Driving Is A Human Right, But By Judicial Opinion And Undermining The Public It’s An Accepted Privilege


The Stealthy backdoor theft of this right has been engineered perfectly. The only two ways to legally exempt the rights of a person is to 

  1. By lawfully amending the Constitution.
  2. A person “knowingly” waving a specific Right.

By enduring the torturous task of going to the Department of Public Safety, waiting in line for your mugshot, signing, and paying for your contract to drive, you “Knowingly” just relinquished your right to freedom of travel. Many court cases in the United States have proven that the right to travel is at least protected under the Constitution. Take 1958’s Kent v Dulles The Ruling Stated “The Right to Travel is part of the liberty of which a citizen cannot be deprived without due process of the law under the 5th Amendment” This clearly reads that we are “protected” to roam freely because of the 5th Amendment. Or 1952’s ruling “Even the Legislation has no power to deny to a citizen the right to travel upon the highways and transport his property in the ordinary course of his business or pleasure, though this RIGHT may be regulated in accordance with the public interest and convenience.” “Regulated is defined here as only common street signs and signal lights. Not to say that it requires permission like licensing, mandatory insurance, or vehicle registration.

In the case of Thompson v. Smith (1930) The conclusion was “The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, But a common RIGHT which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” These Court cases specifically explain that we don’t need a license to travel, nor do we need to register, inspect, and insure the vehicle in which we own and maintain.  A study on this particular issue was conducted by The American Citizen and Lawmen Association in collaboration with The United States Federal Law Research Center. They concluded with a comment from a study on this particular issue was conducted by The American Citizen and Lawmen Association in Collaboration with The United States Federal Law Research Center. They concluded with a comment from their Spokesperson

“Upon Researching this subject over many Months, substantial case law has presented itself that completely substantiates the position that the RIGHT to travel unrestricted upon the nations highways is and has always been a fundamental RIGHT of every Citizen.”

So besides our inherent and inalienable rights there are several other indicators the driving is a right. What about Article 6 in the U.S. Constitution? Also known as the “Supremacy Clause” that details that no unconstitutional City, County, or State Laws and ordinances are enforceable. So to me this means that Legislators, Judges, and their Enforcers are all felons because of the denying a person their Constitutional rights. As in the 1956 Miller v. U.S. Court Ruling “The claim and exercising of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime” So being ticketed and incarcerated for exercising your right to travel is total tyranny. But what are we to do? With Millions of illegal immigrants being granted drivers licenses, and more and more regulations predicted to come such as being charged by the mile, mandatory GPS systems to be installed in vehicles. Americans are fully conforming to the sabotage along with the complete erosion of the only protection we have left to be free, The tattered and torn document of our forefathers. Our human right to travel is not even an option in the eyes of our oppressors. They don’t recognize inherent or inalienable rights because those are not profitable.

By  Andre’ Esparza – DontComply.com

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One thought on “Driving Is A Human Right, But By Judicial Opinion And Undermining The Public It’s An Accepted Privilege

  1. This is real I’m back in court on February 23 please read and share
    Date 2/12/2016.

    F.B.I - United States justice department- United States attorney general-New Jersey acting attorney
    I’m writing this letter asking for an investigation and for charges to be filed against officials and police who have violated federal law and my constitutional rights under color of law.this started dec 12, 2016 in boonton New Jersey.I was pulled over my a policeman Brian walinski badge# 0038 ,this policeman came up at me at a high rate of speed with his emergency lights red flashing which are only to be used for emergency.I pulled to side of road and this man walinski approached my automobile ,I opened the door to see what emergency was ,he asked me where I was going I said my friends house on next block,he began to ask if I had been drinking I advised him that I haven’t ,he then began to demand that I do a series of test to make this short this officer did not have probable cause to pull me over and interfere with me while I was traveling in my automobile for pleasure ,I was not engaged in commerce or trade,or for hire.this officer did not have any reasonable cause to believe I committed a crime or was about to or was in a commission of a crime.he stated I had a tail light out and some other false allegation of speeding ,he used as a cause to activate his lights which are for emergency only ,to force me to side of road to pull over to extort revenue for town and state.this was an unlawful stop ,the Supreme Court has stated that no license,no plates,no insurance even running lights are not a crime ,which I did not do any of above.this man dressed in disguise as policeman under pretense of color of law was enforcing a statue that was intended by legislature for operators of motor vehicles or drivers which are defined as engaged in commerce or for money I was traveling enjoying my constitutional right for pleasure ,which he was told!. 1. I was falsely arrested without probable cause .2. I was kidnapped by lawful definition,3.my personel property was seized.4. Falsely imprisioned. these statutes do not apply to individuals who are not engaged in commerce ,who are traveling,this officer acted unlawfully violating federal law, I went to court and spoke to judge and prosecutor in boonton ,this judge refused to properly identify the jurisdiction of court repeatedly thru verbal and denial of motions made to court both verbal and in writing .he refused to even respond to a motion for delegation of authority to be entered into court record and prove he had jurisdiction.he refused to identify himself lawfully with 3 pieces of ID as required.he refused to properly identify himself ,whether he was a judicial officer or an administrative sitting over motor vehicle statues which he receives his pay from cause if he was in fact a judicial judge ,he is not lawfully allowed to sit over motor vehicle statutes ,that go against his oath to uphold the constitution and support it.if he is In fact a judicial officer and he is sitting over title 39 statues ,he his an imposter in his office an taking his wages under false pretense and also guilty of violating his oath of office and can be charged with treason and defying constitution the supreme law of land! if he is an administrative judge and acting as a judicial officer he is violating federal law and impersonating an officer of court.this judge refused to follow judicial procedure,he entered a plea on my behalf ,which I objected to and informed him he was not allowed to practice law from the bench ,only I or my attorney could do that and I motioned to have plea withdrawn he ignored.this judge I believe needs to be investigated as to his unlawful conduct from that bench and who he is claiming to be.He has violated my rights of due process under color of law ,I have another court date on feb 23 2016.I’m requesting that law enforcement from federal authorities be there to witness this judges unlawful conduct .I have had a meeting with mayor of boonton over this matter and explained to him of this constructive fraud be perpetrated in this town by its policemen and the judge and prosecutor ,I had an encounter with prosecutor and he is aware that I was not in fact operating a motor vehicle ,or a driver of an automobile ,which is by legal definition in commerce and he allow these false charges to continue.I believe this town is engaged in fraud and operating a criminal enterprise by creating bills of attainder these are statues that are created by legislature to make something that was lawful ,unlawful ,to inflict pains and punishment without trial to extort money from unknowing travelers thru their town who aren’t aware that these drivers license are for driving while in commerce .By federal constitutional law ,well astablished by Supreme Court ,they do not need a license to travel for pleasure or private .No state can pass legislation that abrogates a constitutional right.these police thru ignorance or not properly trained or informed by their employers ,the town ,the state have violated my rights under color of law! (18 U.S.C 242-243 just to begin with many more federal statutes to be provided by me.Im asking to be contacted ,and for an investigation into these allegations !And for formal charges to be brought against these individuals who are arrogant and think they can violate individuals rights and conspire to charge ,prosecute,judge,and all the while they are a party to charges and a criminal actions and our paid by the same employer who benefits from you being found guilty ,which is a conflict of interest all while violating federal law conspiring two or more violating federal constitutional rights under color of law ! I put the newly elected mayor on notice ,He agreed to investigate ,I just contacted him yesterday ,he informed me its out of his hands ,he gave it to a captain and employee of same corporation I’m accusing of committing these crimes to investigate.I’m asking that he be questioned in his role ,now that he has been informed of this fraud being perpetrated in his town that he oversees.I contacted the governor of New Jersey ,Chris Christi requesting help in this criminal activity ,He responded by his email that he handed it over to n.j acting attorney general.I would like to have him questioned as to his role in this alleged constructed fraud .if he indeed is allowing it now that he has be officially notified of its existence .If he fails as well as mayor Matt Di Laurie,are not they guilty of conspiracy.listen I believe that my constitutional rights were violated,false arrest,false imprisionment,seizure of my property, due process.I believe under federal laws that these individuals are engaged in fraud ,the police are using there emergency lights to pull over and unlawfully extort money for town employers thru lack of training,ignorance or outright violation of law. Either way it is unlawful under federal law.this is why I’m turning to you ,I would like to know if you are going to investigate or turn the other way and be complicit. I Can show all Supreme Court laws that are standing and federal laws to substantiate my accusations!if in fact my allegations are substantiated and was I was traveling and not in commerce then all these charges are not lawful and are being perpetrated to create bills of attainder to extort revenue .does it not fall under constitutional violation to be investigated by the F.B.I. I have enclosed some letters ,I sent to boonton municipal court and mayor,please contact me and let me know if your going to ignore these serious accusations and whether or not I need to pursue in different venue.i will not stand by and have my constitutional rights violated by a bunch of criminals.that license is fraud cause you aren’t told its for commerce only.its not valid cause you are brought into it through duress.meaning you must get license and even if you have it must be shown you are in commerce,this fraud your right to travel cannot be turned into a privilege or taken away! I want this dismissed or I will pursue which I am already with media and federal lawsuits against all parties.and will continue to press for formal criminal charges.thru whatever means available should these agency’s decide to cover this up as well!
    Dear ” Matt Di Lauri

    I am asking you to intervene and for your help in a matter concerning boonton town employees.I am asking you to protect me from an alleged conspiracy to violate my constitutional rights by your employees a judge ,prosecutor and police department.I realize you have just taken over as mayor ,so I am putting you on notice I’m asking you to investigate the allegations I am making and giving you a opportunity to correct and remedy the situation or become complicit and a party to the legal actions ,I will be pursuing ,if a resolution can not be found! One of the many allegations I have against these individuals are false arrest ,false inprisionment,seizure of my property and continue violations of my rights of due process the police of boonton have interfered with my constitutional right of travel under color of law under title 18 U.S.C 241-241.
    They have a arrested me without probable cause - reason to believe I have committed a crime or about to or I the commission of crime. A broken tail light is not a crime .nor is any motor vehicle violation without an injured party or damage ,There must be loss .the Supreme Court has ruled on this in many cases ,which I am able to provide .This police department,the judge and the prosecutors are engaging in constructive fraud by enforcing motor vehicle statutes and codes under title 39 ,which only apply to the operation of a motor vehicle or a driver of a motor vehicle which are legal terms for operating on public roads while in commerce,for hire,and financial gain only!this license is only legally required for that purpose .it is not legally or lawfully required for Persons traveling in their automobiles for pleasure ,private or personnel business as you will learn this license contract is fraud ,perpetrated by state of New Jersey,when persons are brought into contracts through either duress,undue influence they are not legal ,The state of New Jersey says you must have or be arrested,people are not told ,they do not need a license to travel in automobile for pleasure or transporting their property.this license is constructive fraud by motor vehicle agency which is a private corporation to conspire with state,municipalities to create bills of attainder to unlawfully extract revenue from unknowing individuals.even if you have the license it is not required when traveling for pleasure.the codes only apply to motor vehicle operators and drivers engaged in commerce the legislature made these codes and statues ,which are not lawful and illegal The legislature can not make laws that abrogate constitutional rights unless you contract them away and use the benefits they offer, then you are held to letter of law.this statutory law falls under color of law which is counterfeit by legal definition.and is established in uniform commercial code U.C.C which is contract with compelled performanceNd criminal penalties. and The jurisdiction that created Uniform Commercial Code is admiralty jurisdiction or law merchant which is a maritime contract on condition of a signed international contract which I deny ever signing ,I did not enter into knowingly,voluntarily or willfully.and you courted this town is operating under that international jurisdiction .as is the admiralty,military tribunal venue flag which is In your court room,declaring such. A constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime! Period…..your police department has not been trained properly or through ignorance of federal law or outright criminal conspiracy is committing federal crimes by interfering with travelers while exercising their rights of travel in their automobiles while on public roadways under color of law see ….United States Code U.S.C title 18 section 241-241 which is criminal under federal laws as well as other civil rights violations this town of boonton and its employees I am alleging are engaged in racketeering ,Rico violations ,federal and state fraud as well as criminal conduct which I will prove in a federal lawsuit.The judge,prosecutor ,police department ,the court administrator are creating bills of attainder,extorting revenue unlawfully from unknowing individuals.violating federal laws and committing crimes.it is a felony for police to activate their red lights unless it is an emergency this police department knows that by their oaths ,and the law they are in violation of that when there was is no emergency .They are using those lights to intimidate and have become imposters in their offices and they are taking their wages under false pretenses which is fraud!Judge,prosecutor,police,court clerk administrator and all town officials with knowledge and complicit in these crimes!The boonton police had no warrant for my arrest.no probable cause ,no corpus delecti” which is a body of evidence…..substance…this court in your town is operating under conflict of interest ,the judge,prosecutor,police ,clerk all officials are all paid by plaintiff ,same party ,which is unlawful .see bills of attainder….the judge refused to produce his oath of office,delegation of authority,a motion for discovery ,a writ of averment,and all lawful motion to dismiss this case ,violating all judicial procedure and law in an attempt to conceal this fraud! The boonton police are not allowed to interfere with automobiles ,when individuals are traveling for personnel pleasure period.they are not allowed to activate red lights only in emergency by law which is a felony.they can’t arrest with out probable cause ,not motor vehicle violations by non commercial operations of automobiles.they can’t use overhead lights to harass ,intimidate,and place individuals under custodial arrest and unlawfully detain them for motor vehicle violations unless there is a injured party ,damage or loss. Their motive is criminal and fraud to collect revenue under bills of atainder.This is a request for you mayor Matt Di Lauri for help ,if you deny ,I will only proceed to include you and all parties to criminal and civil liabilities and seek remedy to the courts for damages and injury and seek a criminal investigation as well This is an attempt to resolve and settle this dispute. I want the charges dropped and dismissed if not I will have them overturned in a real court of law and seek prosecution of all parties to this action. If you need more info ,supreme court case law or any other evidence to substantiate my claim feel free to ask. If I do not receive a response within 5 days of receipt of this communication I will proceed with all remedies available to me under federal ,state laws and begin to serve federal lawsuit notices on all parties and seek damages on all individuals!

    I am requesting either a written response ,phone call or you may visit at house pleas call first to make sure I’m there.
    Sincerely Timothy of the Seck
    Attention : court administrator - Joan Egan
    Attention :town administrator -Terry Mc Cue
    Attention:Boonton mayor - Matt DiLauri

    This letter is serving you your 1st , legal notice . I believe you have employees in your town committing either willfully or negligently, criminal acts during the course of their employment thru the town of boonton new jersey .I am respectfully requesting an investigation in to the conduct of said individuals.their names are Andrew wubbenhorst,judge or motor vehicle administrator ,magistrate not identified as of yet, the acting prosecutor Douglas cabana,and the court administrator Joan Egan ,police officer Brian waliski badge 0038. I believe there is possible willful or negligent violations of state and federal law being perpetrated intentionally. This began on12/12/2015 at approx 1: 52 am on green street in town of boonton .police officer Brian walinski unlawfully violated my constitutional right of travel by violating federal law title 18 U.S.C section 242-242. This officer ,only had authority to interfere with such individuals operating a motor vehicle or driving automobile which is legally defined being employed .these statues are under condition of commerce,traffic,for hire or for renumeration or trade .He had no legal or lawful authority to interfere with my traveling or charge me under any such violation which I was charged.I will prove this as lawful fact in state court as well as federal .The prosecutor is well of aware of this as per my conversation with him this officer which is employed by this town falsely arrested me and kidnapped me ,unlawfully seized my property without probable cause of committing a crime,causing me irreparable injury and harm under color of law.under a statute which is under admirality ,military tribunal venue under condition of contract with foreign entity ,which I will also prove in court .that license does not pertain to traveling in an automobile for pleasure transporting personnel property as I will also prove as legal fact in a court of law .This officer has not been properly trained as to his authority and has criminally under federal law violated my constitutional rights and violated his duty to his oath of constitution by enforcing state lawsthat aer unlawful,legislature can not abrogate the constitution by converting a right in to a crime which this town is doing by trying to enforce state statue which violates the constitution.they cannot convert a constitutional right into a privilege ,that license is only enforceable upon commerce ,trade ,for hire as you will learn. And under condition of fraudulent contract with New Jersey .The primary concern ! I have is the unlawful conduct either thru ignorance or willful criminal conduct of your employees,Andrew wubbenhorst,Douglas cabana and court administrator Joan Egan.I have made two visits to this court ,I have made a motion for special appearance to judge and prosecutor ,which went ignored to clear this matter up.this person Andrew wubbenhorst said he is a judge, but has refused to lawfully identify him self with 3 pieces of ID ,which is required for him to have in court and produce upon demand,This judge has refused to properly identify this court as required by law.motions were made lawfully to court and all denied.A motion to provide a delegation of authority to prove on record what authority he has,who gave it to him and what jurisdiction is the court operating under were all denied unlawfully.these are all lawful request when asked for they must be produced. See case laws enclosed.The burden falls upon the court to prove in writing it jurisdiction it is asserting.This Andrew wubbenhorst has refused to produce his oath of office ,which he is required by law to produce upon demand.This judge erroneously and arrogantly refused and said I had to get these request thru open records act which is false. on the record he made those statements. This judge is willfully violating my rights under color of law of due process ,among many other violations of lawful court procedure. This judge is either a judicial officer who took an oath to uphold the constitution of the UNITES STATES OF AMERICAN and support the constitution and uphold it and is a judicial officer of the court .He must follow judicial procedure if he doesn’t he loses subject matter jurisdiction and his judgements and orders are null and void in the fullest sense .And any one who enforces his orders are equally guilty as trespassers of federal law. and when you violate federal law ! I will use the stripping doctrine and strip you of any immunity you have by state and hold all responsible parties for injuries inflicted upon me and damages as well .and seek federal criminal charges. If he is a judicial officer ,He is not allowed to preside over motor vehicle administration case by law as you will learn.He cannot enforce statute or laws that violate the oath of office he took .No legislature can make laws that abrogate constitutional rights as you will learn.And if he is violating his oath of office he is guilty of warring against the supreme law of land and guilty of treason.If he is a magistrate under uniform commercial code under condition of contract with foreign enmity ,I will ask the the contract they are all alleging I have entered into to be placed into the court record so I may dispute it . I have not voluntarily, willfully,knowingly entered any such contract under admiralty or military tribunal venue.And if he is a administrative judge he must identify himself and he must produce the contract he is claiming to enforce on me and enter it into court record ,so I may dispute this is a constructive fraud and I will at all expenses of topi me and effort expose this as a constructive fraud perpetrated by state and your town to create bills of attainder.people are brought into this contract under duress by ,you must get license and failure to inform you about your might be surrendering your constitutional rights and allowing you to convert into crime which fraud .This prosecutor Douglas cabana has full knowledge of these laws and I believe is suppressing evidence willfully and tampering with evidence by withholding evidence that could effect the out come of this action and violating his oath of office and committing treason.I believe that there is many violations under color of law and the conspiracy of your employees to create bills of attainder to extract unlawfully revenue for this town of boonton ,w hich is unlawfully under federal law! I have made lawful motions to this Andrew wubbenhorst ,who has not lawfully identified him self or court .I have stated on court record .I don’t know who he is and what the jurisdiction this person of this this court operating under.He has made willful misstatements which I believe is perjury since he is under oath all the time.He said he has statutory jurisdiction which when I asked him where may find the published criminal procedure for this alleged jurisdiction ,He ignored it cause there is no such published rules cause it is under admirality law. All code and statutes are under the U.C.C admiralty.I made motions to dismiss case for lack of sworn criminal complaints by injured party or prosecutor ,he ignoredThe police man is not a injured party .he is only a witness the judge stated that the state of New Jersey is the plaintiff ,I motioned to dismiss on grounds of conflict of interest cause the state cannot be and injured party they are a legal fiction and if the are injured ,I have a right to confront my accuser.He denied motion.I also motioned to have case dismissed cause if State is plaintiff and the judge,prosecutor and court clerk and police man are all being paid by plaintiff ! I wanted case dismissed or transferred to federal court cause of conflict of interest ,He denied the motionIf the state is a party to action it cannot judge,prosecute ,conflict of interest.I will enclose papers I have submitted as evidence to court clerk/ court and administrator and prosecutor.I will be contacting the federal bureau of investigation as well as seeking an investigation into the allegations of this criminal conduct and will be seeking the prosecution of the alleged violations of my constitutional right prosecutions of criminal violations by any and all of your employees .and will be seeking restitution for all injuries caused by your employees and this town of boonton who are involved in this constructive fraud and fail to make corrective measures. That includes the mayor all officials .Please see title 18 U.S.C section 241-241 only to begin with I will supply many for you in the federal lawsuit .I will be filing in federal court if this action is not remedied and corrected.I,will be available if you would like to discuss or need more info or clarification of anything herein.tim 862-200-0194 I will not have my right s violated by this town or officers of the court or employees of this corporation.if you. Think I’m just looking on the Internet you will be mistaken.you at in violation of state and federal laws.you are in a constructive fraud I will prove it in federal court .you can railroad me here in municipal court I will have it overturned.you are creating bills of attainder which is unlawful.i will prove in federal court as well.yoe have not proper trained you revenue agents who violate constitution rights. I will prove In federal court.you have not trained your magistrates or court administrators I will prove in federal court.these officers of court are violating their Oaths I will seek to have them charged.the drivers license is a commercial contract I will prove in federal court.if you want to dispose of this matter I’m willing to discuss if not I will pursue all criminal and civil remedies under state and federal law .as well as I will be contacting the press to educate inform other who this town has defrauded .yours truly .D.A 862-200-0194

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