Heartless thieves steal $3,000 raised to pay for dying baby’s life-saving heart transplant on Valentine’s Day

Four months ago, 9-month-old Jaelyn Anderson was diagnosed with Myocarditis.
You would never know by looking at her that she has an infection in her heart. Her priceless smiles and grins are enough to steal yours away.
Now she’s waiting on a heart transplant in the Intensive Care Unit at All Children’s Hospital. Jaelyn’s parents tell  this journey hasn’t been easy, but when they see her big smile, their lives are a little easier.
“She makes you laugh. She’s my wild child to put it that way,” Jaeyln’s mother Brooke said. “She brings joy to everybody. She’s so sick and she acts like nothing is wrong with her. I am amazed.”
“The only thing that keeps you going is her smile,” Josh Anderson said.
Donations have been coming in from far and wide for Jaelyn’s medical care. But on Valentine’s Day, thieves stole part of that life-saving help.
Jaeyln’s grandfather works for JetBlue and the company helped raise $3,000, but according to investigators, crooks stole that money from his truck in Orlando.
“They stopped and ate at a restaurant and locked the truck up. And went back out and everything was stolen,” Josh Anderson said. “Their luggage and the money and everything in the truck. It was pretty devastating. We were in shock. Like are you serious? Who could do that.”
But the family isn’t letting this stop them because they have something more important to focus on right now. Its now a waiting game as to when Jaelyn will receive a heart.
“It could be tomorrow she gets the heart or a year from now,” Anderson said.
The family is now hoping the thieves get a heart and return the money. They say all the donations go a very long way.
To help Jaelyn, visit her donations Facebook page.