Anomalies Begin To Pile Up In Orlando Shooting Incident (Updated)


It has been reported by many witnesses who say they saw anywhere from two to five shooters. While everyone has been arguing about guns, other people have been noticing the typical anomalies for a false flag attack. Now remember, false flag does not mean fake! But this doesn’t mean the mainstream media narrative isn’t providing you with fakery and lies. Let’s not forget that the annual Bilderberg meeting just wrapped up. A meeting that is said to hold discussions on how the world is to be run in the next year. 

Below I have compiled some interesting videos. Please watch them all before making any judgement.

The audio above clearly sounds like more than one gun going off.

Below a witness talks about there being more than one shooter.

Now this next one below is actually kind of funny in a sick sort of way. But you can’t tell me this is real, it’s terrible acting. To me it certainly seems that the media has hired actors to handle the interviews to push the gun agenda.

Oh and how about this guy…

And what about this lady being interviewed below? Really?


Luis Burbano, an actor as shown on, appeared on “The Kelly File,” hosted by Megyn Kelly on Fox News, to give his testimony for what happened during the shooting. The video was pulled from YouTube, so if any of you readers have a link, please let us know in the comments so we can post it.

In the video below, the man was cut off from live air…

And then there’s this…

Also, it would be great if someone could explain this next video. Why are they carrying this guy BACK to the night club?


Do I really need to argue any of this, this time around?

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Chris Perkins is founder and writer/editor for Authentic Enlightenment and founder and writer/editor for Distract.

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10 thoughts on “Anomalies Begin To Pile Up In Orlando Shooting Incident (Updated)

  1. And one of the guys carrying has a pulse shirt on. Did he work there? Did he go so often he bought memorabilia? Just curious. I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m saying people need to get their shit together before taking it public…

  2. Wow. Such delusions.
    These are the rants of the paranoid. These “anomalies” are figments of the imagination, caused by irrational fear.
    The event happened. There is no conspiracy. There were no actors.
    Get your shit together.

    • I agree! FOX News started the whole process in motion and the ultra conservative people decided to go crazy right behind them. It’s like the old Pied Piper fairy tale in real life. If you tell fearful people a crazy enough story over and over and embellish it more every time, before long those people will believe anything you say as the truth. It was a way for FOX to boost their ratings and assure themselves a permanent audience. What will FOX do next after they’ve been proven wrong?

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