10 Myths About Guns


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Michigan and Utah aim to strengthen and expand 2nd amendment gun rights


(CAV News) Michigan – Perhaps you live in a state (New York, California) that has proposed legislation that would weaken, possibly eliminate the rights of gun ownership or make life even more difficult by introducing laws that would add restrictions to gun ownership. In Michigan, the state is looking to do the exact opposite.

Preserving the sacred right of bearing arms is the target for lawmakers in Michigan.

                                        Detroit Free Press

• Exempt the state from federal gun regulations for weapons made in Michigan. Another bill would exempt Michigan entirely from “unconstitutional” federal firearms legislation.

• Allow anyone to carry a gun in a school. Another bill would allow school employees to carry weapons into schools.

• Exempt firearms registration and license information from the Freedom of Information Act.

• Eliminate firearms licensing databases in certain circumstances and prohibit firearms dealers from taking pictures of people who are buying and getting licensed for guns.

• Shift the responsibility for issuing concealed weapons permits from counties to the Michigan State Police.

• Include libraries in the facilities that can choose to be a gun-free zone, where people could not carry concealed weapons into the building.

Wyoming and Montana are other states that come to mind when it comes to protecting the right to  bear arms and the protection against a tyrant government, such as the one that is forming in front of  our very own eyes as I write this.

Utah is also joining the fold, and a lawmaker is proposing similar legislation threatening to arrest any gun grabbers from the Federal government.

                                                         Salt Lake Tribune

There are 22 states attempting to pass a variation on what Greene pitched with HB114. His measure would give local police authority to arrest federal agents attempting to take guns away from residents. It also would require the attorney general to provide a legal defense for federal agents who were caught up in an attempt to take firearms — a felony under Greene’s proposal. The legal analysis on HB114 — titled “Second Amendment Protection Act” — is that it would be in violation of the supremacy and commerce clauses of the Constitution.

The more states speak out, the more sheriffs and other local law enforcement officials speak out, this will put the Obama administration in a tough situation to enforce any gun grabbing legislation.

By: Derek Wood

Sources: Salt Lake Tribune, Detroit Free Press