Iraqi Birth Defects Are Much Worse Than Hiroshima

(warning: graphic images)
The United States may be finished dropping bombs on Iraq, but Iraqi bodies will be dealing with the consequences for generations to come in the form of birth defects, mysterious illnesses and skyrocketing cancer rates.

Al Jazeera’s Dahr Jamail reports that contamination from U.S. weapons, particularly Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, has led to an Iraqi health crisis of epic proportions. “[C]hildren being born with two heads, children born with only one eye, multiple tumours, disfiguring facial and body deformities, and complex nervous system problems,” are just some of the congenital birth defects being linked to military-related pollution.
In certain Iraqi cities, the health consequences are significantly worse than those seen in the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Japan at the end of WWII.
The highest rates are in the city of Fallujah, which underwent two massive US bombing campaigns in 2004. Though the U.S. initially denied it, officials later admitted using white phosphorous. In addition, U.S. and British forces unleashed an estimated 2,000 tons of depleted uranium ammunitions in populated Iraqi cities in 2003.
DU, a chemically toxic heavy metal produced in nuclear waste, is used in weapons due to its ability to pierce through armor. That’s why the US and UK were among a handful of nations (France and Israel) who in December refused to sign an international agreement to limit its use, insisting DU is not harmful, science be damned. Meanwhile, the Pentagon’s refusal to release details about where DU munitions were fired has made it difficult to clean up.
Today, 14.7 percent of Fallujah’s babies are born with a birth defect, 14 times the documented rate in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fallujah’s babies have also experienced heart defects 13 times the European rate and nervous system defects 33 times that of Europe. That comes on top of a 12-fold rise in childhood cancer rates since 2004. Furthermore, the male-to-female birth ratio is now 86 boys for every 100 girls, indicating genetic damage that affects males more than females.
(On a side note, these pictures are rather sanitized compared to other even more difficult to look at images. See here if you can bear it.)
If Fallujah is the Iraqi Hiroshima, then Basra is its Nagasaki.
According to a study published in the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, a professional journal based in the southwestern German city of Heidelberg, there was a sevenfold increase in the number of birth defects in Basra between 1994 and 2003.
According to the Heidelberg study, the concentration of lead in the milk teeth of sick children from Basra was almost three times as high as comparable values in areas where there was no fighting.
In addition, never before has such a high rate of neural tube defects (“open back”) been recorded in babies as in Basra, and the rate continues to rise. According to the study, the number of hydrocephalus (“water on the brain”) cases among new-borns is six times as high in Basra as it is in the United States.
This isn’t isolated to Fallujah and Basra. The overall Iraqi cancer rate has also skyrocketed:
Official Iraqi government statistics show that, prior to the outbreak of the First Gulf War in 1991, the rate of cancer cases in Iraq was 40 out of 100,000 people. By 1995, it had increased to 800 out of 100,000 people, and, by 2005, it had doubled to at least 1,600 out of 100,000 people. Current estimates show the increasing trend continuing.
As Grist’s Susie Cagle points out, “That’s potentially a more than 4,000 percent increase in the cancer rate, making it more than 500 percent higher than the cancer rate in the U.S.
Dr. Mozghan Savabieasfahani, an environmental toxicologist based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, told Jamail that “These observations collectively suggest an extraordinary public health emergency in Iraq. Such a crisis requires urgent multifaceted international action to prevent further damage to public health.”
Instead, the international community, including the nation most responsible for the health crisis (hint: it starts with a “U” and ends with an “S”), is mostly ignoring the problem.
To make matters worse, Iraq’s healthcare system, which was once the envy of the region, is virtually nonexistent due to the mass exodus of Iraq’s medical doctors since 2003. According to recent estimates, there are currently fewer than 100 psychiatrists and 20,0000 physicians serving a population of 31 million Iraqis.
Dahr Jamail was on Democracy Now this morning discussing the horrific effects of military-related pollution in Iraq:
Yanar Mohammad, President of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq was also on Democracy Now and addressed the toxic legacy of birth defects in Iraq.

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92 thoughts on “Iraqi Birth Defects Are Much Worse Than Hiroshima

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  3. Amercians and british did this heinous crime to humanity in Japan,Korea,Vietnam,Iraq and Afghans and they self Labelled themselves as the most civilized people on earth.Is this civilized?

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  6. So many fucking retards here. Jesus Christ. Came across this post from someone I’ve seriously been considering unfriending. I know he believes this bullshit 100%. I’m sick and tired of people who buy into these stories because it somehow fits their anti-government anti-establishment anti-thecountryilivein agendas. Grow the fuck up. No the world and governments aren’t perfect but at least fucking do a little research. How can you just buy this shit without a second thought? Fucking people like this are the reason democracy is such a failure.

  7. Would not all soldiers and journalists deployed in the area have been exposed to the fallout from these bombings also? Is there any evidence that their offspring has been affected? I think that what the US has done is deplorable in many instances, but these accusations need to be backed up with solid proof!

  8. This was happening even before the war guys, come on, do your research and look into it. This article is a load of crap trying to push an agenda. I’m not saying it’s completely falsified, but do yourself the favor and research this issue online, the ENTIRE middle east suffers from these issues from INDUSTRIAL pollution and family genetics (a lot of inbreeding between families).

  9. holy shit, Dean, this is a sin, travesty, one of man’s ugliest times that no won knew. I swear that that president , once the truth is exposed, as it has thart he made up the weapons of mass destruction and the deck of cards bullshit, no wonder they hate us. thanks man, damn i have to say that this is a low point in our history
    and mankind.

  10. Ridiculous that some of you people read a story on the internet and believe everything it is saying. Wow, how easy was this to get you to talk so incredibly bad about your country while you live here under it’s protection and enjoy your freedoms. They showed like 3 pictures of babies with deformities and gave you a story and you took the bait hook line and sinker. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but why don’t you go find out true facts before you start bashing your country and blaming your country for things you do not know they did.

      • “we” are the extremists Mr. Massey. sorry to see you all squirming in such denial and anger at your own reflection, but the sooner you come to terms with the truth, the sooner you will begin to heal. You are living in the heart of the empire; an empire that will destroy itself from within…and your antagonizing words above only further prove the inevitability of its demise…

      • No, really, we love our country. We hate the violent, war mongering, traitorous, bigoted, religious zealots that are trying to ruin this country - you know, the folks who use incredibly stupid made up names for others rather than engaging in intelligent debate on a subject. Actually, there are a lot of countries in the middle east who love war and violence and live where religion and belief (rather than facts and law) rule the day. You would be much more comfortable among that crowd…

    • How can you be so stupid and close minded? Did you do your research? Birth defects in Iraq are well documented by many outlets and publications. Are you one of those people who still believes the earth is flat?

  11. What al’ Hatred conveniently forget to mention in their slander, was that the US DID NOT use chemical weapons in Iraqi.

    what the conveniently forget to mention is that SO-damn-insane DID USE chemical weapons on his own people-and Chemical weapons cause birth defects

      • is that an assumption.. or can you back up what you want to think the truth is with actual evidence

        as it stands right now the only BS that I’m aware of, is the lack of evidence that you have provided to prove what you consider BS

    • Incorrect. The U.S. used chemical warfare in Fallujah in 2004, the exact same chemical as what was used in Syria three years ago that the U.S. almost went to war with them over.

      They literally admitted it, you cannot possibly deny this.

    • if this insane is Syria there is no proof they used CW, it was a pretext for intervention (they were winning with conventional weapons and had nothing to gain from CW). The use of DU in Iraq is official and the consequences well-known if you want to look.
      ‘For some reason’ the contamination has not been systematically documented but studies have been done that show the link.

      • sorry, of course Saddam used CW but in a limited area and tried and tested WW1 style stuff that will not cause defects. if we go back to the Iran-Iraq war I suppose the Iranians should be in trouble if that was a factor.

    • The U.S. used depleted uranium rounds among other things. We were giving a briefing in Iraq about the dangers and side effects of this round. Yes it is true. Many vets also have health issues including the one typing this reply.

  12. These deformities - and rates - are absolutely terrifying. A cyclops baby without a nose? The child would never survive in this world with people calling them a cyclops. The U.S. history books teach us that the U.S. is against nuclear weapons because of the horror that was hiroshima, when really the U.S. government overall couldn’t care less what it puts other countries through as long as it can paint a myth to the U.S. people that it is great.

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  18. Cant stand american government, they flaming well think their gods, so much for a country that reckons their so for religion, and believe in god, they go about throwing their toys out the pram when ever a country dont comply with them, over oil, minerals, their wealth, and give out so much bullshit as an excuse to enter the country to murder innocent people, rape and pillage the country, take everything from it and leave it with nothing, the uk is as bad to, people need to wake up and stop believeing all the crap their told on cnn, fox news and from them incharge, their being brain washed.

    • Moni, la realidad es que los ciudadanos y el gobierno son dos cosas distintas. Estaria completamente de acuerdo contigo si tu comentario se tratara de los poderosos y no el pueblo.

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  20. If the Iraqi healthcare system is almost completely depleted, who diagnoses all these cases of “neural tube defects”? who is doing the public health/healthcare work to ensure this is really happening? In a country as large as Iraq, with such a high birth rate, there will be cases of birth defects-they occur everywhere with certain “normal” rates, so the pictures mean nothing. If the numbers are real, then this is a tragedy, but I would like to know where they are from.

    • What an ignorant comment. Most of these detects are plain to see and there is a constant birth defect rate throughout the world. Defects go up after wars, nuclear incidents, etc. Even a layman without a PhD can notice more babies being born with extra limbs, no eyes, etc, im sure not all doctorz were killed although that was probably the intention. That war and its supporters are pure evil.

    • Phillip, you need to get better informed and stop your revisionist history. Iraq did not blow any US buildings. You are showing your racism and ignorance. The made up reason for going into Iraq was because of weapons of mass destruction that were never found. This was admitted by the government years ago. It was an oil grab and to systematically destroy the strongest military forces in the region.

  21. I believe that modern nuclear warfare plays a significant role in today’s prevalence of in-vivo mutations and birth defects. If diagnostic radiation from CAT scans and x-rays is hazardous, it stands to reason that isotop-emitting bombs will have massive consequences too. HOWEVER, I think this article has abused with propaganda and with false, photo shopped images. It’s a shame that nothing can be trusted that’s read in media. They always corrupt the truth!!!!

  22. I’ve seen at lease two of these pictures somewhere before and they were NOT associated with Iraq. Propaganda?

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    • It has skyrocketed after the US invasion not before. So while Hussein’s weapons did have an effect, so did US’s weapons have an effect as well.

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  26. this is sad. America should have to help pay for their medical problems along with the other countries that were there putting the poison out there.

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  28. It really amazes me to see that certain people can carry on living their lives with peace while staining their hands with the blood of millions of people! They should fear the day when all their doings is turned on them!

  29. America is to blame for all this. Who in the world gave America the “father of all nations” status. Why do they have to be the ones at the forefront of the so called world peace keeping. Their methods are have failed the lives of many and killed so many people in Iraq. Look what they have done in Iraq. Look what they have done in Lybia. Now their eyes are on Syria and Iran. These people are taking their interests (to be the world’s most powerful nation) at the expense of people lives.

    When shootings happens in America killing 12 people( e.g the colorado shooting) they cry so much and that will mek worldwide headlines. But the question is if they cry about killings in their own country why do they kill. How many people have they killed in Iraq? How many people have they killed in Lybia? How many people have they killed in Afganstan? We need to unite against this people

    • Take your ass back to whatever country you came from, or find another country to live in. Go live in the Middle East yourself, preferably in one of the countries you just listed.

      • Maria, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and Gunners is doing just that, if we are not prepared to listen, accept and learn from others point of view then we are saying this behaviour of our governments is acceptable, which it is not. Unfortunately the USA is one of the most powerful countries, thus giving it a certain ‘Big headedness’ when it comes to sanctions and votes. And if the smaller countries don’t oblige to what the ruling parties want at that time, then all hell breaks lose. Gunner does make a sad but true point with the shootings in the US. We cry at loss of our own and look for someone to blame. More than often without proof.

      • I am American myself. I see the horrible things that the US has done. How can you not care? And I am not a liberal, so don’t start with the leftist/liberal insults - I’ll just laugh.

      • Okay? I don’t see your point in telling anyone “go find another country to live in.” Do you think anyone is going to go live in another country just because you curse at them and tell them to? The U.S. government is not allowed to just deport people for disagreeing with it - this is a democracy. If you don’t believe in democracy, perhaps you’re the one who should go find another country to live in.

    • So Saddam Hussein didn’t use chemical weapons on his own Kurdish people ? Gee remember that? about 5000 died and maybe this would also create some birth defects in the one’s that survive…. I’m no expert but maybe it got into the water supply,…. I’m sure there’s lot of propaganda on both sides as there is in all wars, but let’s blame America for everything is just plain stupid

  30. ya blame it all on bush and cheney. its our fucked up societies fault. look at Hiroshima. can you blame that on them to?

      • Are you sure about that?
        Or was it all neatly retold for the glory of the US His-story?
        The NWO plot spans many generations of ‘Old Money’ families who pass on power and wealth to their children, in exchange for their burnt miserable souls.
        Perhaps any country who goes up against the US, France or the UK has reason. They are most likely just trying to stand up to the school yard bullies!

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  32. Iraq War,it’s totaly Mistake. This is Bush & Cheny’s Plan for Oil. We destroyed Iraq & we lost so many Man & Women Soldiers of America. Who Gain? Two Bush & Cheny. We need justice about this,we didn’t find any Nuclear in Iraq. Why ???

    • Nina, it wasn’t just about oil… until Americans and the rest of the world learn about the financial ponzee scheme established at the Breton-Woods agreement of 1944 in New Hampshire that is kept in place by the military of NATO countries the whole world is liable to fall for the same “let’s give democracy to these oppressed people using bombs” logic that has caused so much bloodshed and misery in Iraq, LIbya, and soon to be Syria/Iran. Please, everybody needs to do their own research on a few terms: “petro-dollar”, “new world order”, and “money masters.”

      I noticed on this website their is a section called “Obama-birther nonsense”… unfortunately President Obama is complacent in all of this and is only allowed to keep his office because he is cooperative with the real powers that be that are behind the Federal Reserve. (don’t believe me?… do some research into it) The sooner my brothers and sisters on the so-called “left” wake up and stop wasting their time protecting a faker the sooner we can come together as a people to call for the changes that need to happen to heal this country and the world.

      • My sense is that the intent of the Power Elite was/is to reduce through extermination 7 billion humans to a population of 500,000 through infanticide and genocide. These pictures illustrate their intent to rule “by any means necessary” through the annihilation of consciousness. We as a people should use these photographs the Power Elite’s capacity for wickedness and Satanic cruelty.

      • So very TRUE. The FEDERAL RESERVE is correct. BUT, please specify who and what this EVIL FORCE is behind the Federal reserve as the Atheist Zionists who also KILLED FFK for not going along with the Zionist LOBBY who is BEHING all the FILTH in the world today. EVIL.

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