy is naught and Oligarchy (or plutocracy) is entrenched. Once lost, it would require another Revolutionary War to regain. Yet, many voters, already discouraged, were urged to “stay home” by fringe writers at politically connected web sites.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama offered the nation “real change” from the policies of George Bush. Once elected, the President continued and expanded “endless war”; endless Gitmo, endless violations of civil liberties; unlawful attacks on Constitutional guarantees; domination of government branches by the executive; endless bail-outs of banks; a seamless and totalitarian government-corporate spying and surveillance system sweeping all Americans; initiated state-sponsored extrajudicial assassination programs; further enriched billionaires; and now has placed on the alter for slaughter Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and entitlements. Mr. Obama’s coming “Grand Bargain” with the GOP is nothing more than a well-orchestrated stage play that any theatre critic would pan for lack of realism. Its authors reach back to Paul Ryan, a declared enemy of human welfare and social services spending and proponent of Ayn Rand Libertarianism, though he champions his religious credentials and theocratic leanings. But for an audience wearing rose-colored glasses or drinking toxins from polarized news venues that only report news favorable to one Party or another, the stage setting for this battle over deficit reduction will look real and the acting convincing. But the faux-battle might not last long. Recent political history has shown that the fastest scripts – like the Patriot Act – can be made law overnight given the right combination of threats, enemies, fears, collusion and plain old lies. (Nor would anyone want to delay this premeditated plan hatched months ago by the bipartisan back-room “Gang of Eight”, and already agreed to by both political parties, and have it ruin Thanksgiving dinner or impact Christmas sales. I expect it to be finalized with the speed of a Karl Rove “surge”.)

President Obama is often accused of taking away with one hand a thing most valued, and returning a fig leaf to the loser with the other hand. I wish to correct this: President Obama, a center-Right closet Republican, every bit a loyal neocon and neoliberal, isn’t throwing fig leaves. BARACK OBAMA IS THE FIG LEAF thrown to the people by forces that constitute and control this nation’s finance, wealth, government, multinationals and military. Mr. Obama’s performance for them in his first four years was remarkable. (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.)

Austerity programs (a.k.a.”structural adjustments”) in the US will be, no doubt, like those imposed on EU periphery countries and the UK (resulting in gradually increasing civil unrest, further economic decline, and losses to Democracy). Under the smokescreen of deficit reductions, America’s own home-grown “troika” – Wall Street/Corporate America/Pentagon – will continue to mount an Oligarchy – an anathema to Democracy. President Obama and those now in Congress have not served to stop the forward movement of this threat. Dems/Libs/Progs remain blinded by Mr. Obama while the multitudinous Right-to-ultra-Right cells and parties have reasons to silently cheer a coming system offering them an even greater portion of the national wealth pie. President Obama will fail to protect seniors, the disabled, the poor and the unemployed, while shielding Wall Street from prosecution, enriching billionaires, expanding wars and enlarging the security state at home.

The Dems/Libs/Progs long-ago abandoned their anti-Bush positions to blindly support the very same Bush/Cheney policies and actions when authorized by President Obama. Hypocrisy! Open for debate is whether the President is and has been acting 1) with intentional deceit; 2) from manipulation; 3) blinded by naiveté, self-interest or narcissism; 4) other; 5) a combination. Nonetheless, had Barack Obama been George W. Bush, he would have been impeached. Instead, the President radicalized the entire nation to the Right! This will be his legacy.

There can be no up without a down; no hot without a cold; no Right without a Left. To date, the Left in America has been made invisible by government and media suppression, yet it exists. In its apparent absence, the Right has transformed a middle-Right politician named Barack Obama into a Socialist (suggesting a rewrite of all dictionaries and textbooks and the invention of another name for a Socialist). The RGB color palette shown on TV, Netflix and computer screens across America consists of one primary-color only, instead of three: RED. Were the full color-spectrum revealed, the American political illusion called a two-party system (Left and Right) would immediately dissolve. Measured against any other time or period in its history, America is thoroughly right-wing today.

What does the future hold? For many states like Maine that has voted to turn its legislature from solid red to solid blue overnight and isolate its Tea Party Governor in the process, a hope is to return to rational and civilized government. For the nation: more of the status quo — triply amplified, triply contentious, triply chaotic and triply combative. America’s eleven-year love affair with interfering with, invading and occupying sovereign nations will come home now. America, itself, will become “occupied”. The great laws of Karma, of the Christian sowing and reaping, of the secularist “What goes around comes around,” will yet be seen as valid, and acknowledged.

In less than ten years, there will be a new America, a better America.

But she must first go through the fire.

The Ron Paul Effect: How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters

By disenfranchising Ron Paul supporters, Mitt Romney won the primary but lost the election.

New analysis reveals that in no less than five states, Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in the general election was less than the number of votes received by Ron Paul in that state’s primary.

State Obama Votes Romney Votes Romney Loss Margin Paul Primary Votes Electoral Votes
Connecticut 128,251 120,637 7,614 8,032 7
Florida 4,141,618 4,094,952 46,666 117,461 29
New Hampshire 366,089 325,668 40,421 56,872 4
Ohio 2,691,861 2,584,620 107,241 113,256 18
Virginia 1,868,191 1,767,692 100,499 107,451 13

In Florida, for example, Obama defeated Romney by 46,000 votes; meanwhile, Ron Paul received over 117,000 votes in the primary. If only 40% of these Ron Paul Republicans stayed home on Election Day, it would have been enough to cost Romney the state and its 29 electoral votes.

A similar case can be made for Connecticut, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia. Along with Florida, these five states account for a whopping 71 Electoral College votes. Remember that Obama earned 332 electoral votes compared to Romney’s 206. Had Romney won these five states, they would have been sufficient to give him a narrow 277-261 victory over the President.

Admittedly, the number of Paul votes and Romney’s loss margin are closer in the other four states than they are in Florida. In New Hampshire, 71% of Paul votes are needed to make up the margin, while in Ohio and Virginia, that number is closer to 95%.

Ron Paul Won’t Go Quietly

Americans haven’t heard the last of libertarian icon Ron Paul.

The former Republican presidential candidate, who inspired the most passionate followers of anyone in the 2012 race, says he will continue spreading the word about the need for less government, lower taxes, and fewer U.S. military interventions abroad.

[GALLERY: 100 Years of Presidential Races]

Paul, a longtime Republican U.S. representative from Texas, didn’t seek re-election this year.

“I think people had enough of me,” the 77-year-old congressman told Bloomberg Television. “I do not have much confidence in the political system and never did. My goal has always been to change people’s minds because as long as people demand more government, they will get it. Government reflects the people. That is why I am excited to go to college campuses and I will continue to do that. That’s where I will get a lot of support.”

Paul added: “We’re so far gone. We’re over the cliff. We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next five [or] 10 years who will do the wise things.”

After the Republican National Convention last summer, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee, tried to appeal to Paul’s libertarian-oriented army during the general election campaign but had limited success.

[READ: Ken Walsh: Gary Johnson: Obama, Romney Are Tweedledum and Tweedledee]

Paul said Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “was hit because … one issue he was correct on, he opposed the [auto industry] bailouts, and the people in the Midwest voted against him: ‘Oh, we have to be taken care of.'”

Election 2012: Ron Paul’s Revenge!

A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul displays a Ron Paul poster after the Chairman of the Republican National Convention (RNC) Reince Priebus gaveled the convention to order at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, on August 27, 2012. (AFP Photo/Stan Honda)

(Antiwar)What’s particularly nervy — galling, really — about the idea that the US ought to be spreading ourdemocratic system across the globe is the fact that we don’t have anything close to democracy in this country. Nor do we have what the Founders intended to create: a republic, where the power of the state is limited by the Constitution. This is underscored every time Americans go to the polls, where they are confronted with “choices” determined by lawmakers whose chief interest in life is getting reelected with as little opposition as possible. These guardians of the polity have made it virtually impossible for so-called third parties — i.e. parties not controlled by corporate interests and foreign lobbyists — to even get on the ballot.

And if you don’t like this state of affairs, and take action, the State will smack you right in the face. Take the case of Richard Winger, the third party expert and political analyst, editor of Ballot Access News, who, together with other interested parties, sued the state of California so that all candidates would have an equal right to show their party label on the ballot. With the passage of an “open primary” law, which effectively abolished third parties, California’s third party candidates couldn’t even identify themselves on the ballot. The lawsuit failed, however, and the judge ruled that the plaintiffs had to pay the court costs of the big corporate moneybags who had sponsored the “open primary” legislation to being with. Winger and his fellow third partiers got a bill for $243,279.50.

Isn’t “democracy” wonderful?

Well, no, it isn’t, not the current American version, which merely serves to legitimize — in a “legal” sense, at any rate — what is in reality an oligarchy. As this election season dramatized once again, the differences between the two state-subsidized state-privileged “parties” is chiefly rhetorical: this came through loud and clear during the Obama/Romney foreign policy “debate,” but it’s true on domestic issues as well. The bipartisan consensus is clear: maintain the Welfare-Warfare State pretty much as it has existed since the New Deal, with allowances made for trimming around the edges here and there. No matter who wins this election, the victor will have to impose a program of “austerity,” i.e. burdening the lower and middle classes with new taxes and program cuts, while granting new opportunities for corruption and cronyism to the political class and the oligarchs, foreign as well as domestic.

Libertarians are not small-‘d’ democrats: we don’t believe in the efficacy or legitimacy of the system — but we don’t (or shouldn’t) disdain it. For this is the one concession an otherwise authoritarian-minded political class must make in order to continue their system of “legalized” thievery and mass murder. They must ask, if only symbolically, for the consent of the governed — what Ayn Rand called “the sanction of the victim.”

But we don’t have to be victims: we can utilize this chink in the armor of the State to drive a stake through its rotten heart — because any and all weapons in the battle for liberty must be in our arsenal. Yet we also should have no illusions: everyone saw how the GOP leadership, in league with the Romneyites, stole a good half of Ron Paul’s delegates to the national convention. It was such a brazen display of thievery that the Republican governor of Maine — where arguably the most egregious rip-off took place — refused to attend the Tampa coronation.

And it isn’t just about the Paulians. Every dissident tendency in the country has been silenced by repressive ballot access laws which give the oligarchic parties ample “legal” ammunition to keep outsiders off the ballot. Previously, Democratic party lawyers practically followed Ralph Nader around the country as he tried to attain ballot status, suing to keep him off as soon as he qualified and all too often succeeding. The Republicans targeted Gary Johnson in the same way this year. A more disgusting display of “legal” repression” has never even occurred in such bastions of “democratic” authoritarianism as Belarus and Putin’s Russia. Indeed, it is easier for a political party to attain national ballot status in Russia today than it is for the Libertarian party or the Green party to get on the ballot in, say, Pennsylvania.

Congressional districts are so gerrymandered into shapes which give the incumbent a job for life that we might as well make the office appointive, or even hereditary. That way, the American political class can confer on itself all the titled magnificence and glitz of its model and progenitor: the British aristocracy.

In the face of a steady assault of election spending legislation attempting to limit contributions, and requiring all kinds of “disclosure” — conceivably subjecting donors to official retribution — the near invincibility of incumbency is a fact of American political life in much of the country.

The War Party has two wings: the Democrats and the Republicans. All others are outsiders, whose ability to storm the gates is “legally” restricted by a nearly impassable series of bureaucratic obstacles designed to keep them out while still maintaining the “democratic” illusion, i.e. the phony two-party system, which is in reality a single entity.

It is a delicate operation, in the course of which the political class must walk a fine line between repression and allowing some degree of free expression. This year how that line is drawn, and who draws it, is going to make a big difference — and perhaps a decisive one.

There’s nothing like an election to show up the essential fraudulence of the democratic system, particularly how it’s practiced in America. Nothing makes this point clearer than the Republican voter suppression campaign, which is designed to keep African-Americans, Latinos, and others from voting. Aside from the ugly racial implications of this deplorable effort, one can kind of see the Republicans’ point: after all, with a candidate so widely and intensely disliked, even by his own supporters, what else can they try? Asking people for all kinds of identification at the polls, and putting partisan zealots on guard asking people to identify themselves, is straight out hooliganism. Did you think the Romneyites were above that?

As I write, we don’t know who will win this presidential election, but I made my prediction long ago and I’m sticking to it. I even half-seriously averred that, by nominating a complete nonentity, the Republicans were deliberately throwing the election. Romney’s candidacy postponed the ideological blood feud that’s going to break out when he goes down to a well-earned defeat, but the Karl Rove/Fox News grand poobahs of the GOP can’t delay it indefinitely. Just add the Ron Paul vote to the Republican column, the day after the President declares victory, and see what you come up with. Most of Paul’s voters stayed home on election day, or else voted for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian standard-bearer this time around.

And that, I predict, will make all the difference.

When the President spoke of voting as “revenge” the other day, the wimpish girlish Republicans immediately started up a chorus of whining — one reason why they’re such losers, and why they deserve to lose.

Yet I was heartened to hear Obama say it, not only because revenge is such a major (albeit unacknowledged) factor in politics, but because it’s particularly appropriate this election year, and even more so from my own ideological perspective.

Because what we’ll see, this Election Day, might justifiably be called Ron Paul’s revenge, and, as Ralph Cramden would put it:

“How sweet it is!”

Okay, I’m posting this on Election Day, before the results are in: tune in here for an update after we know who won, and by how much, to see me either exult in the sheer accuracy of my prophecy, or else eat crow.

Update: It’s 8:13 pm PST, and the President has been reelected. Once again, the neocons have dragged the GOP down to defeat. Netanyahu placed his bet on the wrong horse. In spite of soaring unemployment, a collapsing economy, and widespread disenchantment with the incumbent, the Republicans still managed to lose.


Conservatives will claim it’s because Romney stood for nothing — and that’s true in terms of domestic policy. He reversed himself on every major domestic issue, from health care to abortion and tax policy. But on foreign policy he did stand for something: a huge increase in the military budget in spite of our looming bankruptcy, unconditional support for Israel on each and every issue, and war with Iran. This was the main dividing line between the Ron Paulians and the Romneyites, and the main reason why no endorsement from Paul (the elder) was forthcoming. Given the closeness of the election in several key states, particularly Ohio — the state that put the President over the top — support from Paul’s voters would have made the difference. Ron got over 113,000 votes there in the GOP primary.

And that made all the difference.

It’s Official: Liberals and Conservatives Becoming Zombies

In the wake of the 2012 Presidential election, the expected gloating over Obama’s victory and sulking over Romney’s defeat by their respective supporters is taking its typical turn toward the absurd, at least for those who are aware of the true lack of choice that was presented in this election.

As every other failed presidential campaign in history has done, the Romney camp will soon come to grips with their loss. The Obama camp, however, will now be presented with four more years of a President who has been and will continue to be identical to the President they claimed to have hated for so many years.

As Obama continues to execute, for another four years, the very same policies implemented by Bush (and by Romney had he been elected), individuals who call themselves “liberals” or “progressives” will be faced with the challenge of defending what they perceive to be “their candidate” irrespective of reality, facts, and common sense.

Like the first four years, self-proclaimed progressives will continue to support the wholesale slaughter of innocent people in foreign countries, indefinite detentionbanker bailoutsfree trade, and a gross violation of civil liberties and Constitutional rights. While these very acts were once what liberals claimed was fueling their hatred of George W. Bush, it turns out that what passes for a progressive in 2012 is a rejection of war and totalitarianism directed by Republicans – not war and totalitarianism itself.

Indeed, when asking your average Obama fan their reason for such irrational support, one can scarcely receive an answer that does not have its root in false and divisive social paradigms such as his party, his race, or his age. Simply put, Obama supporters main reason for their allegiance to Barack Obama can be boiled down to two words – “He’s Obama!”
Even so, when Obama was first elected in 2008, and in the face of his obvious support for the banker bailout, continued war, and blatant disregard for civil liberties, we critics were met with pleas to “just give him time.” After all, he can’t fix eight years of Bush in one year of his own. This was the same statement that was repeated after Obama’s second year. And then his third. Even his fourth year as President still held echoes of the argument to just “give him time.”

Nevertheless, with Obama’s re-election there now appears a small shred of potential silver lining to this dark cloud. Namely, it will eliminate the argument posed by so-called Progressives for the last four years that Obama did not have equal time to right the wrongs of Bush or that he was not given a fair shot at the Presidency which now consists of, according to party hacks, an eight-year reign.

At the end of the Obama regime, it will be apparent to every Democrat that “their” candidate was every bit as bad as the one belonging to the “other team.”

There will be no more excuses echoed from the chambers of the Obama supporters that do not highlight an already delusional perspective and unwillingness to face reality. In 2016, like Bush supporters in 2008, the defense of Obama will appear more and more to be a mental illness than a political opinion. Unfortunately, one does not have to go much further for this to be the case.

This statement is not meant to pick on Obama supporters alone of course. In fact, Republicans and so-called Conservatives showed their own true colors this election by flocking to a full representation of the candidate they claim they are so opposed to. The differences between Romney and Obama, besides ethnicity and political party, were virtually non-existent. Indeed, those differences that did appear to exist were merely propaganda pieces for public presentation.

Republicans, by no means, have a leg to stand on when it comes to the issues mentioned above, be it economics, war, civil liberties, or any other issue for that matter.

Regardless, it is a fact that Liberals and Progressives, once the majority of the anti-war, 9/11 Truth, and freedom movements, simply dissipated with the election of Obama. What is worse, however, is that they never reappeared after Obama proved that, as President, he would not only be as bad as Bush, he would be worse.

While rumblings amongst true Liberals of Obama’s treachery are indeed beginning to take place, the fact is they have remained dormant for far too long. In truth, it is a shame that they were ever silent to begin with.

Obama firmly locked in to another four years and with no possibility of his own re-election in 2016, Progressives are now given an opportunity to return to the principles they have neglected for the last four years. With no possibility of costing Obama the election, you can now be free to oppose the killing of innocent men, women, and children. With “your team” squarely in office, you can now meekly ask for your right to privacy, to a trial, and even to life without worrying about your chosen party losing the White House. As Obama takes over in his second term, you can now acknowledge the worldwide economic depression and perhaps take some steps to avoid a total collapse and return to real American standards of living without the fear of reflecting poorly upon “your President.”

A four-year vacation from your principles was long enough. Now, however, your country and the rest of the world needs you to return to the fight.

You can only blame “those other guys” for so long. Whether you like it or not, it is an unfortunate reality that both you and those on the other side of the falsely constructed aisle are more alike than you think. Likewise, Republicans must realize that economics, war, and civil liberties are issues that effect Americans regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican is in office.

Both Conservatives and Liberals are equally responsible for the moral, intellectual, and rapidly physical wasteland we now find ourselves inhabiting. Because both groups are divided only because they have been subjected ad infinitum to scientific propaganda in order to make such an environment possible, it is high time they both become responsible for repairing it.

Netanyahu broke the rules in US elections

In meeting with New York Jews, former PM says ‘I’m not sure our prime minister has a friend in the White House’ and slams Netanyahu’s intervention in the US elections

(ynetnews) Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert commented on the US electionresults and the personal relationship between Barack Obama andBenjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday during a visit to New York. “Obama was a friend of Israel before he was elected and will remain so now,” Olmert said. The former prime minister told members of the Jewish Federation of New York that while relations between Israel and the US are solid and based on common values, the level of trust between the two leaders plays an important role.

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“After what Netanyahu has done in the past few months – it needs to be asked whether the prime minister has a friend in the White House? I’m not sure.”

Olmert stressed that this could have a tremendous effect in critical points in the future. Netanyahu had turned Israel from a bi-partisan issue to one that is at the heart of the US political debate, he added.
אובמה ונתניהו בבית הלבן, ארכיון (צילום: עמוס בן גרשום, לע"מ)

Netanyahu and Obama (Archive photo: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO)

Asked if Israelis are bothered by Netanyahu’s intervention in the US elections, Olmert replied that it is the prime minister’s right to have a preference in terms of the candidates “but it’s better if he kept it to himself.”

The former prime minister claimed that rules were broken when Netanyahu intervened in the elections on behalf of “an American billionaire” with a clear interest in the race.

“That same billionaire used the prime minister to promote his own presidential candidate. This is a serious violation of the basic bilateral rules, especially when it comes to allies such as Israel and the US.”

The Lull Before the Social Storm

(Lew Rockwell) Vast social revolutions and wars are often preceded by periods of giving up on reforms, despairing withdrawal from public life by the best and brightest, and even peacefulness which seems to have become the normal condition in spite of deep conflicts and growing crises beneath the surfaces of public life. Often, earlier periods of intense conflicts and crises have been overcome and resolved, so it comes to look like that is the normal in life. This lulls most people into assuming their worse fears cannot happen, but this leads them to lowering their guards against growing conflicts and crises, so small ones can more easily cascade down into massive ones. If people expected they could become vast wars or revolutions or implosions, they would take more precautions to prevent that. But when lulled in expecting the worst cannot happen, the worst than they could ever imagine often explodes suddenly.

The cataclysmic French Revolution came after many decades of attempted reforms and conflicts which people had come to think of as unending. It started with new attempts at reforms, then incidents that did not seem so important, then all of it a sudden it exploded. WWI came after so many decades of peace in Europe, in spite of imperial conflicts around the world and an arms race, that most people thought a major war was impossible. Then a single murder in the far away Balkans set in motion an explosive cascade of events that led to a cataclysmic war. The Russian Revolution was preceded by such a long “lull” encouraged by European peace and reforms by the tsar that even Lenin was near despair and was living abroad. After several years of WWI and growing poverty at home, the Russian front imploded and a small event at home triggered a revolution that started small and democratic and then exploded into one of the vastest social revolutions in history. The beginning of WWII on the crucial German-French front was so quiet for so many months after France and Britain had declared war on Germany after it invaded Poland that it was called the “Sitzen Krieg” in Germany, the sit-down war, then it exploded as Germany invaded through the Ardennes. This was repeated near the end of the war as Germany built up its forces secretly for attacking through the Ardennes again.

The American Revolution looked very unlikely until that fateful British march to Concord and Lexington to enforce gun control laws. Then it exploded. The conflicts between the North and South had been so intense for so many decades, off and on, and then resolved again and again by major compromises that the Ante-Bellum period of the 1850’s seemed another replay of that scenario. Then all of a sudden there was a small incident near Charleston, moves to secession, calling up the Northern troops and an explosion of war vastly more ghastly than Americans imagined possible. War between Japan and Germany and the U.S. had been put off so many times and so long that Pearl Harbor came as quite a shock to most Americans. The 9/11 attacks on the U.S. were just as shocking all over again.

In the early years of this new century, the U.S. had used soaring paper money and paper-asset inflation to fuel a great Bubble and apparent “prosperity” over twenty years and repeated crises [1980, 1987, 1990, 2000] were ended by pumping out more paper money and inflating assets [both paper and houses after the Nasdaq Crash in 2000] that the Fed and almost all economists and Bankers and speculators declared we had entered an Age of The Great Moderation in which financial crises were impossible, as Bernanke declared with gusto. Then housing and stocks started slowly cascading down, then did so more rapidly, then one Big Bank was hit by a sudden crisis and had to be “saved” from implosion, then others followed, then suddenly one weekend Lehman imploded and the the whole top of the U.S. financial system imploded and had to be taken over by the U.S. to save it from what looked like total implosion. The Great Moderation was suddenly replaced by The Greatest Global Financial Crisis in history. Europe and the rest of the world soon followed the U.S. into growing crisis.

By pouting out vast and soaring trillions and using vast distortions of the System [such as Quantitative Easing by the Fed] to hold the System up, they managed in the past several years to stop the accelerating cascade down and have kept it bumping along the bottom in official statistics like the GDP and unemployment, while the debts and distortions and all the real crises keep growing. The apparent bump up in the official stats on GDP are an illusion, below the real rate of inflation for GDP, while real unemployment and all the other real economic crises keep growing.

But nations, like individuals and groups and companies, cannot simply drift downward faster and faster into worse and worse crises they patch up but cannot escape or reverse. We’ve been doing that now for decades, as France and Russia did before their vast social Revolutions, as the nations did during long decades of peaceful imperial conflicts before the utterly immense conflicts of the American Civil War, WWI and WWII. There comes a time finally when the accelerating crises and sufferings and rages become too much to bear and something, often a seemingly small event like a murder of a young man in the Balkans, or an attack by “hotheads” on a small fort near Charleston, sets off an explosive cascade of events that quickly leads to a vast social explosion.We’re now in a lull before a vast, revolutionary storm. The U.S. is sinking faster and faster in all the ways vital to the future of our society, from the The Great Global Economic-Financial Crisis which the U.S. produced with insane Big Bank speculations and corruption to educational decline and bureaucratic strangulation to losing imperial wars around the world to political deadlock. I’m sure any intelligent American who is honest with himself can quickly write down a long list of the crucial ways in which the U.S. is declining now. Maybe half of Americans are too ignorant about the world or lack the intelligence to see all of this Big Picture of Crisis and Decline. They are confused and mad and despairing and see no way out, but assume the Republicrat System will go on and on and are trying merely to fit in and keep or get a job with a livable wage for them and their families. Even some knowledgeable and intelligent people see what is happening but see no exit and despair and simply withdraw and hide from it all, implicitly or explicitly assuming The System will just keep getting worse and worse and never end.

The U.S. is now rushing downward along all vital dimensions of social life. If this continues much longer, the U.S. will simply implode and that will lead to vast social revolution or revolutions. But maybe the vast social revolution will come before implosion.

The one thing we can be sure of is that we have sunk so far so long and are now accelerating down so fast that this cannot continue long without producing an implosion or a vast social revolution.


November 7, 2012

Jack D. Douglas [send him mail] is a retired professor of sociology from the University of California at San Diego. He has published widely on all major aspects of human beings, most notably The Myth of the Welfare State.

Barack Obama re-elected as US President

(refreshingnews99) America reasserted its trust in President Barack Obama after he won a second straight tenure in the White House. In line with projections, the incumbent Democrat President had a close fight with his Republican challenger Mitt Romney. However, Obama managed to squeeze out a narrow victory by going past the 270 electoral votes mark ahead of Romney even as results from some key swing states are still awaited.

As of per the latest projections, Obama is expected to win 281 votes as against 201 by Romney.

As soon as it became clear that he will win over be re-elected, Obama tweeted: “We are all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, that’s who we are. Thank You.”

Seconds later he tweeted again with a picture of him hugging Michelle. The tweet read: “Four more years.”

The battle was close by all standards but Obama maintained a slender lead right from the beginning and built up omit by winning important swing states Michigan and Pennsylvania. Obama has also won Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Washington DC.

Although the results from Ohio and Florida are yet to come in but given the huge lead Obama has over Republican Romney, the incumbent President will continue doing the most powerful job in the world. In both states, Obama and Romney are engaged in a neck-to-neck fight with the difference between the two as little as 1.5 to 2% in Obama’s favour.

As per CNN projection, Obama will also win Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa, Oregon and New Mexico.

Challenger Mitt Romney gave him a tough fight after he wrested Indiana and may even also win Virginia but that may not be enough. He made inroads and won Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Wyoming Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

At least 120 million people have voted to decide between the Democratic incumbent and Romney after a long, expensive and bitter presidential campaign centered around how to repair the ailing US economy.

Obama has a tough job in hand, the most important being to bring the economy back on track. He has pledged to raise taxes on the wealthy if he were to be re-elected, it remains to be seen whether he will be a bale to walk the talk.

Election 2012: How The Winner Will Destroy America

(Alt-Market) Of all the hollow and uninspired elections that this country has suffered through over the past several decades, one might think that at some point long ago the American public would have finally struck a plateau of disenfranchisement; that we could sink no further into despondency, that there is a saturation limit to the corruption of our voting process.  Unfortunately, there has been no such luck.  I have to say that in all honesty I have never seen more people gut jumbled and disgusted with our electoral system than I have in 2012.  Sure, there is still a hyper-gullible segment of the populace that continues to play the game, but even those idiots are beginning to admit that the choices offered are dismal at best, catastrophic at worst.  The fog of the false Left/Right paradigm is starting to lift, and all that lay in its wake is a hoard of lost wide-eyed flabbergasted followers without a coat-tail or a talking point to cling to.  Sudanese refugees have a better chance of survival than these people do…

Even in the more obvious of fraudulent past elections there was at least an attempt by the establishment to present a pageant of conflicting ideologies (George W. Bush vs. John Kerry comes to mind).  There has always been the Democrat who pretends to be anti-war, or the Republican who pretends to be small government, or the Democrat who pretends to defend our right to privacy, and the Republican who pretends to be pro-2nd Amendment.  But in 2012, even the theater of rhetoric has disappeared.  Both primary party candidates seem to be sharing the same intestinal tract and the same teleprompter, and now, the average American is asking a new set of questions.  They do not wonder how these men will change things for the better.  Not at all.  Instead, they wonder which one will do LESS DAMAGE while in office.  This is the terrible reality we have come to understand in our society today.  It is a sad awakening, but a necessary one.

As you read this now, the new President of the United States is being “chosen” or has been chosen.  Whoever the “winner” happens to be is ultimately irrelevant.  They do not count.  They are mascots.  Middle management cronies running through the motions to distract the masses while enacting the policies of their superiors.  They are fry cooks serving greasy overpriced democracy with no real sustenance.  What does matter, though, is what comes next.  I’m sorry to say that the idea that one man will do less damage than the other is a naïve sentiment.  Democrat?  Republican?  Obama?  Romney?  The crimes and calamities wrought will be exactly the same.  Take a look into my crystal ball and see the future.  Here is how the winner will destroy America…

1)  He Will Continue The Policy Of Dollar Devaluation


Neither candidate has expressed any interest through the election or even before it to protect the value of our currency, and both candidates have supported steps towards quantitative easing and fiat printing in order to delay an inevitable national debt crisis.  Both Romney and Obama have sung the praises of Ben Bernanke (Romney changed his tune just in time for his campaign, but who’s buying that?) and the private Federal Reserve despite the consistent failures of that despotic institution to produce any tangible economic results with their Keynesian methods.


The dollar will see a vast devaluation during the term of this candidate and a loss of world reserve status, leading to stagflation (a combination of the worst elements of deflationary and inflationary crises in the same event).  Skyrocketing prices and crumbling unemployment will be the highlights of his presidency, because he will never take measures to reign in or dismantle the primary root cause of the problem; the Federal Reserve itself.


2)  He Will Continue Extreme Government Debt Spending


Neither candidate has offered a practical or operable solution to the $16 trillion official national debt problem we now face, let alone the tens of trillions of dollars in entitlement obligations that the Treasury Department never talks about.  A nation can only live off food stamps and credit for so long before it implodes like a wet paper sack. And this is exactly what we have become; an entire culture of debt addicts and money hounds searching for our next fix of foreign or central bank cash.  The fact is, both Obama and Romney would INCREASE spending while using fiat injections to buttress an ever weakening economy in the name of “stability”.  The new president will claim that if spending cuts are initiated, it will send the U.S. financial system into a tailspin and a “return” to recession conditions.  This will of course be a lie.  We have not left recession/depression conditions since 2008.


3)  He Will Support And Expand On Wars In The Middle East


There is no such thing as a mainstream “anti-war candidate” in 2012.  Not even a fake one.  Obama’s measures of state violence and complete lack of respect for the sovereign internal matters of foreign nations surpass the madness of George Bush Jr.  He has even gone so far as to assert that his office has the right to assassinate American citizens without trial, evidence, or due process of the law.  Not only has he asserted the right to this power, he has used it!  Romney’s position, hilariously, is that Obama has not gone far enough!  Either way, the winner in 2012 is going to leap like a vile locust into new countries and unleash a plague of laser guided death.  The next president WILL be a war hungry president.


4)  He Will Lock Down The Web And Limit Internet Speech


Both Romney and Obama have expressed a desire to establish cybersecurity measures which include vast new governmental authority over the functions and operations of the internet.  The ultimate goal?  To gain legal precedence for the right to dictate web content, up to and including the ability to label any website a subversive threat to national security or a recruitment tool for “extremists”.


With the establishment spreading completely baseless accusation of cyber threats coming from every corner of the globe (but mostly from Iran) it would seem that they are conditioning the public for a future encounter with a cyber event, and telling them who to blame when it occurs.  The problem is, the most prominent cyber security threats to the internet in the past few years have come not from the Middle East, or Russia, or China, but the U.S. and Israel (Stuxnet anyone?).  Keep this in mind when our new president blames the next cyber attack on a convenient political target and then uses the event as an excuse to regulate the web.


5)  He Will Erase American Civil Liberties


This president will find a reason, or he will create a reason to diminish Constitutional protections including our right to trial and due process.  Both candidates have offered unflinching support for the National Defense Authorization Act and its provisions for indefinite detainment.  Neither man has ventured any sincere concerns over the broad nature of the language involved in the labeling of “terrorists” and “extremists”.  Literally anyone can now be categorized as an enemy combatant and a threat to national security for almost any reason, and this appears to be the way Obama and Romney like it.  That is to say, they both want totalitarian powers, or at the very least, they have made no effort to turn them down.


It is important to note that there has never been a government in history that sought out such powers and did not actually use them.  Only a fool would assume his favorite elitist candidate in 2012 will not utilize the extreme authorities now amassed for the executive branch over the past decade.


6)  He Will Embrace A Globalist Dynamic And Abandon American Sovereignty


Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are surrounded by “advisers” who are also members of the Council On Foreign Relations, an institution which openly calls for the dissolution of American sovereignty on a regular basis and the creation of a centralized global system dominating the financial, social, and political life of every nation in the world.  With the economic stability of the U.S. on the verge of oblivion, it is very likely that a historic crisis will ensue during the first term of the next president, and that he will in response suggest a new global system as the solution.


This system has already been created, in part, by the IMF and World Bank in concert with member governments and revolves around the issuance of a new world reserve currency (Special Drawing Rights) as the centerpiece.  I can guarantee with absolute certainty that the next president, regardless of who he happens to be, will promote an IMF rescue package coupling the dollar to the SDR and turning over full economic control of America to an international body.  He will make it sound rational, reasonable, and even advantageous, but in the end, he will be selling the globalist snake oil he was conscripted to sell before his election campaign ever started.

In 2012, it will not be about voting.  It will not be about “winning”.  It will not even be about getting to the next election.  It will be about survival.  As big a joke as the 2012 elections have become even to the generally unaware, I am not laughing.  I do not need to look at the promises of either candidate.  I do not need to weigh their half-assed quick fix policies.  All I have to do is look at the current downward trend and understand that the president, whoever he may be, will continue it.  If anything is to truly change, it will be because we as Americans finally walk away from the game, enacting our own solutions and our own opposition instead of handing over our power to sniveling errand boys wrapped in flags and expensive suits and self-righteousness every four years.  2012 is going to be the beginning of upheaval and renewal, for better or for worse, and it is certain that the guy in the White House into 2013, Republican or Democrat, is going to be a part of the problem, nothing more…

Oregon election worker fired for altering ballots to Republican straight ticket

Deanna Swenson (Facebook) (Raw Story) An election worker in Oregon is facing a criminal investigation for allegedly altering multiple ballots to benefit Republican candidates.

In a press release on Monday, Clackamas County spokesperson Tim Heider said that 55-year-old Deanna Swenson had been “relieved of duty immediately after the alleged ballot tampering was discovered.”

Swenson, who was registered as a Republican, was accused of filling in a Republican straight ticket on ballots where voters did not specify a choice.

Contacted by Willamette Week, Swenson tearfully insisted that it was “only the two” ballots that had been altered.

The Oregon Department of Justice began an investigation last week after an elections official reportedly observed ballots being altered.

“At this point, it is unclear how many ballots the employee at issue had access to, or what will be done with those ballots,” the sheriff’s office said on Monday.

At a Monday emergency meeting, officials in Clackamas County announced that the altered ballots would not be counted. Since ballots were anonymous, disenfranchised voters would not be given a chance to re-cast their votes.

Swenson has worked in elections since at least 2000, according to the Clackamas County spokesperson.

Blue Oregon’s Kari Chisholm reported that the Oregon City woman’s Facebook page indicated she “liked” various conservative personalities, candidates and organizations including the Republican National Committee, The Tea Party, Paul Ryan VP, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Ann Romney and Fox News.

If convicted of a Class C felony for ballot tampering, Swenson could face five years in prison and a fine of up to $125,000.


Last-Minute Ohio Directive Could Trash Legal Votes And Swing The Election

 ( A last-minute directive issued by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) could invalidate legal provisional ballots. Ohio is widely viewed as the most critical state for both presidential campaigns and — with some polls showing a close race — the 11th-hour move could swing the entire election.

The directive, issued Friday, lays out the requirements for submitting a provisional ballot. The directive includes a form which puts the burden on the voter to correctly record the form of ID provided to election officials. Husted also instructed election officials that if the form is not filled out correctly by a voter, the ballot should not be counted.

According to a lawsuit filed by voting rights advocates, this is “contrary to a court decision on provisional ballots a week ago and contrary to statements made by attorneys for Husted at an Oct. 24 court hearing.”

Indeed, it also appears directly contrary to Ohio law. From the lawsuit:

Ohio Rev. Code § 3505.181(B)(6) provides that, once a voter casting a provisional ballot proffers identification, “the appropriate local election official shall record the type of identification provided, the social security number information, the fact that the affirmation was executed, or the fact that the individual declined to execute such an affirmation and include that information with the transmission of the ballot . . . .” (Emphasis added.)

The law “ensures that any questions regarding a voter’s identification are resolved on the spotor, consistent with due process, the voter is informed that he or she needs to provide additional information to the board of elections. This protects the integrity of the voting process, and provides a reasonable opportunity to resolve deficiencies.”

The last-minute directive changes this and switches the burden to the voter, greatly increasing the chances that legal provisional ballots will be discarded.

The court gave Husted until Monday to respond to the lawsuit and indicated it will resolve the dispute before provisional ballots are counted on November 17.

Husted has also tried to limit voting in Ohio by reducing early voting hours.

Voter Fraud, There is No Statute of Limitations on Fraud

(The Watchdog) Voter fraud will be committed on a massive scale this Nov. 6, 2012. Election Results being challenged in court is not a foregone conclusion. Both sides will be engaging in massive voter fraud. Mitt Romney is buying up the companies who count the votes committing voter fraud. Barrack Obama is suppressing the Military vote every way he can. The justice Department is challenging the Vote ID laws in federal court in the states passed the legislation. Since the Federal Court ruled against the states who passed voter ID laws. There is no stopping voter fraud if there is no need to show ID to vote. The President hopes illegal aliens and dead people will turn out to vote and vote often. The classic example of voter fraud. Then we have ACORN who will be helping stuff the ballots box anyway they can committing voter fraud for Barrack Obama.

What can we do to counter voter fraud if the election results for President are challenged in court? What can we do to challenge the election results when we have evidence of massive voter fraud committed by both sides? If none will contest it unless it is real close. If we are a voter, we do have legal standing in court as an injured party because of voter fraud. Something must be done to throw a monkey wrench into the machine that makes voter fraud a work of art every election year.

First, I hope many public interest groups like Judicial Watch and other patriot legal organizations file in the courts thousands of petitions on the behalf of the people. These briefs ought to be calling for the court to invalidate the election results. They must call on the courts to disqualify both major party candidates for engaging in voter fraud.  Both political parties and the two Presidential Candidates who knowingly participated in Voter fraud. The will be no plausible excuse the candidates. The cannot evade accountability saying did not know voter fraud was happening. They are all guilty of voter fraud. These petitions must be done in mass nationwide in all 50 states.

It does not matter if President Barrack Obama or Gov Mitt Romney wins. Both candidates and their campaigns cheat. They both are knowingly involved in voter fraud. Both men can delegate authority to their subordinates. If corruption is found with their staff committing voter fraud.  Both presidential candidates cannot delegate responsibility. Therefore, both candidates should be disqualified. Both Presidential campaigns and political parties are participating in voter fraud.

This time we cannot allow the government to get away with voter fraud. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. Fraud is an unjust taking, we have been robbed at the ballot box of our choices. Voter Fraud is an unjust taking of our republican form of government and our freedoms.

If we have Knowledge of massive voter fraud statewide committed by both Presidential campaigns. If neither side is challenging the results. We need to legally challenge the election based on massive voter fraud on both sides. We can hope a judge will invalidate the results moving to disqualify both candidates. We must pressure our secretaries of state in the several states not to certify the results. We must point out evidence of massive voter fraud. If the results are not valid. If no paper trail making a full recount impossible since the election results are tainted by the electronic voting machines. If the election results cannot be validated because these electronic voting machines violate many state Constitutions mandate a public count of the ballots. If that fails. We must pressure the electoral college to abstain voting for the two major party candidates if there has been massive voter fraud on both sides. Win or lose. We cannot leave one stone left unturned exhausting our legal peaceful remedies. Before the shooting war starts. We have to use every peaceful remedy given to us.

All what I say is a long shot and seems impossible to carry out. We can make 100 excuses why we should not go this way. This is a luxury we cannot afford to use as a cop-out not to do anything. This defeatist attitude is why they are winning and we are losing. We get what we deserve if we do not act quickly with the zeal of liberty in our hearts. It is up to us to correct this injustice of voter fraud. America is the laughing-stock of the world because our elections are a joke because of massive voter fraud. Russia had a more fair and open election putting Vladimir Putin in office. Ron Paul would have a better chance if we had the Russian election system.

Here is one big reason why we cannot hold back anymore and sit on our hands. The globalists intend not to hold back trying to enslave us. They will not waste one chance to place our society under authoritarian rule. If the opportunity the globalist will grab more power and take our liberties. They will not hesitate one second if they can get away with it.

It is common knowledge with some elements in the Federal government and in the Pentagon. They see the Presidential elections are a sham and whoever is elected, it is all based on voter fraud. The Military might intervene is the rumor before the elections or after the election to quell civil unrest.

We cannot wait for another person to come forward for us. We cannot walk on eggshells because we might be demonized for doing what is right by the mainstream media. That means we cannot hold back because what the other side thinks of us. We cannot care about what other people will think. This is do or die. Activism is not a hobby, it is a way of life. We cannot shrink from our duties anymore. We have been derelict in our responsibilities for way too long. We have to give it our all or we will gain nothing. We are coming to the point having a boot on our necks. We cannot choose the battles we want to fight to stay in our comfort zone. This is a fight we cannot avoid. If we do not act in mass with legal challenges of voter fraud committed on both sides. We might not get another chance to correct the injustice of voter fraud.

There is no statute of limitations on Fraud. That includes voter fraud.