CIA asset Kim

According to Tom Heneghan’s Intelligence Briefing’s Blog, Kim Jong-un has just received a load of money from the USA.

“It can now be reported that a P140 U.S. aircraft cargo plane left Langley, Virginia at 3:30 p.m. EST destination North Korea.

“The aircraft contains $3 BILLION that was made available by the Dallas branch of the German Commerz Bank.
“The $3 BILLION will be delivered directly to North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un by U.S. officials.”

Bill Richardson. photo AP

“The U.S. team is headed by former Clinton Administration official, North Korean bag man Bill Richardson.

“Kim is receiving these bribe funds in exchange for his playing a role in a scripted ‘black op’ that is designed to effect worldwide financial markets.”

Continued here: Tom Heneghan’s EXPLOSIVE Intelligence Briefing’s Blog - Myspace


“U.S. military planes flew from an air base in Guam to Pyongyang and back on April 7, 2012, and again on a longer visit lasting from Aug. 18-20, the sources said.


“It is believed that those aboard included Sydney Seiler, director for Korea at the U.S. National Security Council, and Joseph DeTrani, who headed the North Korea desk at the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. DeTrani left the post in May.

“They met with North Korean officials and discussed policies….

“The third visit that The Asahi Shimbun has confirmed is one that took place in November 2011.”

31 thoughts on ““KIM GETS $3 BILLION FROM USA”

  1. if you seriously start looking into everything that has been done in the history …….the real history ….all the black ops etc then you would realize that this is how they do things……….to make us (the stupid little people …so they think) believe all the bullshit propaganda that they dish out………dont believe the NWO is becoming a reality…..then why are the police militarized up the ying yang…..freedom of speech is eroded in to a nothing almost….wake up people shit does happen you just have to start looking in the right places. why do you think they want Manning quieted………he saw things that he knew werent right.

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  3. hes playing a game like sadam hussein big show parade with the soldier show missile nuclear i just believe its to show to ameriacan they are equip loll

  4. Yeah Dave Berry,that must have a “strange effect” on you….kidding
    Why is this so hard to believe?
    This is how it works .Kim is getting paid for the role he is playing in this Circus………That’s how it has alway’s been done.
    The paid Hitler up until 1939…..so what is so shocking.
    I know,it’s the truth that pisses you off.but than again if you listen to it ,it will set you free…….Greetzzzzz

    • the big plan for them too attack china, kim is a good front man, zionists need there nwo plan too be put in place, and will stop at nothing

  5. This story is silly. FIrst, I don’t think there is such a thing as a “P-140″. We would also transfer money with a wire transfer. If we were to fly why wouldn’t it be out of Hawaii? Virginia to North Korea? Not a fun trip.

    • Piaggio P.140 transport aircraft. … the Piaggio P.140 was four engined transport aircraft project and powered by four Hercules 761 engines,a …

  6. Don’t be fucking retarded.
    Why wire it over when it’s cleaner to work with cash.
    No paper trail, american government keeps it’s hand clean.

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