Ron Paul: Stealing is Stealing, Even if You Vote for It


In the most recent episode of Ron Paul’s Myth-Busters series, Dr. Paul tackles government redistribution and the politicians that justify it, whether they subscribe to the progressive or conservative ideology. He also talks about racism and 9/11.

Politicians have long known that they are more likely to be elected if they promise free stuff to people. That is “age-old,” Ron Paul says, and troubling enough to be called a “sin of the 20th Century for the United States because the entitlement system has been going on and steadily growing throughout the past hundred years.”

Paul explains that, to politicians, “the answer” to all of our problems “has always been as it is today: more stuff, more stuff [for] free!” And while things have been getting systematically worse, everything got particularly concerning “since the progressive era, with the depression,” and the experts pointing their fingers to the wrong causes. Unfortunately, Paul adds, “people can’t pay for” all the free stuff politicians promise. And when critics suggest that we don’t have enough money, they promptly respond that we should not worry about that.

“We’ve had many generations now that have taught Keynesian economics is not all that bad,” Ron Paul continues. They often justify that attitude by claiming Keynesian economics is useful so “that people spend the money even if they have instincts that say ‘well, I should save my money in case I have a rainy day,’ … but you’re not supposed to think that way, so it’s always the government that’s going to come for the rescue.”

And while Bernie Sanders is well-known “for all the free stuff he’s gonna pass out,” Paul says “Republicans do the same thing but they don’t brag about it.”

Ron Paul goes on to talk about Hillary Clinton stealing the “free stuff” quotes from Bernie’s mouth, and how, in the end, reality always wins, since there’s never going to be such thing as a free lunch.

Watch the entire segment below:

Source: Voices of Liberty

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