Eagles of Death Metal Front Man: ‘Until No One Has Guns, Everyone Has to Have Guns’



As the world watched the events in Paris unfold on international news in horror, the lead singer for the Eagles of Death Metal Jesse Hughes lived the nightmare. He was performing on stage at the historic Bataclan concert hall when 89 concertgoers were gunned down in an ISIS attack at his own show.  Continue reading

Thousands Of Paris Protesters Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’


As show in the video bleow, at a rally in Paris France over the weekend, someone blasted John Lennon’s “Imagine” out of their apartment window while thousands of protesters sang along. “Since no one could move, my neighbor had the excellent idea to get his stereo and switch classics. Very emotional moment and communion, completely improvised.” Continue reading

Officer In Charlie Hebdo Shootings Was Not Executed By Shot To Head As Corporate Media Claims

charlie hebdo

As you can see and hear in the video below, the officer who was claimed to have been killed by a shot to the head was not actually shot in the head. Also keep in mind that the original footage keeps getting taken off YouTube. The corporate media has been making these flase claims and it’s up to all of us to spread this information around in order to get the truth out.

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