Environmentalists Becoming Hysterical As “Climate Change” Scam Falls Apart

(Refreshing News) The “Climate Change/Global Warming” crowd is reaching the point of hysteria. Fewer and fewer people are taking them seriously anymore.

Their drastic, proposed global regulations are being rejected by many countries around the world.
And, many of their dire predictions just haven’t come true – the computer models upon which they base their alarmism have proven to be false.
All of this rejection is making them more desperate and looney.

Now, they are proposing bizarre solutions to stop the non-existent “global warming” that isn’t happening.
Teaparty.org reports:
(Bloomberg) – As talks aimed at slowing global warming drag on, researchers are pushing new ideas that some are calling last-ditch attempts to avert the worst effects of climate change.
Some proposals are uncontroversial, such as using charcoal to lock carbon dioxide into soil or scattering carbon-absorbing gemstones. Richard Branson, the billionaire chairman of Virgin Group Ltd., has offered a $25 million prize for the best solution in the field known as geoengineering.
Other ideas to cool the planet have scientists worried about unintended consequences. There are proposals, untested at scale and with uncertain costs, to block the sun’s rays with airborne particles or seed the oceans with carbon-absorbing iron. That they’re even being considered reveals both frustration over government inaction and skepticism that policy alone will solve the problem.
And, this is called “mainstream” by the national media!  No wonder no one trusts either the nightly news or the government anymore.
Teaparty.org gives more details:
“For the last 20 to 30 years, governments, at the back of their minds, have assumed that mitigation is the main way forward,” said Mark Maslin, a fellow at the U.K.’s Royal Geographical Society. Researchers now realize that the planet needs “other urgent ways of dealing with CO2.”
Interest in geoengineering comes after two decades of United Nations talks that have yet to produce a global climate-change agreement. Envoys from about 200 nations will meet December in Paris, where they’re expected to finalize a pact to curb carbon emissions.
So what are these crazy ideas that are being pushed now?  Teaparty.org explains:
Tinkering with the planet’s climate may carry more risk than efforts to reduce carbon emissions, said David Titley, a professor in Pennsylvania State University’s department of meteorology.
“Climate intervention involves techniques that are of high and unknown risk,” he said. “The risks for mitigation and adaptation are understood and manageable.”
Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge began in 2007 and announced 11 finalists in 2011. The winner must be able to remove 1 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere annually for 10 years and be economically viable, among other criteria. Branson hasn’t said when the prize will be awarded, if ever.
The goal is to “find true breakthroughs and hopefully create new ways of attacking the climate change problem,” Branson said in an interview.
“CO2 reduction at any sufficient scale is unlikely to happen soon, considering the fact that the priorities of China and India are on developing their economies, and both dispose of huge coal reserves,” said Olaf Schuiling, scientific adviser at Smart Stones, one of the Earth Challenge finalists.
Smart Stones, based in the Netherlands, is working with olivine, a yellow-green mineral found abundantly in the earth’s crust. Once a favorite of Egyptian jewelery makers, olivine absorbs CO2 as it weathers. The idea is to mine olivine, crush it and scatter it over land.
A ton of olivine can capture about a ton of CO2. Cost estimates range from 3 pounds to 41 pounds ($4.60 to $63) a ton. “I could make sure that every year as much CO2 is absorbed by this method as is emitted by humans,” he said.

There you go – to save the planet we all need to scatter little green rocks everywhere!  Sounds like something out of the Wizard of Oz.  But it gets even more silly as teaparty.org reveals:

Another finalist is Zurich-based Climeworks AG, which is developing mobile systems to capture CO2 in filters. The gas is injected into greenhouses to promote plant growth or used in carbonated drinks.
The Biochar Co., also a finalist, takes waste wood from lumber mills and bakes it at high temperatures to produce biochar, a black compost-like material that can be added to soil to boost its quality and productivity.
Biochar also locks CO2 into soil for hundreds or even thousands of years. For every pound (454 grams) of biochar added to soil, about 1.5 pounds of CO2 is sequestered, the company said.
This reminds me of the old tales of the “rainmaker” in America’s 19th century midwest and west.  During times of drought, the “rainmaker” would come into town and offer to make it rain for a price.
The desperate and gullible farmers would pay the price and hope for the best.  During the night, the “rainmaker” would silently slip away and go onto the next dry town.
It was a scam then just like these goofy ideas are money-making scams now.
If some eccentric billionaire offered you $25 million dollars to invent something to help the planet, it might make all of us into instant inventors.
And, of course gullible politicians like President Obama might just throw billions of taxpayer dollars at similar scams. (Solyndra comes to mind.)
I’m just waiting for some Hollywood type to latch on to one of these scams and hold a telethon to promote it.  Maybe they could have a special holiday where everyone holds their breath for 30 seconds to reduce the amount of CO2 breathed out by humanity.
Whatever the case, when you mix irrational environmentalism with big “green” bucks, this is what you get.

8 thoughts on “Environmentalists Becoming Hysterical As “Climate Change” Scam Falls Apart

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  2. Here is the cold hard truth to everyone who knows or are being arrogant to it: climate change is a real thing and governments and scientists (within the field) are attempting to stop further destruction of our planet. If you choose not to study the effects of carbon emissions and rather not burden yourself of this knowledge, than do not propagate lies and assumptions to the younger generation; as they are the ones who will inherit the Earth.

  3. yadda, yadda, yadda … David: you’ve swallowed and regurgitated the standard propaganda well enough, thank you! But here’s the cold, hard truth: CO2-induced CAGW is BULLSHIT!


    … and it comes as no surprise that the whole dog-and-pony-show of CAGW was started by nuclear lobbyists in the first place. Learn how CAGW began and which globalists are pushing it today because they stand to reap obscene profits: tinyurl.com/Corporate-Climate-­­Coup

    They’ve created a lobbying entity, the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), including key players in the initial effort, like BP, Dupont, Exxon, and added others, including GE, Alcoa, Caterpillar, Duke Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Florida Power & Light, PNM, the New Mexico and Texas utility, as well as Bill Gates’ Cascade Investments and Goldman Sachs. When fucking GOLDMAN SUCKS tells you it’ll “save the planet/climate” you’d better start to think again …

    Worrying about the non-problem of CAGW while pushing nuclear power as a “green solution” (which is Obama’s and Gore’s preferred story) is like fretting about a dripping faucet in your basement while the house is burning down!

    Just remember this: Environmental scientists working from the CO2 climate hypothesis want post-industrial atmospheric CO2 to be large for the same reason they want their penises to be large. The question is: Compared to what?

    • um, yea…you have no idea what you’re talking about either. Saying climate change isn’t a real thing is just discarding an inconvenient truth under a rug and hope that it doesn’t happen. I suppose you believe the use of airconditioners and refrigeration units don’t produce hydro flouro-carbons which is actively deteriorating the ozone layer.
      The use such events to monetize it is a completely different thing. Genetically modified organic (GMO) products are good in theory, but bad in practice because the greed of humans will try and exploit everything.

      So you think it’s propaganda because the use of dead organic material, produced by the largest money making corporations in the world, is a bad thing? Scientists around the world are all saying it’s destroying the planet and affecting all living things, it must be propaganda by the oil companies. Smart.

  4. wow this guy is an idiot who hasn’t studied the most basic of chemistry and biology. Maybe I misunderstood the point of this message, but is this guy still on the bandwagon that Climate Change isn’t real?

    • You think magic rocks and portable scrubbers are going to stop it? Climate change has been going on for BILLIONS of years and yet it suddenly is our fault. Because a small group of people pushing an agenda are only going back a hundred years and using lopsided numbers to back their claims but when you go back a few thousand you see that the fluctuations we are experiencing are common. What I would personally worry about is the fact that our star charts from the 60s don’t match what we are currently seeing which means our Earth has shifted. That right there will cause more disruption than any amount of CO2 (a gas that without life could not exist as we know it) is going to cause.

      • lol magic rocks. The only people who are trying to stop the dissemination of climate change awareness are large corporations who wants to continue to cut down large amounts of trees and does not want to pay or worry about a carbon tax. Why would people lie to you that we’re messing up the world by the use of our luxuries?

        Just look up the UNFCCC and the Kyoto protocol. Every developed country around the world except the US has agreed to lower their carbon emission output. In 2010 the UK has experienced a giant energy crisis due to them closing down coal plants and has been the lowest carbon emission generating country. Since 2014 China has agreed to decrease their carbon emission output. Hell China is now in the process of developing a photosynthesizing carbon, essentially creating a full recycling system.

        The amount of CO2 there is in the air has saturated the oceans drastically, causing ocean acidification and killing off the coral reef system. A large chunk of Antarctica has recently broken off due to warm oceans flowing down south.

        Yes climate change has been going on, but not at the rate we have currently caused it to do. What worries me the most is that there are many people easily influenced in this world and we have a tendency to believe things which are more comfortable to hear. And people like you who are promulgating assumptions without any scientific background are causing the spread of ignorance, which by all means is horrendous crime.

        Climate Change is a real thing and you have not placed any effort into researching any proof otherwise.

      • Btw the star charts you’re referring to may be indicated by the fact that time gets slower as you move further away from a “large” mass (i.e. time moves a fraction of a second slower in the outer atmosphere of Earth, than it is does on the surface).

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