Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

jew douches

Whatever else the Palestinian intifada may be accomplishing, it does seem to be driving average Israelis into a frenzy, apparently even triggering hallucinations in their heads in some cases. In the above video we see a young Palestinian woman being held to the ground while a mob debates whether or not to kill her. “Why are you playing around? They are coming to murder our children!” one of them screams at one point–while at another the young girl is kicked in the head. The incident apparently took place on October 12. Today it was reported that the young woman did not have a knife after all. The whole thing was for nothing. This of course comes just a day after Israeli forces shot to death an unarmed Eritrean man in the mistaken belief that he was a Palestinian. 

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One thought on “Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

  1. Tragic. While most Jews would be offended, I do think he World, ibcluding Israel, should perhaps cpnsider the words of Jesus. Love ones enemies, do good to them that harm you, and to love all others. In fact, I think this wuld improve greatly our lot on this World.

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