Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!

Whatever is on the controlled US state-run news, let it be known that the AmeriKan populous is purposely designed to be witness of the event.

Words can’t describe how bad of a hoax the Virginia Shooting was. A guy walks up within feet of the woman he supposedly kills and stands there for over 20 seconds pointing a pistol and a camera at her …and she doesn’t even notice him?

Not only does she not notice, but the woman being interviewed and the cameraman somehow fail to notice him too. This is also assuming there were no other crew there apart from these two employees.

The woman’s reaction to being shot is laughable at best (wake up sheeple). Your world is scripted.

By showing this LIVE people will assume it is real. But anyone with brain cells left can clearly see its all TOTAL BULLSHIT (no statistics available on the amount of the US population who’ve lost their brain cells via MSM propaganda, however, I’m certain the Tavistock Institution has that information).

Why doesn’t the gunman utter one word in the 45 seconds he is there?

Of course most people will feel sorry for our wonderful US state-run media, who would NEVER lie to us, when one of their own is murdered by these CRAZY GUNS and hence the need for gun control. (getting old)

This is another hoax for the ongoing attempt at a gun grab and also a diversion to the BS that’s going on in the world right now e.g Global Economic Crisis, the Ponzi scheme called Wall Street, Forced Vaccinations: SB277 PASSED and (ones on the way for adults, too), the War on Syria for another regime change,  etc etc.

“In the cam video, it showed plainly that no bullet struck the female reporter. She did not react physically. She never winced, fell back, bent over or even grab at the wound to which everyone does. There was no blood, no rips, no hole or any sign that a bullet had hit her at all. Not only that, she remained upright, turned and ran away full speed with no sign of injury.” – PK

WATCH: I mean, every shooter brings his own camera to actually record the event for a LIVE performance on the MSM propaganda machine:

Per CNN, as usual, they use Zionist Wolf Blitzer as their pawn to exploit the lies; seriously, he’s not that bad of an actor. See here:

Then Hilary Clinton, as if right on cue, comes in calling for anti-gun legislation (the gun grab I posted about on August 21st regarding how the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized against a populous in preparation of the next false flag shooting). See Hilary’s performance here:

Source: A Sheep No More

Now after reading the above, I’d like to add what actually threw up the red flag for me. Below are two photos, one is a still shot of the POV video supposedly filmed by the shooter and the other is the still shot that was supposedly taken from the news crew’s cameraman as he lay on the ground. Notice that in the POV photo, the shooter’s hand is white, and so is his arm. Does his arm start turning black after the sleeve starts? Highly unlikely. Also notice he’s wearing a blue plaid shirt. In the second photo from the camerman’s view, it shows a black man with all black clothing. Someone should explain that to us. A wardrobe change in the middle of this filming? Highly unlikely.

You decide.

new crew shooting white

new crew shooting black

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138 thoughts on “Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!

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  2. Anyone who thinks this is fake is a flat out idiot! I live here, I work where this happen.I have lived in this town my entire life. I watched this news channel almost everyday!! These are real people and this is something real and horrible that happened to our small town. If you dont believe it come take a look at all the new wood that had to be replaced by the owners and his son due to all the blood. Look near Moosies where you can see where bullets hit the wall. Or go meet the survivor Vicky and talk to her and see how amazing she is and how she was able to walk up stairs at Mangos on her own to give a speech. If you honestly believe that none of this happen I pity you. Have some respect!

  3. either we only care when no name actors get killed, the media only interviews no name actors, or no name actors know hoaxing is the only way they will ever make money in the business. No one else finds it odd that after every event like this it turns out all the people involved are bit part actors from the past?

  4. If you cannot watch this and find it incredulous, inauthentic, surreal, nonsensical and inorganic, then you probably are incapable of judging things in such a manner, and should either learn how, or stop polluting the internet with your stupid theories about how it could be real. You are doing nothing but stalling, wasting time, wasting energy, wasting your mind. You’re late to the party, you’re blind to the big picture and you’re going to be crushed by people who know more, see more and apparently are smarter than you. You claim you’re intelligent? THEN YOU SHOULD KNOW THE ANSWER HERE. NOT DIFFERENTIAL POLYNOMIALS.

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  7. Can you explain Adam Wards open casket viewed by hundreds of people ? This is not like Sandy Hook where the people involved were all unknowns and a bunch of childrens photos with names attached. These two people were well known personalities in the local area especially Adam Ward. So the families are well known and would have to be in on it. Right ? Do you really think that the family would want to dupe friends and neighbours they have known for years people who trust them ?
    That said I still call bs on that boyfriend and bs on the idea that someone shot in the chest and the head could run away screaming in a high pitched voice.

      • No. The ignorance, brainwashing is thick, thick like syrup by now. It’s like trying to talk someone out of a cult.

      • No change in wardrobe.. Its a difference in camera color balance and picture quality and the different lighting conditions in the two shots (bright camera light in one, darker out of the light shot in the other). Use common sense people.

    • There were several billion people who saw the casket in person. My TV/Internet media source is a little more accurate. I saw it too. It must be real.

    • Same shirt.. Different lighting from the two angles… and probably different color balance on the two cameras. These things can always be explained by common sense.

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  9. I don’t know. But I just googled “WDBJ Alison Parker”, and this reporter has never been in any news report until this shooting. In google you can do an advanced search so I searched 6/1/2012 to 6/1/2015. There are several and most are weird, like this one: (NOTE THE DATE)
    WDBJ Journalist Alison Parker and Photographer Adam ……/119279-WDBJ-Journalist-Alison-Parker-and-Photograph…
    Jan 9, 2014 - WDBJ7 says the shooting occurred during their live shot and are asking for your … WDBJ Journalist Alison Parker and Photographer Adam Ward Shot Dead …

  10. Folks, this HOAX is the most blatantly obvious one to see through. The gay actor “boyfriend” really fucked up and sent tweets off his Twitter account at 6:32AM! a full 14min before the actual shooting of 6:46AM, the morning of. Please do your own research and see his pathetic tweets and the time stamps. That’s just one of several, nay dozens, of the most glaring and obvious errors that one would have to fully retarded not to see.

    The Daily Mail in the UK published its main story on this at 7:52AM! EST!!! yet because the story was already planted in advance, they talk about the alleged death of the shooter in hospital and mention how it occurred at 1:30PM! EST!!! Fucking psychics! and it goes on and on and on …

  11. I’m still on the fence with this one , i agree with photo discrepancies and lighting causing different colouring to an image , as someone who uses a DSLR on a amateur level i have experienced added artifacts that come from no where. (even though i realise this was recorded from a phone)

    I think it would be possible to run away after taking a shot or two and after watching the video a few times it does look like the first shot misses her completely … adrenalin and the fight for survival probably kicks in too , but then that is just my opinion having never been shot at.
    There is definitely blood in the video if you pay close attention , not much but it is present and you can even see the new spots form as they drop from the camera guy , but then i would also admit this would be pretty easy to pull off. I’m familiar with “Crisis acting” and i do not dispute its existence in the world we live in today (SANDY HOAX) various governments and secret services will also do what it takes to complete their agenda.

    I mean no disrespect to anybody who is 100% certain this happened , i am just weighing out the facts and contradictions before i make any decision on it. i have been reading loads of comments on this subject and i am liking the ingenuity of some whenever they pick up on something that isn’t just right., you got to question anything when you get more than a couple of things not adding up , we need to think with open minds.

  12. Excellent post, pal. Truly exceptional and excellent. It’s like you have ESP and read my mind. I kept thinking all day when it occurred is how utterly moronic do they think we are to fall for this garbage. This was the sloppiest hoax ever carried out, and the main question is whether it was a deliberate mockery to be so sloppy, or did they just fuck up.

  13. The shooter was black and homosexual. If this was some grand conspiracy, why would they have used somebody who reflected liberal demographics? Why not have it be a white straight conservative?

    The shooting happened, it was pure evil.

    • Because a black homosexual liberal misusing a gun hits all the political pressure points. Liberals can’t claim that Repubs cannot be trusted with guns because it wasn’t a repub. Blacks can’t carry on talking about the police brutality because we have yet another high profile killing with a black shooter, which always riles up the red team. Plus he’s homosexual so all that talk about gay marriage, rights and equality suddenly gets it’s big dose of balance because once again gay people like all other minorities can be marginalized and pressured. These are all reasons for reds to “sing with the choir” so to speak even if it’s all to push through an issue they are completely against (gun grabbing)

      • You people are so incredibly simple-minded, I am sincerely embarrassed for you. No normal, healthy person looks at someone`s race in ONE incident and applies what they get from it to ALL persons of that race normally. So it wouldn`t make sense to attempt to trigger some sort of reaction in this manner. And why would they want to uselessly trigger emotion against gay people by the few ignorant idiots or wild schizos out there?

        It just doesn`t make sense and these conspiracy theories are more a reflection of your own instability and prejudices and actually makes me very nervous that you might possibly own a gun.

      • ^^^ you know this because you were shot … let’s see … by gang-banger!!! a dozen times!! lol!

        Folks, this shill is a pathetic psychopath who’s using the step-by-step guideline of the internet shill manual. The douche is trying to dissimulate lies and confusion, and one of their tactics is fake stories. In one of the comments, this psychopath claims to have been mowed down! This is how utterly full of themselves they are: just like the crisis actors, they think people will swallow their garbage. But then again, they’re psychopaths: they take advantage of people’s natural gullibility and trust to spread falsehood. Ignore any posts from this filthy goon.

      • In response to Zach Steiner: Dude, you are too far gone. Not only do you accuse me-a regular everyday guy on the internet-of being a part of a *GASP* CONSPIRACY, you throw in fabricated details in my recounting of my close call with death. What DO you believe? Nothing, I guess. Guess that`s a er….clever way to never be taken for a fool, eh? Just claim everything is a big fat lie. Ironically, it ends up making you look both severely mentally ill and wrong, wrong, wrong.

        The guns…hand èm over.

  14. That only happens on TV when its meant to be real life his pistol was a medium caliber weapon….obviously these people have never seen a person shot in real life…adrenaline carries you a little ways before the wounds do you in….silly rabbits….

    • There are many factors involved in determining reaction to being shot. Very few people shot in the guts and twice in the back make it more than 5 feet. The first shot in this case would have expanded directly in front of her diaphragm knocking the wind out of her. In all likelihood she would have dropped the mic and collapsed. Even if she happened to be on crack and managed to run due to adrenaline she would not have been able to scream because the wind would have been knocked out of her. I know how bullets work, I have explored many wound channels. I have watched 100’s of videos people being shot because I do not want to be in that situation so I study it. Most people shot in the guts like she supposedly was go strait down. The ones that don’t are usually on drugs and knew that it was coming before they got shot = Full Adrenaline.
      Relaxed, calm people who get shot hit the ground.
      Comparing a human running after being shot to an animal is no comparison. Animals do not experience things the same way humans do.

      If you really want to understand what really happened research this and all the other shootings with a “manifesto” involved. Maybe you will have your eyes opened.
      As for those who do not wish to know the truth, do not want others to know the truth and who propagate a lie. Your time will come and you will answer for your iniquity and you will be ashamed.
      There is a very real conspiracy to disarm the American people, disband America and usher in a One World fascist dictatorship.
      Nearly every mass shooting and mass casualty event is staged to advance this goal.

      You have been informed. The rest is your duty as a human being not to participate in the lie.

      • Okay, so it was staged or fake. Then where are all the people involved? They just move to another city and go on with their lives? c’mon.

      • “I have watched 100’s of videos people being shot because I do not want to be in that situation so I study it.”

        That’s unhinged. Seek help.

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  16. LMFAO……u people who think this was real need to be shot ur selfs!!….REALLY??? NOT SURE IF U ARE DUMB,OR JUST PLAIN STUPID!! Typical RIGHT WING BS, WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!! CANT BELIVE PEOPLE ARE THIS DAMN STUPID NOW A DAYS!!! IM MEAN HELL RAY CHARLES COULD’VE SEEN THIS WAS SCRIPTED!! They want u fools to keep your mind off of what is really going on how odd that wall st crashed that same day?They want u stupid ass people to fall into that race bs !!


      • @@@ FAH Q, As you might already know(because you are erudite): ” One can NOT KILL *STUPID* ! It’s hard to engage in a battle of information with uninformed, thus, unarmed opponents.(Especially those who would kill the messenger without understanding the MESSAGE.) Like the one that posted a comment(Blowme).

      • ******REALLY, Blowturd…that’s ALL you HAVE????most shills and trolls can’t get BEYOND spelling and/or grammar.Take you, for example.

    • I have never actually been shot. However, I have been shot at. Was moving my car into my driveway one night when a car screeched round the corner, stopped right next to mine and fired three shots all of which missed me. My reaction to just being shot at was VERY different than what I`d ever think would happen. Before this occurred, I`d picture the blood draining from my face, my heart pounding, and instinctively yelling “pleeeeease nooooo!!!!!” and putting up my hands in a defensive manner. This is what actually happened: I saw the car screeching round the corner and stopping parallel to mine. I felt no fear yet. The rear window rolled down and I saw a hooded figure emerge. No fear yet. He had something in his hands and right at the moment I realized it was a gun, he fired. I motioned during the first and second shots in a defensive manner. Still NO fear. In fact, what came out of my mouth during those first two shots was “HEY!!!!” As in “hey, wtf!!?”

      Third shot rang out and for whatever reason, reacted as if I had been hit. I think they thought I was hit and sped off. That`s when the fear set in BIG TIME. I got out of my car and went into the house white as a ghost and trembling like a leaf. I kept chanting “Oh my god, oh my god”. I called the police to file a police report and when the officer arrived, I went back outside and say two bullet holes on the driver`s side door of my car. One would have struck my lower legs or feet had it penetrated through the door. The second would have struck either my groin, abdomen, or thigh and is the bullet I believe they thought struck me, possibly fatally since I did this strange burst-like motion as if I had been hit.

      It makes COMPLETE sense the reactions of all involved in the video of the shooting of the camera crew and interviewee.

      Oh, and my dad was across the street moving his car into our driveway too when the incident occurred. His reaction was more bizarre than mine. As I exited the car shaking like a leaf and white as a ghost, he looked at me with a “are u OK?” expression. He followed me inside the house and asked what was the matter, I turned to him and asked “What, you didn`t fucking notice???? You didn`t hear anything? Are you FUCKING SERIOUS????” Oh he saw and heard it alright, but he just thought it was a bunch of teenagers driving erratically and someone lighting firecrackers in the distance.

      Had my attempted murder by a group of gangsters been filmed that night and broadcast live, the conspiracy nutjobs would have a field day with it.My reaction would be deemed very unrealistic and my dad be labelled a real bad crisis actor, to be sure.

      • Hey, retard, do you know why these false-flags and hoaxes keep occurring? Because scumbags and low-lives like you keep believing them and falling for them like full-blown fucking retards.

        Now you could just be a shill, but most likely you’re one of those cowardly douches or cunts too afraid of the Truth, who lives through life in an unconscious state like a half-drone half-beast mutant hybrid. Grow the fuck up and inform yourself. Wake the fuck up. How old are, 12? Life ain’t Mickey Mouse and Disney anymore, you dumb cunt. Stop watching the Kardashians, and be so obsessed with that other mutant Bruce Jenner. Become a productive and enlightened citizen who upholds Truth. Enough with the scumbag-cunt duo/combo act. Google and YouTube are your fucking friends: use them. This fucking HOAX had been thoroughly debunked and exposed. So less fucking Kardashians and more growing up. Stupid cunt.

      • I didn’t even read the fake story at first, but what a fucking pathetic attempt. You know what, you are a paid shill. Get lost you pathetic fucking coward. No one believes you, and your fake story is so blatantly transparent as to be laughable. Did you honestly think people are stupid enough to believe that story? Hey you know what? I once got stabbed twelve times with a Samurai sword! Yeppers! right through the heart! But then again, I was staying at the Holiday Inn.

        Robbie Parker from Sandy Hoax, err, Hook for El Presidente!

      • Not sure what pills Zack Steiner forgot to take this morning, but I appreciate your story, man. Some people watch too many movies, and think that makes them experts on shootings. Just remember, no matter what these crazies try and convince you of, you’ve got first-hand experience. You know better than they do.

  17. I worked in intelligence for 3 years. What the analysts could tell you about how the world is really run would blow you away. The media is DOMINATED by the intel agencies. They control what you see and what you think. They call this technique, “reality management” and “the strategy of tension”. The people on here who are insulting those who actually think critically and investigate these fake shootings have an enormous amount to learn about how things really work. What they report in the news is a lie, all of it. And you fools lap it up like the reports are from God. We have all been psy oped since birth by the intelligence community via their lackey, the mass media. It’s mass brainwashing. But if you want to be stubborn and continue to live in the fantasy world the intel agencies have created for us all, a land of fiction and fairy tales, go ahead. (Now, narrow minded trolls, please commence the laughable insults in my direction; I would enjoy them for a good laugh)

    • What’s the best way to objectively reveal whether the shooting was real or a hoax? Vicki Gardner was shot in the back; is she wounded, or not? If I were her in this situation, I’d pull back the dressings from the surgery and show the healing wound…unless of course those were blanks, and this was a hoax. Where are Alison, Adam, and Vester if this was a hoax? I’m not out to attack one opinion or the other; it just seems reasonable to actually know what really happened beyond all doubt.

      To me, it would actually be a relief if it turns out to be a fake shooting. As much as all the disregard for our constitutional rights and the deception ticks me off, I’d much rather see a failed hoax attempt than three people killed, including the shooter, and one wounded. No matter how aggressively they come after my right to defend myself, I can’t help but care about them, regardless of how much I disagree with their position.

      If we get to the point that we would rather see people dead because of their political agenda, then we will have lost our sense of humanity, and then what would be left worth fighting for? If this was real, and they are dead, then I am incapable of adequately expressing how grieved I am at their loss and what their family and friends are going through, even having not known them.

      Chris Hurst I really don’t understand, though. I’ve watched some of the interviews, and his behavior just doesn’t make sense. We’re all different and everything, but imagining myself in that situation, I wouldn’t be able to get two words out. He looks and sounds like nothing happened until he starts a fake looking/sounding choke up. Kind of gave me the creeps.

      • Because if you were in a hospital, wounded, you’d happily tear off the bandages? That’s insane.

        Naturally, from reading what I’m seeing here, that wouldn’t be enough. “It’s so obviously make-up and special effects! That wound is totally CGI or latex! Oh, wait, she’s a reptillian under that fake skin!”

        I also find the whole idea of “false flag” shootings laughable just on the so-called merits. You people think it’s a conspiracy to… do what, exactly? Take your guns away? Because if that’s the case, you need to notice that how after every massacre/shooting, gun ownership laws get looser, not more restrictive. It becomes “NRA opposite day” where they claim what’s needed is MORE guns, to the point where the qualifications for a conceal-carry permit can be had by a pet beagle.

        It’s healthy to be suspicious of the motives of those in power, be it public or private, but this kind of stuff is an illness that exists to boost the egos of those with overactive imaginations.

      • I agree with someguy. Just like yàll think there is something “off” about the shooting and the story, I think there is something “off” about those who chant about how this is a conspiracy. I get the distinct feeling they are just not well in the head. Don`t get me wrong, a lot of those who claim this is a conspiracy I bet are normal people who watch too many horror or action films and allow themselves be convinced it`s a conspiracy because it looks like nothing they are used to seeing on the big screen. In other words, I get the feeling the conspiracy theorists who lead the pack and preach passionately about this being a hoax to be the most “off,” and they always come off as quite creepy and unstable.

        But here`s what gets me, this is called a hoax on the basis that the motive here is gun control. The nutty gun lovers get up in arms….but why? Who in their right mind, would say no to gun control? Gun control in the sense of control over who get them, NOT control over our lives and our rights.

        It seems pretty obvious to me why these people come off so schizophrenic; they jump to wild conclusions over something so minor. It is the classic sihn of mental illness. They produce a hoax in order to rile up the public. The up in arms public enact crusades for gun control. Politicians listen and agree and acts on the will of the people. They pass laws that remove and make highly illegal the possession of any gun by anyone at all. That, my friends, is the biggest hole in the argument…the wild leap from laws designed to control the gun ownership by those who are not right in the head to control over the American people, the sane ones, who only want to protect themselves from the nutties.

        I think the conspiracy theorists are nervous about it because THEY are the nutties and they don`t want to be without their guns. After all, some nutty person in the government might take their guns away, so they will defend that right by killing the makers of the next sly conspiracy.

        Yes, if you`re coocoo, we want to take your guns away…immediately.

      • ^^^ ah yes, the retard who claims to have been shot half dozen times … by gang bangers!!! Fer sherrrr! So how did your ridiculous story go?!? You were mowed down in a driveway as your dad watched? Took shots directly to the head too, uh?

        Here’s a perfect example of a pathetic shill folks. Read this douchebag’s posts and see how they operate. It’s actually sad, but most are paid for the task, typically ranging from $12-15 per hour through DHS, the same folk who hire the crisis actors. Anyway, just like the cheesy ridiculous crisis actors, you will one how fake and contrived their posts are.

  18. So are you saying the people are still alive? The hoax is that some white guy came up and pretended to shoot these people and they did a poor acting job. Is the guy they said did it still alive or was he killed by the government and now the people that were ‘supposedly’ killed living off government payoff in another country or something?

    • The teacher who ‘died’ protecting the lives of Sandy Hook children was also a witness at the Boston Bombing. How does that work? Look it up!

      • Sandy Hoax. Please refer to it as Sandy Hoax. Language and its usage is crucial. The psychopaths in charge use language to its full potential as a mind control technique. It’s time we turned the table on them.

      • Thats simply not true.. superficial resemblances between people dont make them the same person. Anyone who actually wants to research these people could find plenty of evidence that they were separate people with separate lives.

    • Highly possible. Virginia is close to CIA HQ and this could easily be a set up using agents who could disappear after this op. Or possibly they were shot by an agent and the odd looking, unstable ex-employee was set up/shot/disappeared. Either way this is not what it appears in the MSM. The shooter was white, CNN and SKY refused to show clips from the ‘shooters perspective’ when this was exposed. They also completely dropped the story from headlines 2 days after the event, clearly due to inconsistencies. Journalists filming the scene of the ‘suicide’ were also forced to delete their footage, being told that it could be used as “evidence.” It fits in perfectly with the anti-gun agenda and gives Hillary an opportunity to speak on something aside from emails.

      • The whole he was white thing is so fucking stupid, I can hardly stand it! Skin tone is NEVER constant and all of you know that. Depending on what angle you`re viewing from, skin can definitely go from looking darker at some angles to looking ivory white at others. The suspect himself was not very dark skinned and was much more on the lighter side so his skin will show as very bright in broad daylight and even with some overcast. Yet another WILD leap from extremely poor evidence. The hand looks visually light, so it`s a white guy. Come on! The paranoid schizos need their meds and their guns taken away from them…IMMEDIATELY.

      • ^^^ Hey, cunt … no one buys the act. Why waste your time? Here’s a tip, and I really shouldn’t because it will help you, but what the hell: your posts are too contrived as to be real. They ALL sound fake, as you are. Lose the whole “I was shot by gang bangers … ” act. Seriously, did you really think anyone would believe such a ludicrous and fucked up lie?

        The other one is that you copy-and-paste these ridiculous gun control brochure lines, and it’s pretty transparent. Anyway, you need a lot of practice. Just fuck off, and if this your paid job, then do something more honourable than spreading lies and garbage. If you really believe what you say, then garbage and filth does run through your arteries and veins. Remember, it’s psychopaths like you who cause so much grief and suffering in the world.

    • However, improbable, what is left must be the answer. I do not know how they handle the actors and witnesses. Probably set them up nice in Fiji, Canada, some small town, or pluck them from prison and nobody remembers them when they finish their shortened sentence. Plastic surgery, witness protection, sleeper neighborhoods. Or they use people who have some terminal disease. Or they just WHACK them, as sadistic as that seems. Either way they have to be dumber than a box of rocks to endanger themselves, take on this kind of liability. There’s probably a community where they all live together, so they can be watched. And MONEY.

  19. I agree fully watched a different video where they broke it down and my brother just died on July 4 was shot in the back if his head while running from a police officer and he died instantly and at the scene because I was out there was blood so without a doubt if she get shot point blank range her ass would be laid tf out and nobody was outraged when my brother was shot in the back of his head by police officers but these people apparently died .. got to be kidding me

    • She didnt get shot in the head right away… the first shots that were on camera were not the kill shots.. common sense people.. geez.

      • My hands are itchin and tinglin to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY IMMEDIATELY. Beware…I am the gun stealer and I will come in shadow of night and remove your guns from your possession…for the greater good.

      • ^^^ you know what, I would love to bash your teeth in in real life if I ever met you. It’s lying psychopaths like you who have made the world how it is. Put it this way: you’re the disease … and I’m the cure! Boooyaaa!

  20. The person who wrote this this disgusting. This article is so disrespectful to the lives that were lost and the ones who loved them that were forever altered by on selfish and twisted individual.

    So, you say the way in which the entire event unfolded didn’t make sense? Okay, “Doctor”, so tell me what makes sense inside the head of an extremely disturbed and sick person? Oh, nothing does. You’re right.

    I am all about conspiracies from the left and right, but this one? This is so disrespectful that it is bordering on the disturbed.

    • Isn’t it just as disrespectful to ask questions about 9/11? That’s a very stupid rationale for not asking questions. Someone will always find them offensive. People don’t care at all about offending the families of drone victims by claiming they were terrorists when they weren’t. This post is totally irrelevant.

    • Whats to respect? I don’t respect those actors any more than I respect you or the government that hired you to troll and shill for them.

    • Are you for fucking real? The cunt who was acting as the reporter ran on cue based on the script. Her name is Alison Blaine or Baines or some other fucking combo. She was using Parker for the stunt. The boyfriend is a pedophile who was acting in this skit as part of his plea agreement. He’s actually gay, and has no interest in women. Wake the fuck up.

      • ^^And he really believes that too. Not only that, he made it all up based on the weakest stereotypes and assumptions taken from his own prejudices and schizo paranoia. I hope his guns will be taken away from him…IMMEDIATELY.

      • ^^^ I hope someone fucks you up the ass … immediately! No lube! lol! Remember, you’re the disease … and I’m the cure! Boooyaaaa!

        Robbie Parker from Sandy Hoax, err, Hook for El Presidenté!

      • Her career as a reporter is documented.. . she had been on the air in that city for awhile… so to say she showed up for one fake story is just asinine.

  21. Also the guy on the news says its 6:47 or something and the still of the so called killer that shows all of him is showing up as 6.00 am biggest bit of proof yet! Wake up people!

      • You are deciding the shirt wasn`t the same shirt by what again? Oh yes, it looks all black from another perspective. I`ve seen many videos of objects in the sky that look bright and shiny. I call them unidentified flying objects. The conspiracy theorists would call those same objects alien spacecraft from outer space. I will take your guns away now…HAND ÈM OVER.

      • ^^^ You’re the disease … I’m the cure! Look stop being a psychopath, and become a decent human being. This hoax has been so thoroughly debunked and exposed, that there’s no need to comment on it further.

        Please, please, lose the whole “I was gunned down by gang bangers” act. It sounds retarded, and astounding fake. Come up with a better one, oh, I don’t know, “I was accidentally shot during a hunting trip.” At least it’s a bit more believable.

        Folks, please google “attributes of an internet shill” or “tactics of an internet shill” to see the step-by-step m.o. The scumbag above uses the guidelines to the letter. It’s classic textbook, and it will help those not familiar with these rotten vermin see how these psychopaths try to deceive and dissimilulate confusion.

  22. The only thing that I see as being questionable here is that it does not look like she was hit by any of the shots fired. However, the video quality is very bad. Perhaps this guy was a bad shot as well and none of the bullets hit her until she was out of the picture. White hands, blue flannel/ black man, black shirt? He is a fairly light skinned black man. It looks to me like he had his flannel unbuttoned. And if you look at the still shot of the shooter closely, you will notice that you can see that he has the flannel on. It’s unbuttoned…look at the cuffs. I agree with the bad lighting side of this argument. I can see how one might come to the conclusion that this tragic event was a hoax. But come on, really dude? I’m the type who will buy into a conspiracy theory every now and then….but this is just stupid. Lay off of whatever medication you’re on. It’s making you way too paranoid!! LOL

    • This was in no way a hoax. The family of the ex-employee (who sued the Station for firing him bc of his race), even expressed their condolences. The killer planned this, he knew they were in love with other’s at the station, he couldn’t stand the fact that he was not working there & went nuts. He faxed a 23 page explanation of the event to the Headquarters Tuesday night. If one can see, Alison clearly is fearing her life, she scream and screams omg, and that’s it, Adam had already been shot the camera was still rolling live as the camera dropped, leaving one to see the killer with the gun. I find the fact that anyone would even share the thought that this is hoax, so disrespectful and tasteless. Think about their families & friends, they have to wake up & see this nonstop on TV & online; however, to see someone say their family member did not act a certain way as she was killed, I just can’t even with mindless people. Think!!!!!

  23. Ive been shot from 50 yds away by a 22 caliber rifle much smaller but higher velocity. I knew i was shot the impact spun me around it was like getting hit with a hammer. I was bleeding immediately,there is something weird about this…

    • Exactly! No reaction from those being shot, no blood, no shell casings and video is remarkably clear, it is obviously NOT the camera man shooting this video, hard to believe the shooter had the presence of mind to shoot it.

  24. Explain to us what REAL proof you have! It sounds like you were there witnessing it all. How could the camera guy notice someone BEHIND them? His camera is on his right side which usually means his left eye would be closed. From this distance, how can you tell there were no bullet holes in her clothing? I kinda wonder myself how the reporter or the other lady didn’t see him but I also think that they are in a public area of business so they probably assume it’s someone passing by AND they are talking to each other while on camera so they will be focused on each other.

    • If you believe the joke that passed off as a real story, you’re gone. You’re brainwashed beyond help. You’re in some kind of cult, and we can’t get you out. If you can’t see how fake that thing is, even without all the additional circumstantial B.S., then god help us.

  25. There are pics of the woman who was ‘killed’ and her ‘lover.’ You know, the one that didn’t act like he just lost his lover. Like her father who didn’t act like his daughter was just shot. Yeah, those 2.

    Anyway, the photo shows the ‘couple’ with fake wounds from some sort of crisis actor meeting. Not too weird at all, right?

    No blood. Nobody cries. Nobody died.

  26. I agree it’s odd that he filmed his own shootings. I can’t say I agree with this just being a gun grab, but it does make me wonder what the camera man was doing while the guy kept shooting at the girl? I can’t re watch the video now but if I remember correctly it was three or four shots before it went dark.

  27. Your strongest claim is the shirt “change” which can be photographically explained in a multitude of ways… not the least of which being low image quality, angle, white balance or poor lighting. Being a professional photographer, I can tell you that this sort of optical illusion is not only common in digital photography, but something that any professional photographer has had to deal with at one stage or another.
    And as a hunter, your other claim of “she didn’t flinch” falls so far to the wayside that it is almost unworthy of being addressed…
    However, for the sake of those who do not know better, any hunter who has spent time in the field (and not just on a gun range) can tell you that many times an animal will simply not appear to have felt the shot that just tore their lungs out… they stand there for a moment, then take off at full gallop… only to collapse moments later.
    Youtube is also rife with “thieves get their comeuppance” videos showing thieves being shot to death by store owners… and they don’t appear to have even noticed the shot that kills them.

    Sir, what a disgusting example of a human being you are. Seeing hoaxes and blurting your inanely ridiculous lack of empathy without thought or consideration for truth behind the facts….

    • As an infantryman of multiple deployment’s people don’t always flinch when shot or there brain can’t cope with all the fear when they do and they don’t know they are shot. So he is invalid and so is his rant

      • As a former infantryman myself, there is no way that she would be shot 3 times point blank range with a .45 calibre handgun, without dropping immediately, with noticable blood loss. The muzzle velocity alone would be enough to knock her over on the first shot. Numerous shootings are posted online, and the victim when shot in the upper body, falls over after a direct shot to the chest. She is not a big-game animal, but a 120 lb. woman. Have some sense before you post.

    • She is not a big game animal but a 120 lb woman! There is no way she wouldn’t be knocked over being shot point blank by a .45. And where is the blood? Many other shooting victims when shot once in the chest have profound blood loss immediately. She was supposedly shot 3 times on the video. The first time I saw the video, from both the shooter and the cameraman, I said there is something seriously wrong here.

      • You are absolutely right. If she was shot three times, point blank, with a .45 Glock, she would most likely have reacted and there would likely be noticeable blood loss.

        Unless you’ve a source that I haven’t seen yet, we dont’ know how many times she was actually struck. It may have only been once….

        And more importantly… it was a 9mm Glock.

      • 120lb is pretty normal for a deer…and they can run 100 yards easy after a shot from a large-caliber rifle directly in their heart.

        Even female deer.

        But I guess small-caliber handguns are like instant death-rays when used on human women, right?

    • I agree with you completely on this. I also live in Roanoke where these people are from and this is a fairly small town where everyone knows someone. I have friends that know these people and I can assure you all, this was not a hoax. I also have a passion for photography and a bit of experience in that area and what you are stating is very factual. Furthermore his handling of the gun shows a level of inexperience which leads me to believe he missed the first shots as he was jerking the weapon to counter recoil which results in very inaccurate shots even at close range.

  28. Yup.
    The veil is thinning due to thier carelessness. But that appears to be part of the scheme as well, how could Mr. ROBOT tv show be cancelled for having the same event happen on thier final episode?

  29. I think this article must be a joke, sort of something you’d see in those “news parody” sites. When deer are shot, a lot of times they take off running as though there were no injury, only to die a short while later. Why should we assume that a shooter has to say something while committing a murder? Why should we think that three people who are focused on their tasks at hand would notice a pistol a few feet away where they are not even looking? It’s not like this kind of thing happens to reporters everyday and they automatically scan around for this kind of thing when conducting interviews. Blue sleeve/white hand, black sleeve/black hand? One of the screenshots is backlit, and the other is not - bright light will close the aperture and allow less light/vibrant colors to the camera sensor. I truly hope this is a parody article because it’s so ignorant, but on the other hand I hope it’s not because it’s too soon for this.

    • So prove it wrong and explain the abnormalties mentioned. Your explanations are ridiculous lol lighting? The lighting turns a blue plaid shirt into a completely black shirt? Is there something wrong with your head? Do you realize how moronic that sounds?

      • See. “the dress” thing a year ago was just a ploy so that when they had blue shirt guy in the one grainy pic, and black shirt guy in the other pic it could be explained. They think ahead, just in case they make the mistake of having two guys in different shirts take pictures that could have been taken by anyone anywhere. Considering how much money must go in to these things, its a good thing they plan ahead…

  30. You’re such a fool, it hurts to know people this moronic use their energy to make such a far-fetched claim. Two people are dead.

    • So explain the abnormalties mentioned. Explain the changing of the shirt? You can’t. So really, who is actually the fool here? That would be YOU.

      • Ok, the killer had a black jacket on top of his shirt, when he extended his arm you see his blue shirt, he was a lousy shoot and on top of that he was trying to film himself, he probably shot her dead after he put away the camera and aimed carefully. I have been behind a camera and one of my coworkers stood next to me for 10 minutes before I realized he was there messing with me. He thought I was kidding when I told him I have not seen him. Selena a Mexican American singer was shot point blank in the back, she managed to run to the towards the lobby of the hotel before collapsing and dying.
        Finally why would a reporter and professional cameraman fake their dead? Did the shooter killed himself with blanks? Every time there is a tragedy like this there is talk of gun control, so the conspiracy theory of disarm us is just plain silly. The killer was a light skinned black man, to say he was white based on a Internet shaky video is dumb. Their faces have been in the news all over the world, where would they go if they are still alive? If you provide one shred of evidence other than wild claims based on video, we are all ears.

    • People get killed everyday, what makes this one any different? Stop pretending like you care, you don’t. You have fake empathy. It probably makes you feel better about yourself.

    • yep. thank you for being so respectful, this article is tasteless & disrespectful. Let it happen to the person that wrote this article!

      • This was a Fake shooter with crisis actors, get over it. most likely you are a Liberal, quit trying to take our Guns until you can figure out how to take the Criminals Guns.

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