Drug Lord El Chapo Tells ISIS His Men Will Destroy Them

el chapo ISIS

The world’s most wanted drug lord has declared war on the Islamic State, promising the terror group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, that his narcotics cartel will wipe them off the planet.

“My men will destroy you,”’ El Chapo huffs to the ISIS leader in an encrypted email that was leaked to a cartel-linked blogger in Mexico. Continue reading

Illegal Immigrant Apprehended at Border: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’

It seems even illegal immigrants seeking to cross over the U.S.-Mexico border are following the current immigration debate. Linda Vickers, who owns a ranch in Brooks County, Texas, told WOAI that she witnessed one man being arrested on her ranch and that he told the border agent Obama would let him go.

“The Border Patrol agent was loading one man up, and he told the officer in Spanish, ‘Obama’s gonna let me go’,” Vickers said.
Meanwhile, Border Patrol agents report that some immigrants will even ask, “Where do I go for my amnesty?” while they are surrendering.
“When you have amnesty waving in the wind, you’re going to get an increase,” Vickers says. “And when you get an increase, especially with this heat, you’re going to get an increase in deaths.”
She told WOAI that the current uptick in illegal immigration began last summer, implying that it directly comports with President Obama’s plans to forgo deportation of young people who came to the U.S. as children.
“Washington is directly responsible for these deaths,” she said. WOAI adds:
Negotiators in Washington yesterday agreed to limit any ‘path to citizenship’ or any benefits under immigration reform to people who arrived in the U.S. before 2012, but Vickers says that won’t do any good.
She says immigrant smugglers, who charge between $2000 and $7000 per person to smuggle them into the U.S., routinely lie to would be immigrants, and the current lie is ‘if you can only get into the U.S., you’ll get amnesty.’
Brooks County reportedly has the highest number of illegal immigrant deaths each year allegedly because smugglers release their passengers far before reaching the Border Patrol checkpoint in Falfurrias, leaving them to their own devices in the blistering heat.
“If that individual, illegal immigrant, can’t keep up, they are left behind,” she said. “And you are going to die out in this heat if you can’t find water.”

Dafne, 9-yr-old girl gives birth to baby, Mexican officials say

(Digital Journal) -Dafne, 9-year-old Mexican girl, has reportedly given birth to  a baby. According to Mexican authorities the baby weighing 5.7 pounds was  delivered on January 27 by Cesarean section at the Zoquipan Hospital in Jalisco,  western Mexico.

A hospital official explained that “due to her young age and  to the fact that her body was not ready to give birth, the medical team decided  a C-Section was the best option.”

According to The Huffington Post, the girl was 8-years-old when she  became pregnant.

AFP reports the mother of the  girl told officials: “The father is a boy who is 17, but we have not found him,  since he ran away.”

According to   The Telegraph, Jorge Vllasenor of the state’s prosecutor’s  office, said: “We are looking for the young man to get his story because she  does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case.”

Lino Ginizalez Corona, Jalisco State  Police spokesperson, said the mother gave an account of her relationship with  her boyfriend, saying it was loving. She admitted that she was dating the  17-year-old but was reluctant to give detailed information about the  relationship when pressed, ABC News reports. Corona said: “Due to her young age, we  don’t know if she is being entirely truthful.”  She added: “She did not realize  that she was pregnant until the seventh month.”

When the 17-year-old father asked his  “girlfriend” to move in with him so they can raise the child together, she  refused. Corona said the young father decided “to leave town two months ago.”

State authorities say they are looking  for the father so they can have his side of the story. State prosecutors say  they may request assistance of neighboring state authorities. Corona said  investigators are still considering the “possibility of rape or child sex  abuse.”

ABC News reports that the 9-year-old mother belonged to a  family of 11 siblings. Her parents gave the excuse that they were unable the  watch the child while they were at work. The family lives in Ixtlahuacan de los  Membrillos, a “poverty-stricken neighborhood 25 miles south of Guadalajara.”  Corona explained: “Her parents work all day and were not watching after her, and  therefore didn’t realize what was about to happen.”

The girl has been released from the  hospital, The Telegraph reports. Doctors say they will be giving  extensive follow-up care because of the mother’s tender age.

A hospital official said at a press  conference that the mother will also be receiving psychological attention.

Dafne’s is not the first in recent  times that a child has given birth. According to The Telegraph, a  10-year-old Colombian girl gave birth last year. A 9-year-old Chinese girl also  reportedly gave birth in 2010, The Huffington Post reports.

Read more:  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/342980#ixzz2KEvADkNQ

The U.S. Now Spends More on Immigration Than the Rest of Federal Law Enforcement Combined

(Atlantic) -So what would you guess is the main job of federal law enforcement in 2013? Breaking up drug rings? Patrolling white collar crime?

Try: coping with illegal immigration.

The Migration Policy Institute is out with a new report adding up what the United States has spent trying trying to seal off the border and ferret out undocumented individuals since 1986, when President Regan signed his landmark immigration reform bill. The big, headline-grabbing stat is that we now spend roughly $18 billion annually on immigration control, more than the rest of our major federal law enforcement agencies combined. Part of that is due to the immense increase in border patrol agents — they’ve doubled in the last seven years — who also play a key role intercepting drug shipments. Still, more than half of all federal prosecutions now involve immigration-related crimes — no great surprise, given where we’re putting our resources.

Here’s what the comparison between our immigration spending and the rest of the federal law enforcement budget circa 1986.


Now here it is today.



And finally, here’s the growth of our immigration spending over time. In total, we’ve shelled out $219 billion in today’s dollars in the last 27 years.