Parallels of the Fall of the Roman Empire and that of America Today

Today, the United States has many parallels as an empire to that of the collapse of the ancient Roman Empire. There were many causes of the fall of Rome however, but the main problems which led to it are exactly the same as those we face currently, here in America as a nation. The fall of the Roman Empire took a few centuries for the total dissolution of that government to take place. However, in America the same problems that brought down the Roman Empire are expedited to the point that we are looking at decades, rather than centuries before the collapse of the US government. The following are examples of what brought Rome down as an empire, and what is going to destroy the American government in a very short time.

Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor: We experience this in the US today in the form of the constant bickering between the House and Senate in their disdain of the President over power, money, and control.

Decline in Morals: At present, this country faces the greatest decline in moral values since the Roman Empire, with forcing its own set of morals on citizens by demanding and forcibly removing traditional moral values, dictating that parents have no say in whether their children, some as young as 10 years old engage in sex, and a host of other immoral conduct proclaimed as law.

Political Corruption: A force has been created in the same tradition as the Praetorian Guard which were a special force of troops used by Roman Emperors as body guards, security, and statesecurity. This same Guard exists in America in the form of Homeland Security and other branches of government who perform like the Gestapo by enforcing Socialistic laws, through unconstitutional tactics.

Fast Expansion of the Empire: We have been experiencing the expansion of the US in the world militarily since 9-11 encompassing more territory than at any time in the past.

Constant Wars and Out of Control Military Spending: Since 9-11 America has been in a constant state of war, spending trillions on its military.

Barbarian Knowledge of Roman military tactics: The same exists in America presently, where through the False Flag operation of 9-11, we have created hate and disdain for us among the Muslim world, thus creating a massive network of combatants in the world, who now study the military tactics of the US as was seen in Iraq.

Failing economy: I needn’t say much about this topic, since we have been in the worst economic situation since the Great Depression from 2007 and continuing. As a nation, the US is bankruptand has to print any money it spends.

Unemployment: Since 2007, the US has had an unemployment rate that resembles a Third World country in every aspect. True numbers of unemployment, meaning not just counting those receiving unemployment insurance payments, are around 22% nationally and as high as 50% in certain areas of the country, such as California’s Imperial Valley.

The Decline in Ethics and Values: The US government has managed to remove most values people adhered to and continues to run the economy into the ground by way of dirty politicians skimming money for themselves that belong to the people.

Slave Labor: The quest for slave labor in the US has taken many jobs overseas to areas, where workers are hired for a fraction of what it costs for the same work done by Americans in America. The massive invasion of Illegal Aliens from south of the border, which the government promotes, makes it possible for companies and the government itself to hire workers for jobs at far below the minimum wage.

Natural disasters: We have had our share over the years, costing billions, however at the same time the US government spends even more per year on climate change and renewable energy projects. Since global warming/climate change is proven false when compared to actual scientific records and renewable energy sources, such as the wind industry and solar power are proven to use more grid power than they will ever produce. Our government is essentially wasting trillions on failed projects.

Christianity: The parallels between Christianity in the Roman days and that of Islam for the US today, are astounding. We are told that we fight Muslim extremists around the world while at the same time, we see the US supporting Islamic extremism such as Egypt, Libya, and many other Mid-East countries. At home, Muslims values are protected by the government while Christian values are denounced as prejudice and secular. When the problems that caused the fall of the Roman Empire are compared to the problems America faces today, along with the fact that our problems are progressing much quicker. It will be a matter of years, not centuries before America ceases to exist. We have ourselves as citizens to blame for allowing Socialist Insurgents into Washington to destroy our country.

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10 thoughts on “Parallels of the Fall of the Roman Empire and that of America Today

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  3. Tell me how Americans are supposed to “open up there eyes and see what is happening (btw, it’s their eyes) when all information is biased, when news groups are not reporting news, when everyone has an agenda and throws it in your lap. We do not get the truth and therefore, we cannot act upon it accordingly, And, btw, it is too late!

  4. Whereas I do agree with you that America is following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire, you need to get some facts straight.
    Your article is written from either a right wing perspective or you’re just flat out misinformed!
    Socialism or Socialistic values are not to blame for any of America’s decline. (and please, Obama is not a socialist, I’m an Independent who happens to think that some aspects of Socialism are good AND that not ‘all’ aspects of Capitalism are good… so, trust me I know. Obama doesn’t follow any socialistic values whatsoever)
    Right wingers fail to remember (or admit) that certain forms of ‘socialism’ exist in this country today that we all rely on and take for granted.
    Public schools, the post office, police and fire departments are all forms of socialism. Initially all of these were run as businesses (the private sector) and eventually were moved under local, state or federal governance.
    And paid for by our taxes. These are ALL forms of socialism.
    So please remember that the next time you call an ambulance, the fire department or the police!
    Your statement: “constant bickering between the House and Senate in their disdain of the President over power, money, and control” is not factual.
    Yes, the Republicans in the Republican led House disdain the President. Evidenced by their continuous blocking of any little thing Obama tries to accomplish.
    Whereas, the Democrats in the Democratic led Senate do NOT disdain the President.
    The GOP is the current main reason for the sped up decline of America and for running this country into the ground. After two terms under Bush, two wars were started that ran the deficit thru the roof. (this country had a surplus under the previous president… Clinton - a Democrat)
    And Bush’s administration by deregulating bank laws allowed banks to destroy the economy and almost bring the entire world’s economy to its knees.
    But then when Americans decide to elect a Democratic President to clean up their messes all of a sudden it becomes ‘Obama’s Economy’. (just listen to Fox News for proof) Once again we have the GOP refusing to take responsibility for their actions!
    And adding insult to injury the GOP (via the Republican led House) blocks every attempt Obama makes to try and clean things up.
    But guess who pays for their obstructionism? The entire middle class!
    Let’s review some of the House Republican “accomplishments” this Congress:

    1) They shutdown the federal government (and are threatening to do it again if they win the Senate)

    2) Voted 54 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act
    (Why wouldn’t you want your fellow American to afford health care? Because money is more important than a human life to Republicans!)

    3) They wasted taxpayer money paying lawyers $500 an hour to sue President Obama (over what? Doing his job in trying to resurrect the economy and revive the middle class. In other words, do what he was elected to do!)

    4) Blocked extending unemployment benefits for thousands who were without jobs.

    Yet, left undone was raising the minimum wage, repealing corporate tax giveaways, and reducing student debt. All actions that would boost the economy. (but all blocked by the leaders of the GOP)
    Student loan debt is crippling our economy. Borrowers young and old are having to pay large portions of their income each month to the big banks, rather than use that money to build a stable financial future for their families.
    All Democratic attempts to present bills to allow students to refinance their loans are stopped by who? House Republicans.
    Corporations don’t pay their fair share in taxes. And again all Democratic attempts at presenting bills to change this, to lessen the tax burden of the middle class are stopped by who? House Republicans!

    Guess who set up the losing of our jobs to cheaper workers in China? President Nixon - a Republican, when he signed a free trade agreement with the Chinese back in the 70’s!
    President Reagan - a Republican, even committed treason by going behind Congress’s back and secretly sold weapons to Iran to fund the Nicaraguan Contras!
    Yet only one man was held accountable, Oliver North.
    George Bush - a Republican, committed treason as well when he ‘outed’ CIA covert operative Valerie Plame. The law plainly states that revealing secret information regarding a CIA operative is a treasonable act. Yet again, one man Scooter Libby was held accountable and imprisoned. But later pardoned by Bush. Justice for all???
    The list goes on…..

    So yes it’s ‘déjà vu all over again’ … this country’s fate is paralleling Rome’s in terrifying fashion.
    As long as you have politicians (in this case, Republicans) who don’t give a rat’s ass about the people and money and power are more valuable than a human life then the country’s fate is sealed.
    And if you think that this entire comment is just ‘Republican bashing’ you’re wrong.
    Because the Democrats have had their fair share of presidents committing sins against the people as well.
    A prime example is when LBJ lied to the American people about why troops were sent to Vietnam. The so-called Gulf of Tonkin attack by Vietnamese forces on an American ship was all fabricated so he could start the Vietnamese War. (the Bush Administration wasn’t the first to lie to the American people to justify a war and I’m sure won’t be the last)
    The American people need to wake up and realize who they are currently electing into office. Nine times out of ten, when you elect a Republican into office at any level… local, state or federal, you’re shooting yourself and your fellow Americans in the foot.
    Especially when that Republican politician is being manipulated by the so-called Tea Party!
    They won’t stand up for YOU but for corporations and the wealthy!!!

    • Just because they say it is “affordable” does not equal it to beng truth. Many people who did have health insurance they were able to afford, no longer have any. This is the reality of socialism, in the real world.

      Socialism to its true believers means the following Pablum;
      “To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities.” This is the Pablum sold to those willing to buy into it.

      I am not one of them. I simply do not like openly volunteering for the aptly descriptive word, “Sucker.”

      The Reality is we always get private run Central Banks. Since they invented socialism, I guess they were just thinking ahead.

      Socialism, Communism, Nazism are ALL predicated upon … Private Central Banks!

      They have it so even the most ardent self-described Socialist can always declare, “But that was not (true, or real) socialism.” This is the Reality of what it is we speak about.

      It always becomes what it is, Democidal Regimes.

      We need a new thought. The old thought forms are full of death with absolute futility.

    • Tell me how Americans are supposed to “open up there eyes and see what is happening (btw, it’s their eyes) when all information is biased, when news groups are not reporting news, when everyone has an agenda and throws it in your lap. We do not get the truth and therefore, we cannot act upon it accordingly, And, btw, it is too late!

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